I was like, totally out of ideas when I suddenly thought about our awesome Jayfeather. So I decided to write about his BLINDNESS! OMS! xD And maybe his full medicine cat name, etc. Yay. Enjoy! Will this be good?! Will this be bad?! Read to find out!


When I was borne

I heard voices

A feisty one

"Oh, look, Leafpool!"

I smelt milk,

My mother's milk.

My mother Leafpool's milk.

I used to think it was

Squirrelflight's milk

But now I knew

It all.

I was the last

To open my eyes.

I'm a gray tabby tom,

My brother is a golden tabby

And my sister

Is all black.

So they say.

I didn't think I'd ever

Be able to see my siblings

Even once.

Lionkit opened his eyes first.

I remember Leafpool


In the medicine cat's den,

"Look at those huge amber eyes!"

Then Hollykit was next,

and Leafpool was so joyful

"What beautiful green eyes!


Hollykit's got your eyes!"

I should've been next,

But when I felt the chilly air

Enter the gaps of my eyelids,

I only saw black

And nothing else.

At first

I thought

It was Hollykit's fur

But at the end

I realized

I saw nothing

But blackness!

"Such lovely blue eyes!"

I gasped for air,




I gaped furiously.

"I can't see anything!

Anything but blackness!"

I felt Leafpool's own amber gaze

Turn on me.

Her fear scent was all over the nursery.

"Really, Jaykit?"

I nodded desperately

"I will see something soon,

Right, Leafpool?

Will I?"

I wanted to see the

Medicine cat

So badly.

Hollykit mewled happily

"So Lionkit and Jaykit look like this!

Why are they black, gray, and white,


The medicine cat gently replied

"You will see in color soon."

I wailed

"But I can't see anything!"

The horrible truth

Soon hit me.

"You're blind, Jaykit.

You were born




How could I possibly

Be blind? I don't want to...

I wanted to see!

It's just black!

I hate black!

Not black!

"I'm sorry,"

Leafpool sighed.

What was she saying?

"Jaykit, all you'll be able to see,"

she mewed solemnly,

No! No!

"Is black."


I wanted to see colors.

I wanted to see cats.

I wanted to see my littermates

I wanted to see


But Leafpool says

All I will ever see

Is black!

How could that be?


I did not want that,

I pleaded Leafpool

Were there herbs

To cure my blindness?


All I ever wanted

Was to become a warrior.

Why couldn't I see?

If I couldn't see,

I couldn't fight!

If I couldn't see,

How could I catch prey?


I didn't want to see just black!

It's not want I want!

Not black,

Oh no,

Not black!

Even if I can see in my dreams,

I just wish

Those dreams were reality,

And reality were the dreams.

I want to see,

See colors

See cats

See my brother

See my sister,

See everything.

I wanted to see


But black.

Leafpool's words

Never left my mind.

"Jaykit, I'm so sorry."

"You'll never be able to see."

"All you'll see,"

"Is black."


Not black!

Sniffles. After writing this I realized that I'm lucky to not even have glasses. Yay eyesight! Yay eyesight! Cheer with me! Poor Jaykit. At least he could see in his dreams, could he? Aww. Poor, poor Jayfeather.