OMG. Thanks Coby Cullen for the idea. ^^ Thanks to all my reviewers, too! Who knew Hearts would become so popular? Review replying... Anonymous, I can't help but make these poems sad. ^^ I don't even think I can make much of a poem to be humorous out of warriors. I'm glad you all like it! xD This is going to be about how Mudclaw felt when Onestar took over the leadership. The next chappy will come very fast as a dedication to all my reviewers. Wolfstar suggested a good idea, but I wasn't sure if I could fully understand and capture Birdflight. So I'm not going to do her just yet. I will be studying about her. Next chapter will be... Well, I can't think of one yet. I'll say "You'll see!" xD



How can that be?

Tallstar made changes

Horrible changes

Before he left us

To go to StarClan.

"Onewhisker will be the new deputy

In Mudclaw's place."

I glare at him

Fear-scent unraveling around me

Anger steaming into me.

How could he?!

Such horrible changes

I, and I alone

Am the rightful leader of WindClan!

Even cats from other Clans

Could tell.

Hawkfrost and Blackclaw

Could tell that

The changes weren't good!

They were terrible!

I, and I alone

Should've been Mudstar!

I, and I alone

Should've received nine lives!

Why did Tallstar do that?

I've always been a loyal warrior

Not like that puny


Firestar's kittypet!

Onewhisker became Onestar

But I was still Mudclaw!

I just can't forgive Tallstar

For making those changes.

Those changes,

Pulling my life up

Tearing it into shreds

Into pieces!

Just because

At Tallstar's last breath

He whispered those words

To make changes

Those changes,

Has ripped me into shreds

Those changes,

Had torn up my life.

I was in fury


At the changes made.

How could he?

After all I've been through

With WindClan!

After all I've been through

As deputy!

I was ready to be leader

I was ready for power.

Onewhisker wasn't

Yet Tallstar still made his choice!

How ridiculous was that?

I'm not Firestar's kittypet.

I attempted to kill Onestar

Why did StarClan even give him

His nine lives?

StarClan accepted

Those changes I couldn't.

I tried to kill Onestar

But a falling tree,

Struck by lightning

Hit me

And life soared

Away and away.

Out of me,

Just like my leadership had.

StarClan betrayed me

Just as Tallstar had!

I was dying

I was screaming.

Pain rippled through my skull

And I died.

StarClan should've welcomed me

For I was just

Trying to take

What was rightfully mine's.

But StarClan killed me.

I saw no stars

I felt no safety.

I was in a dark forest.

Not StarClan!

How could they?

Just moments before

I was refused to StarClan

Tallstar meowed,


I dread

That I had to make

Those changes.

But if you rose,

WindClan would be bloodshed.

I've gotten dreams

From StarClan

And I believed them.

You would've been alive

If you accepted

Those changes."

I snarled at him

And then

I was alone

In the darkness

In the Dark Forest.

And then I wish

He never made

Those changes.

Aw. Poor Mudclaw. WAIT, did I just say he was poor? Mudclaw is mean, but he was poor in a way. *SPOILERS FOR CODE OF THE CLANS*: There is a part in Code of the Clans in the deputy code parts. Tallstar stated that he received ominous dreams from StarClan, seeing now leader, Mudstar standing on a hill of bones and blood. Ooh, scary dream, huh? Mystery solved! That's why Tallstar changed the deputy. Sorry if it was a spoiler for you. *sighs* Any more ideas for my new poems?? Hope you liked this. xD A BIG THANKS and HUG and TALLSTAR PLUSHIE for COBY CULLEN!! xD

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