Yeah. You've all been waiting for this, eh? Yes... I am about to write a warriors poem based on an epic character... LEAFPOOL! Dude1084 (not sure bout the numbers), Fireheart is a great idea, and I've gotten that suggestion so many times. But I don't know how I can write him. He has too much things in his life! I need one certain event. That would be good then. So meanwhile, I shall use Wolfstar of ThunderClan's awesome idea. HOW LEAFPOOL FELT WHEN HOLLYLEAF BLURTED! Yahoo! So, we shall begin...

Dark Secret

I could feel

Sharp stares

Burning on my pelt

Each day.

I never thought

About falling in love

When I decided

To be medicine cat.

I loved to be

Able to help all cats

With herbs and medicine.

When Cinderpelt warned me

Medicine cats couldn't

Fall in love,

I thought,

Who cares?

I don't love any tom.

I wouldn't, anyways.

I'm too quiet.

But then

I couldn't help it...

When Crowfeather confessed

His love for me

I felt his love pierce my heart

And his loving blue gaze

So steady on my own amber eyes

Gleaming with love.

I guess

That's my punishment

All those sharp stares

I receive now.

I gave birth

To kits.

Crowfeather's kits,

I knew at once.

Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit.

Squirrelflight was the best sister

Anyone could get.

She lied for me

Just for me.

We pretended

My kits were hers.

But at the end

The secret had to be spilled.

Jaykit was borne blind

Because of me.

He had been tortured

All his life

By his blindness.

He just wanted to become

A great warrior.

But that dream

Wasn't possible

Because of what I've done.

Hollyleaf told the secret

To all the Clans

At the Gathering.

Crowfeather rejected me.

How could he?

It was he who started everything

It was he...

Who made me love him so much!

But no matter

How much I want to hate him,

I just love him so much.

And I couldn't regret

Having my beautiful kits

No matter how much I'd suffer from


Hollyleaf hates me.

She even wanted to kill me.

She killed Ashfur before.

I knew she did,

But I kept it a secret.

No one should've known

Their heritage

But Hollyleaf told the Clans herself.

She was so


All because of me

All because of my dark secret.

Such a dark secret,

Is not beautiful,

Nor pretty.

I lost everything

All because of my dark secret.

Crowfeather doesn't love me


And my kits

All hate me so much.

I couldn't be a medicine cat


All the Clans

Knew my dark secret.

I wanted to die.

I wish Hollyleaf did kill me.

Where could I go?

How could I live on,

With such a shame

Heaving on my back?

Such a dark secret

I wish I never had it...

I don't want any more

I don't...

I don't want any more dark secrets!

I wish I never loved Crowfeather.

I wish I never had a secret

Like that!

But I just wish

I never made a mistake

Like that.

Without it

I wouldn't be

Cut up in my heart

With those sharp glares.

Without it

I wouldn't have

Lost everything.

If only

My dark secret

Never existed...

If only

I never had a secret.

If only...

I resisted

If only I resisted

The temptation


The dark secret.


it's too late.

Aw, NOOOOO! This one wasn't as good, but I did feel VERY bad for Leafy. If only... But it's already too late, so there was no way to turn back. Poor Leafpool. I hope she would stay as ThunderClan medicine cat (at least as warrior or something) in The Fourth Apprentice! :( I loved Leafpool so much! I feel so bad for her. If only medicine cats could take mates. :( Stupid code.