Yeah, scream FINALLY and run around in circles. I'm going to write a new poem. The idea was suggested by Hawkfur the Ninja. It was a great idea. This will be Mistyfoot's POV written in poetic format.

No More Surprises

A life

Full of surprises

Is not always the best.

My brother Stonefur

And I,

Had plenty.

My friend Silverstream,

Daughter of Crookedstar,

RiverClan's great leader...



Kitting the kits of Graystripe.

Graystripe of ThunderClan!

So much misfortune.

I'm wrathed in it!

ThunderClan gives us more and more





We were loyal,

Brave, proud warriors

Of RiverClan.



Bluestar was our mother.

No... no...

We couldn't forgive her.

How could she

Give us away?


Our mother is Bluestar.

Bluestar of ThunderClan.

Leader of ThunderClan!

To become deputy

She gave us to RiverClan,

Where our father Oakheart was.


It wasn't

The best surprise

To get.

Bluestar begged our forgiveness.

I wouldn't forgive

So was Stonefur.

How could she?

How could she

Leave us behind

Like that?

How could she give us

Such horrible surprises

At a time we didn't want it

The most?

I wish

Those surprises

Had come another time.

Not now...

Not then...

Not later...

I wish I didn't

Even had to get such

Horrific surprises.

No more surprises...


But no one respected

Our wishes.


Bluestar was dying.

No... no...!

I didn't forgive her yet.

But I still...

She was my mother.

I still love her,

I guess.

But she was

Entering StarClan...

No... Don't go, Mother!

Bluestar was smiling

Still smiling at us.

She begged for our forgiveness


This time

We forgave her.

She whispered to me

Those words

I can never forget...

"Thank you,




Loved you two...

So much...

Thank you

For forgiving me...

I'm finally...


She went.

No! Mother!

I cried

But no matter how much I wept

Mother's not going to come back.


I hated that surprise so much

Now Stonefur and my kits

Are my only

Living kin...


Another horrible surprise

Followed that.


Came together

With Tigerstar,

Forming TigerClan.

And because Stonefur

And I,

Stormpaw and Featherpaw,

Were half-Clan

We would be killed.

Stonefur wouldn't kill


And so he was killed.

Not another surprise!

No! Stonefur! Don't leave me...

I felt like I was dying myself...

How can Stonefur

Just leave me like that?

No, Stonefur!

Come back...


Stop it, StarClan!

Why are you torturing me?!

How can you do this to me?!

First Oakheart

Then Bluestar

Now Stonefur!

What else am I losing?!


Feathertail died

In the Great Journey.

How could that be?

She was a great apprentice.

Not Feathertail...

She was so innocent

And sweet!

Now even she's gone

To StarClan.

I almost began to hate

My ancestors

For pulling away so much

From me

And me alone.


Twolegs had grabbed me away

Leaving Hawkfrost temporary deputy.

Leopardstar chose wrong


Was ambitious...

If I never returned

What would've happened?!


I returned

Only to get another surprise.


Stormfur was exiled

By Leopardstar.

Because Hawkfrost

Questioned his loyalty.

I wish

Hawkfrost never came!

I just wish

There would be

No more surprises

In my life.

I rather have

A plain life

Please, StarClan

I beg of you...


No more surprises

In my life...

I know, poor Mistyfoot. She's always been unlucky. I hope she becomes Mistystar soon! I love her! Poor her... *sniffle* Well, please review!