Okay, I was bored. So I decided to write a collection of thoughts certain warriors had throughout the series. First off, I will start with Berrynose. This will be in poem-like format, but it won't rhyme. Hey, poems don't have to rhyme to be good. Not that this will be good or something...

Broken Promise

No, Honeyfern!

You promised me

We had great plans for the future

Just you and me!

Imagine us watching our kits

Playing around, wrestling

How could you, Honeyfern?

How could you leave me?

I should've spent more time with you

I thought I was too good

But you never gave up on me

Like any she-cat would.

A few days before

I finally realized

How much you meant to me

How much I yearned

Your presence beside me.

When I stare into your eyes

I can only see love

But that was something I didn't realize

Before yesterday.

Today I looked at you

You were as beautiful as you always were.

Kind, gentle, and loving.

Can I have a better mate than you?

I finally realize

That I can't be without you anymore.

So I told you, brightening up your gaze

And you were happy,

So were I.

You told me you loved me too

What else can be better?

I thought.

We basked under the strong sun

Lionblaze was with us.

I fought the temptation

To tell him

"Honeyfern and I wish to be alone."

But I let him

And I was free anyways

To tell Honeyfern

I loved her.

And I still do.

We watched the kits play, so happily

They were so bouncy and cute

Soon making me imagine

Having kits of our own.

Honeyfern and Berrynose's kits.

It sounded fine

Not just fine, but perfect.

Honeyfern and Berrynose's kits.

They would be beautiful kits

Beautiful, adorable, and bouncy

Just like Millie and Graystripe's.

Maybe I should name a kit Maplekit

After her mother.

I loved Honeyfern so.

I told her we would have kits like that one day

Playing happily and laughing joyfully

Honeyfern was so shy, and so happy.

I could still remember her pretty, big blue eyes

Blinking so shyly, gazing at me with so much love...

We kept sharing tongues

Expressing our feelings.

I loved the prickle I felt on my pelt

When Honeyfern brushes hers with mine.

I still do.

Briarkit had tumbled over, near a crack

But I was too busy watching Honeyfern.

My brave mate had seen the snake before any cat did.

She had leaped to save Briarkit

Killing herself.

I felt like I was dying

When Honeyfern did so.

The bite in her shoulder

Was killing me, not her.

Honeyfern was yowling painfully

What could I do to help her?

If only I was a medicine cat

I would use the last drop of my blood to save her.

"My blood is on fire!"

She cried

And I felt as if

My whole body was on fire.

But it didn't matter if it really was

If that was what it takes to save her.

Leafpool didn't do anything

She just stared as Honeyfern's life swept away in a black tide.

I was furious and heartbroken

I begged every cat to do something

But what could they do?

Most of all

What could I do?

Leafpool said the poison took hold of her.

I felt as if the poison killed my heart.

I knew it would be broken forever.

Without Honeyfern, nothing is perfect.

All I could tell her was that she was strong, beautiful, and brave.

We would have had wonderful kits together.

I will see her in StarClan.

But why?

Why has StarClan taken her away from me?

It wasn't right!

I loved her!

I never loved a cat

Like I have loved her.

I told her

Every cat in StarClan will honor her.

I told her she was brave.

Then she was gone.

There was nothing else I could do!

I was useless!

Is there anything I can do?


You promised me! You promised me

We'd have such lovely kits

As lovely, as strong, as brave

As you.

But you left

How can you?

You promised me...



Why did you leave me?

It was a promise.

You said we will be together

You promised me...

You said we would stay together, pelts brushing, tails intwined

Till the last of our lives...

But you broke the promise...

You left us

And most of all

You left me.

WAAHHH! *sobs* Writing this nearly made me cry :'( I was sharpening my knife when Honeyfern died! xO WHY DID SHE DIE?!! This is a tribute to Honeyfern as well as Berrynose. *sniff*