This shall, obviously, be about Sandstorm and... how she felt about Fireheart when she first fell in love with him, and da Spottedleaf business. When the idea was originally suggested by dude1094, I wasn't absolutely sure about this, but I was influenced by Macey's songfic, Firestar's Crush! Aww, c'mon, it was nice. Read it! Yah, more advertising too. You should all also read Warrior-Owlfeather's story, New Beginnings Book 1! It's a quite good story, and stormikat suggested it to me. Also! Enjoy this chapter. Please read the sequel to Flaw I wrote, Perfection, by the way. It just came out. *continues to blabber on*

Confusion and Love

There are two things

I love and hate

Those two things

Are confusion and love.

I like to be confused

When I rather not understand

A few things.

But I hate to be confused

When I want to know

But cannot figure out

The answer.

I love to love

Because it's such a wonderful thing

To be together,

Pelts pressed,

Tails intertwined

With a cat you love.

But I also hate love

Because sometimes,

It can drive you the wrong way

It's irresistably strong

That stealthy emotion

Always lurks silently inside

A single cat.


You don't want to love

But you just can't help it.


Loving can hurt you

Like when someone you love

Doesn't love you back

Or loves another cat.

It would really hurt

One soul.

I had mocked Firepaw.

But then he became Fireheart

And I was Sandstorm.

He was brave,


and kind.

I didn't know why,

But I suddenly admired him.

I thought

If he were just a kittypet

Would he have gone to Tallstar

Behind Bluestar's back

And ask for peace?

Would he have risked

Bluestar's trust

Because he believed what he was doing

Was best for the Clan?

Would so many of his Clanmates

Have supported him,

Even Whitestorm and Goldenflower?

I suddenly realized

He was devoted

And worked hard for the Clan.

I then realized

I loved him

More than any cat I'd ever love

I loved him

more than he could imagine.

But would he love me, too?

Would he accept me

Even when I had mocked him so much?

Confusion dawned upon me

Along with love.

Moons later

I found out something good

Fireheart loved me too!

That was great

For me

And I was so happy.

When we went on

The journey to SkyClan,

I suspected his love for me.

Firestar loved Spottedleaf

I knew that

But did he truly love me?

It was confusion all over again

Along with some love and envy.

I questioned his love

Did he really

Love me?

Or did he

Still love Spottedleaf?

I hoped he loved me

Or I would be alone.

I couldn't love anyone else

Would he really be that cruel?

What had I saw in him

In the first place?

When we were separated,

I desperately searched for him.

We had a fight before that

And I felt ashamed.

Shame made me love him more

I didn't know why.

When we found each other,

I felt so delighted

He had been

Working hard

Just to find me.

But I could still see

The tired, hopeful gaze he held

Whenever he thought of Spottedleaf.

If Spottedleaf were alive,

He probably would never notice me

And I wouldn't have ever


Confusion and love.

Sometimes I can't decide

If I should accept him or not

But truly,

Even if he didn't love me

I'd still love him, I guess.

Firestar told me

He loved me,

But he could still not forget Spottedleaf.

It was fine by me

Because he showed

That he loved me

As much as he loved Spottedleaf.

I knew he could never forget her

But I would be by his side

Because I love him.

I was glad

He was honest with me.

If he lied,

I'd be angry at him

And maybe all that love

Would disappear.

If Fireheart never appeared,

I would know

How love and confusion

Felt like.

So I hope,

For the moons to come,

He would never forget

About our love

Because even if he hated me,

I'd still love him

For who he was.

Yeah, I used some lines from Code of the Clans. There's an interesting part called A Change of Heart, Sandstorm Speaks and it's about how Sandstorm felt when she changed her mind about Fireheart. It's pretty nice. And everybody, I hope you liked this one. It was a little long, but just fine for some awesome FireSandness! x3 Yeah, Firestar was quite blind. Dedicated to Macey!!