Sorry everybody! You've been waiting forever, have you? I've been busy lately, sorry. I couldn't think of any ideas, and school was starting soon, I had a closet to clean out today (which I DID clean out FINALLY)... But here it is! HUNDRED thanks to Coby for the idea! Well, it was kind of a reminder instead of an idea x3 I thought of it first, but forgot. Then I asked her for ideas, and my former idea was there in her huge list! :D So here it is... ASHFUR and his feelings about Squirrelflight!

Fresh-Kill Pile

I used to love her so much.

I just wanted to

Protect her.

But she didn't

Want my protection

Want my love

Or want my embrace.

I'd sacrifice my life

For this one cat

For her

For Squirrelflight.

But she's abandoned me

She ignored me

She picked someone else

Over me.

She picked him!

Tigerstar's son,

She picked Brambleclaw

Not me!

How could she?

It was then I realized

How heartless

Squirrelflight was.

I loved her so

And I could never forget her.

Every time

I catch her gaze,

I look at her

With pleading eyes,

With love,

But she just turns away,

As if

I was just a small rustle

Of a mouse running over one dry leaf.

How could she?

I loved her so!

What was so good about him

That made her love him?

What was so


About Brambleclaw?

I was so much better!

I loved her with all my heart

I'd never abandon her

I'd never engage

A fight with her!

It was then

I realized,

Not just that

This she-cat was heartless,

But I realized who she was.

To her,

Toms are just like prey

Out of a fresh-kill pile

Depending on her mood,

She'd just go

And pick one out,

Leaving other prey behind

For others to eat.

I was second in line,

To be picked...

But Squirrelflight

Just thought

She didn't want me that day,

And picked Brambleclaw.

I craved for her existence

By my side

I craved for her

To be with me.

To speak those words,

I've never heard her speak...

"I love you, Ashfur."

No one ever spoke that word to me.

To every she-cat,

Am I just


A mouse

Out of the fresh-kill pile?

Am I nothing?

As I walk toward the fresh-kill pile,

I see

That Squirrelflight

Had picked out a vole,

Brambleclaw a shrew.

There was only one prey left

On the pile,

I noticed.

A small mouse.

I sighed.

Everything in my life

Is like a fresh-kill pile now.

You take this mouse

It might taste good,

It might taste bad.

So are some choices.

If Squirrelflight hadn't

Picked that vole

Out of the fresh-kill pile,

What would that change?

The mouse might've tasted better.

The mouse might've been better for her.

The mouse

Could've been best for her.

The mouse

Would've suited her more.

But she chose that vole,

I thought

As I pad closer to the pile

That vole might've been bad for her.

She might have been happier

If she had chosen the mouse

Would she?

So that left-out mouse,

Lying there, lifeless

Could it have been better for


Or was the vole

Destined for her

To choose?

I crouched down,

Sniffing the mouse twice.

It was wet, with molten snow

Surrounding it.

My dark blue eyes

Followed a small snowflake

As it trailed down,

Landing near

The closed eye

Of the mouse.

It melted slowly,

And I kept watching.

It seems like

I really am a mouse

In the fresh-kill pile,

I thought bitterly.

As the snowflake melted,

I thought it seemed

To be my tears

And then I really felt it.

Tears flowing down my eyes.

Angrily, I shut my eyes for moments

And picked up the mouse.

My sister Ferncloud

Padded to me.

Icepaw and Foxpaw

Were chatting to her


By her side.

At least she had love

She had kits

She had all she needed...


Are you crying?"

She asked, concerned.

I glared back at her.


I choked out.

"It must be the snow that melted

On my eyes!"

Like the mouse and the snowflake,

I added silently.

"Are you sure?

Is it...

Squirrelflight again?"

Her eyes were just concerned

But I couldn't face her.

"No!" I raced away.

The mouse was still

In my jaws.

As I settled down

Near some tall boulders,

I swallowed my mouse

So bitter inside my mouth...

I turned to look at Squirrelflight

Laughing and talking with Brambleclaw.

I guess that mouse isn't as bitter

As what I felt in my heart

Right now...

I sighed as I gave the two

Another stare.

Squirrelflight glared back at me

So sharply,

I felt as if

My heart was raked by

Her claws.

At least the mouse finally had a place,

I thought suddenly

As the bitter taste faded,

And turned somewhat sweet...

Then bitterness returned.

But not me.

I'm the mouse in the fresh-kill pile

Just left behind

With no love.

Never eaten.

Never chosen.

I'm just a mouse...

To her...

Even if that mouse

Finally had a place

I still never do...

Because I'm just a mouse

A mouse in the fresh-kill pile to her!

Yes, that was what I was.


Just nothing to her

But a little mouse

In the fresh-kill pile.

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