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A Scarred Heart

Pack, pack.

Chanted the dog pack.

Kill, kill.

My heart was racing

Faster than the seconds

That moved by

As I stared back.


He is brave,

Willing to sacrifice

For my sake.

If it were me,

Would I do that?

Cloudtail would have done that

For me.

But we were just


That Bluestar had been unfair.

Of course we know she was depressed,

But she should think

About her Clan, too.

StarClan didn't betray us

Did they?

I asked myself

As I ran for my life.

If StarClan were with me,

Are they willing to let me join them?

I don't want to join StarClan yet

I wanted to receive a warrior name

I wanted to live.

I wanted to see Swiftpaw once again,

But that would be in StarClan,

I know that.

But I also

Wanted to take a last look

At Cloudtail.

I missed him so much,

I wished he would come,

And save me,

And Swiftpaw

Before we die.

Am I too weak?

Swiftpaw told me,

"Keep going, Brightpaw!

Keep running!

Become a warrior after that

For my sake!"

Yowling so faithfully,

I stare back I him,

My heart betrayed his words.

As my legs pounced to the direction

Back to camp,

Our safe, ThunderClan camp,

My blue eyes stared




I told myself

Go back to the camp!

That's what Swiftpaw wants!

But my eyes,

I couldn't take them off Swiftpaw.

It turns out,

By doing that,

One of my eyes vanished.

Gazing at him with my eyes

I just wish

He would stay alive.

It wouldn't be possible.

And maybe,

Even I won't make it.

No one would know anything

About those vicious beasts,

Tearing down the throats of our cats.

Or us.

A heavy shape leaps at me

And I trip, but staggered upward

Racing as fast as I could.

When those

Frail thoughts

Passed through one's mind,

It sharpens all of my senses,

And I don't know why.

Then I realize!

My eye!

One side was so black

And my hearing became razor sharp,

I sniffed,

Realizing how stinky those dogs,

Those crowfood-eaters were!

But I can't say crowfood-eaters now

Because chances are

They are going to eat us,

Eat Swiftpaw,

Eat me.

My paws touched

The sandy texture

Of Snakerocks,

And I think,

How foolish I was

To have done that with Swiftpaw.

We were foolish,

But we didn't deserve it.

I could just imagine Cloudtail,

Weeping for me

When a heavy weight crushed me,

And all blacked out, forever.


Not forever.

But it felt so, and I could feel stars in my fur.

I was going to join StarClan

Am I?

Someone is pressing a herb against my wounds,

They are all over me

Those nasty, horrible wounds

They made me lost forever.

I opened my eye,

My only remaining eye.

The first thing I see

Is Cloudtail,

So ecstatic that I finally awoken.

They told me

I nearly joined StarClan,

As Swiftpaw had.

Oh, no!


How could he leave me?

How could he leave me alone?

But then,

I look at Cloudtail,

And I know I was not alone.

I had him, and

That was all I needed!

Turns out

Cinderpelt healed me,

But my scar,

Patching up my lost eye's former spot

With ugly, naked skin.

Cloudtail presses his white pelt

Against my white-and-ginger one,

I feel so warm.

"You are still beautiful,"

Cloudtail whispers,

Those miraculously healing words

That wrapped around the scars of my heart

So gently.

Then I remember

Those horrifying words

The dogs had hissed and screeched.

Pack, pack.

I am so scared...

Kill, kill.

I stare into Cloudtail's loving blue eyes,

And then he knows something is wrong.

I tell him everything,

And he comforts me.

I look at my own clean pelt

And the blood around Cloudtail's muzzle.

He must've cleaned me,

Spoiling his own pure white fur.


I croaked,


Cloudtail prodded my shoulder softly with his paws

Making sure he didn't hurt me.

"Go on, Brightpaw."


I am rasping so hard,

I can't catch my breath.


Tears were streaming out of my eyes.

I love you, Cloudtail...

But do you?



Cloudtail nuzzled me gently,

And coed,

"What do you think?"

We touched noses,

Though Cloudtail had to be extra gentle.

He was so nice to me

Ever since we were apprentices.

"Swiftpaw... told..."

I cried hoarsely, trying to prevent the tears

Bursting out of my remaining eye

" that... I..."

Cloudtail lay down

On my side,

Pressing his flank

Against mine.

I feel warm,

And so the words did too.

"I will become a warrior for his sake...

And do this for him..."

I rasp as hard as I could.

Cloudtail just looks at me

And he storms out of the den.

Where was he?

When I got better,

Bluestar held a ceremony.

Cloudtail helped me outside,

And I wonder,

What was going to happen?

Bluestar speaks words,

I never heard of,

And then,

She says my name.

Excitement flows into me,

And then Bluestar said the words.

"You will be known as Lostface."

The Clan gasped.

I wanted to burst into tears again

How could Bluestar do that?

I don't want to be Lostface

I was Brightpaw...


But now I am Lostface.

She is the leader.

How horrible,

I glared at the sky

Veiled with stars.

How horrible, Swiftpaw,

I yowl silently,

Why did StarClan allow this?


I am not Lostface!


Bluestar died

Saving us all from the dog pack.

I knew she was depressed,

So I didn't blame her for the name.

I blamed myself.

Stupid, stupid you, Brightcloud.

I made up my own warrior name.

I put Cloudtail's name with my own,

And I loved the name.

You went to the dog pack yourself!

It's nobody's fault but yours!

Firestar became the leader

And Cloudtail immediately demanded him

For a new name for me.

I became Brightheart,

And with Cloudtail's love,

My heart is mended

No longer scarred.

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