I refuse to write "Onestar" as the title, since it is a such a word that it'll ruin your tongue and waste your saliva. I will write Onewhisker, WHICH IS AWESOME! Yay! This will be Onewhisker's feelings about his leadership and the rebellion! Thanks to Coby for the idea!



I trembled

As I stared down

At Tallstar.

He was dying,

And his last words

Made me into deputy.


There was no way

I could take over WindClan

I never had experience

Of being deputy!

I wasn't ready

I won't ever be!

Not to say

Being a leader!

Mudclaw would be better...

But this was

Tallstar's last wish

I had to respect.

"Y-yes, Tallstar,"

I dipped my head.

I couldn't let my leader's

Last wish be spoiled.

I rose to be Onestar

But I couldn't be weak

As I was before.

I had to

Be a strong leader

Not always friendly.

I know that cats

Called me Firestar's kittypet

Behind my back.

I couldn't be like that

As leader now.

Mudclaw was infuriated

Forming groups of rebels

Against me.

How could he not

Respect Tallstar's last wish?

It wasn't as if

I wished to become leader

At all.

Hawkfrost and Blackclaw

of RiverClan

All supported Mudclaw.

What could I do about that?

I was weak

I was called Firestar's kittypet!

Can I really stay strong

And be immune

To these group of rebels?

I thought desperately.

I asked myself

If I could be a great leader.

I hoped so

But could I?

Could I be strong

Could I ignore

All my surroundings?

I didn't know

What to do

But I was a leader now

It's not questions I have to ask

It's things I have to do.

I couldn't be

Firestar's friend

I couldn't be


My leadership

Had to stay strong

Can I stay immune

To the rebels of me?

Can I stay strong?

I shouldn't be asking questions now.

I should do it

I'm just going to do it.

Mudclaw was crushed

By the fallen tree

Struck by lightning.

Leading us to the Gathering


Did StarClan approve of me?

I hoped so.

But I shouldn't hope.

I should think so.

I trusted my warrior ancestors

So long

Maybe that's my reward.

I hope

By now

Every cat of WindClan

Would come to accept

This leadership.

Oh my goodness! *slaps face* I absolutely HATE myself for making this such a lame poem! Please, please do not hate me, too! I guess this isn't the kind of crying poem. Irresistable, So Much To Lose, and others are much more worth crying. *sighs* But Onewhisker was pretty poor, in a way!!