Did you like the BerryxHoney one?!! Well, next up, Hollyleaf. This is what I think she'd be thinking if she went to StarClan, and found out that she wasn't one of the three.

Lied To

My life was just a mixture of

Crowfood and lies.

I thought what I did was right.


When I was a young, innocent kit

All I wanted was to become a great warrior.

But as I became an apprentice

My ambitions burned,

Higher and higher.

I wanted to become a great leader like Firestar

Leading the Clans with pride and honor

Helping the weak,

Building a strong, well-built Clan.

But when I learned the Warrior code,

I began to realize everything wasn't right.

Firestar let kittypets and rogues into the Clan.

He wasn't supposed to do that!

That was against the warrior code!

The code embraced my life

It put it into order.

I thought following the code

Was right all the time.

But the code can be cruel.


I follow it, and to me, my paths were very clear.

Then Jaypaw learned a prophecy

There will be three

Kin of your kin

That holds the power of stars in their paws.

The moment Jaypaw learned it

He knew it was us.

Us three.




My life was getting more elaborate

And sometimes I don't know the right path to take.

I trusted the code

To bring me to the right places.

Lionpaw began to meet WindClan


That was wrong!

It was against the code!

I knew I had to stop him

So I threatened him

And it worked.

But soon I began to feel like

He was doing something behind my back.

Could he have still been meeting Heatherpaw?

I always thought I was right!

My thoughts were messed up

And I didn't know what to follow.

The code.

Soon, we found out a horrible truth

That made my life even more complicated.

So complicated

I couldn't stand it.


That mangy liar.

How could she lie to us?

I thought she was our mother!

I was so worried about her

When she got ill.

But now none of my feelings remain!

I hate her!

The filthy liar!

She let us believe a lie

A lie about our lives!

My life soon became

Thanks to the big liar,

A total mess.

I didn't know what was right or wrong anymore

Even with the code.

I was lied to,

Again and again.

Even in StarClan, I know they would lie.

And Leafpool!

That mange-ridden, heartless crowfood-eating mousebrain!

What did the code even mean to her?

Loving a WindClan warrior!

She was a ThunderClan medicine cat!

How could she?

And how could I


be her kit?

Firestar should exile her!

If I were Hollystar,

I would definitely do that.

Because then I would know what was right!

The code!

Firestar wouldn't exile her

and I know that.

He's too softhearted.

I didn't regret either

In killing Ashfur.

He was going to spill out our secret

That would destroy Squirrelflight

And most of all

destroy me and my littermates!

I didn't want my life to get any more elaborated.

I didn't want to face more pain.

But at the end

I couldn't get any truth.

So I, frustrated

Announced something.

In the Gathering.

I told them so many lies

Have been spread throughout the Clans.

How could we expect to follow the code

And live normally?

So many liars in ThunderClan.

So many liars in my life.

And after all,

After my death

I found out.

Even StarClan lied to me!

Don't they show any respect for me?

I, Hollyleaf

Dying for the code.

I, Hollyleaf

Dying along with the lies.

I, Hollyleaf

Lied to all along.

How can they even know

How much pain I held

How much I suffered?

I wasn't the Power of Three!

I have been working so hard

For everything!


Everything has abandoned me!

I am no longer anything!

But a useless, normal, she-cat!

Though coming to StarClan

healed my scars

The scars in my heart remain

Scarred from lies

Lied to.

Power of Three!

Like I'd care anymore!

If it wasn't me,

What should I care?

I've believed everything all along in my life

Just to be lied to?

Just to suffer?

Just to hate?

Just to kill?


I don't care anymore!

I don't want to believe!

I don't want to believe...

I've believed everything

Just to suffer.

Just to hate.

Just to kill.

Just to be lied to!

Sniff sniff... I hate Hollyleaf, but I do feel bad for her. She'd expect so much in herself, but everything was lost within a second! And she was lied to so often! Her life was ruined! And most of all, she wasn't the Power of Three! She'd worked so hard, but after all, she was nothing. :(