Hi! Miss me? I was having a pretty nice/not-so-but-nice-enough vacation at Sun Moon Lake! xD Double hundred thanks to Coby Cullen for yet another idea! Cinderpelt's feelings on falling in love with Firestar! I believe she did. xD CinderxFire waz very cute! xD xD Hope this one will be as good as the others... maybe.


And my awesome reviewers: Nightshimmer, Wolfstar, Dawnfire, Coby xD, Silverleaf, Silverfire, Puff Pantry Breadbug xD, LostInTheDarkVoid, and Macey-The-Invisible! Now I shall begin...

The Irresistable

I struggled violently

Screaming with pain

As Yellowfang treated

My wounded leg.

It was that leg

That pulled me

Into the depths of

Herbs and medicine.

It was that leg

That pulled me

Into the depths of

The cliff of no dream.

It was that leg

That pulled me

Into the depths of

Falling in love.

Becoming the best warrior

In the Clan

Was my dream

since I was a kit.

I wanted to fight to protect ThunderClan

I wanted to hunt for the Clan.

But that dream was shattered

Along with my bad leg

When the monster hit me.

Tigerclaw had told Bluestar

To meet him near the border

But Bluestar had greencough

So I wanted to go

For her.

I was Cinderpaw

And Fireheart was my mentor.


He was all bossy

And told me


You will not be going there!"

He said he would go instead

But I sneaked there before him.

That's when

That monster hit me.

My leg

Felt like everything was going to end

I was screeching

Hissing with pain.

Oh, how much I regretted

Not listening to my mentor.

If I had listened to him

I would've become an agile warrior

I would've been able to do things

Medicine cats couldn't do.

I would've been able to love.

Love Fireheart.

When I injured my leg

He was always by my side.

He blamed himself

For my injury

But I know

That's my own fault.

I should've listened to Fireheart

But it was irresistable.

Yellowfang saved me,

And Fireheart was glad I lived.

I was glad I did, too

For if I didn't

I would never have

Been able to experience





When I fell into depressions,

Fireheart encouraged me.

So I decided

To encourage him too.

When Sandstorm acted odd to him,

And he didn't realize

What she felt,

I snapped at him,

Telling him every cat can tell

That she was fond of him.

Only he couldn't tell

And it was irresistable

For me to tell him

Every cat should see

That I loved him, too!

But I resisted

It was too much.

He needed to have

A proper mate,

Not a crippled medicine cat

Like me.

Sandstorm would be a good mate

For him.

Maybe then

I would be able

To resist

The irresistable.

I loved Fireheart

And I still do.

When Yellowfang died

I grieved for her badly.

But I was glad

Because Fireheart was still

By my side.

I had to resist

The irresistable,

To tell him,

"I'm glad you're with me."

Or intwine my tail with his,

And tell him,

"I love you."

If only I listened to him

If only I resisted

The irresistable.

Then I would have a better life

I could've loved him,


I could've been with him.

But I couldn't

I had to control my feelings

Or I even might have his kits!

If only I resisted

The irresistable

If only I resisted

Loving him.

If only

I had


Then I might've

Be able to love him.

But I admit,

It was too hard

To resist.



I love you so much.

Don't you think so too?

Some things

You can't resist

Some things

You can.

But the things you can't

Are always

the harshest things

To ignore.

*Sniffs* POOR CINDERPELT! Thank StarClan she had reincarnated xO OR I WOULD'VE SWORN I'D KILL THE ERINS! Well, literally. I would do a lotta big talking. I mean, Cinderpelt is awesome! I actually like CinderFire better than SandFire, because well? Cuter! Still. I just feel so bad for Cinderpelt! Hope you enjoyed this poem. Especially YOU, Coby!