I was shaking my head, out of ideas. I flipped through the books, looking for a good cat to write about. And there he was, sitting there patiently. Breezepelt. I gasped with joy as a realization hit me. It's gotta be him! Okay, that odd story mode is officially over. A/N!! This shall be Breezepelt and how he feels about his father's coldness, and what he thinks his father feels about his mother.




They're supposed to

Help and protect you,


But how come...

I don't get it.

My father is Crowfeather.

My mother is Nightcloud.

I know that

My father

Doesn't love Nightcloud.

I was Breezekit

I admired my


He was cold

And strong...

I thought so.

"Father! Look!"

I mewled happily

As I rolled my moss ball.

Crowfeather didn't even

Turn his head

To look at me.

I was disappointed.

Did he care about me?

Did he love me?

Were fathers

Supposed to treat their kits

This way?

Nightcloud's always upset

With my father.

"Crowfeather, don't you care?

Don't you care

About Breezekit?"

Crowfeather narrowed his eyes

And walked away.

One day

I became Breezepaw

And my mentor Whitetail

Told me about

Crowfeather's past.

He used to love a RiverClan

A RiverClan she-cat.

But that she-cat died,

And then he loved a


Medicine cat.


He's mates with my mother.

I realized, suddenly

That Nightcloud and I,

We're just used

We're just tools for him

To prove his loyalty.

I hate my father.

Aren't we supposed

To be more than that?

I hate him!

He doesn't care

One bit about us.

I bet he was still in love,

In love with Leafpool.

In front of the Clan,

He acted like

He only cared about us.

But secretly,

I know

He loves Leafpool.

Not Nightcloud.

Not me.

I hate him!

I thought fathers

Were supposed

To care about their kit?

I didn't understand

I still don't

I don't understand

Why he's like that!

I hate him.

He probably hates me, too.

We're used,

I realized

When I glanced

At Crowfeather


During my warrior ceremony.

Crowfeather looked away,

And I felt my eyes turn watery.

But I had to

Stay strong.

Without Crowfeather,

Nightcloud and I

Can still survive!


Is just using us.

To him,

we're used tools.

But we're going

To stay strong...

I won't linger near him.

I won't forgive him.

I hate him.

I'm not something to use

I'm not a tool.

I'm going to stay strong

And never look back...

That's because

I don't want

To be used


Oh, this was pretty short, but I practically went (three times) while typing this, "Wow, Crowy's one bad daddy." lol. I'm beginning to feel sorry for Breezepelt... *sniffs* This is a short poem, but I hope you enjoyed it. I am also going to update very fast, and use the ideas Coby had for me. Thank Coby! Well, I WILL update soon...