As I promised, another chapter. Yellowfang and her feelings about Brokenbutt (or TAIL or STAR, which do you prefer? I prefer butt.) and Raggedstar. AND HER FORBIDDEN KITS! Mwahaha. This will be so hard... *gulp* I'm going to do a bad job, so please excuse me...


My spirit soared

To the stars,

And I joined the Silverpelt.

As I journeyed to StarClan,

Raggedstar guided me.

We were speechless

But I was happy enough

To be with him.

But I probably

Shouldn't be allowed

To think so.

Raggedstar and I,

Our love was so forbidden.

Medicine cat and leader...

And as a punishment to our forbidden love,

StarClan made me deliver Brokentail

To the world.


Our evil son.

Killing his own father

For the leadership.

Driving WindClan

Out of their territory.

Blaming his own mother,

For the death of two

Too early-trained kits.

What had I brought to the world

By falling in love with Raggedstar?

I had thought furiously

When I was exiled by my son

For "killing two kits".

That brought me

To one word,

One word,

That would've changed it all.


If I hadn't fallen in love with Raggedstar,

How much better would the Clans be?

If I hadn't brought Brokentail into

This world,

How much safer would the forest be?

If my son hadn't been evil,

If my and Raggedstar's love wasn't forbidden,

If my son had been Fireheart

Instead of Brokentail,


There are just

So many possibilities.

If I never bore Brokentail,

What would happen in ShadowClan?

Raggedstar would have

Never moved his attention to his son

Instead of me.

If I never fell in love with Raggedstar,

I'd be ShadowClan medicine cat,

I wouldn't know Fireheart,

I wouldn't be in ThunderClan,

I wouldn't have saved Cinderpelt,

I wouldn't have trained an apprentice

Who saved Brightheart,

Helped Silverstream's kits come,

Train Leafpool,

Who thus brought the Clan through

The era of greencough

And did many great things.


As I look back,

I realized,

If I hadn't borne this horrible Brokenkit,

I wouldn't have been able

To do so many things

To see so many things

To experience all this

To meet all these cats...

If I was never exiled by Brokentail,

I'd never get to know young and brave Firestar,

Cinderpaw would be dead.

Silverstream would be dead along with her kits

Brightheart would've been a member of StarClan

Along with young Swiftpaw,

Leafpool would've never been trained

Maybe not even borne

With these course of events.

If I hadn't bore Brokenkit...

Would it be good?

Would it be bad?

... I don't know,

But really...



Yes, this is a short poem, and you can call it a little bad. :(

If, if, if. But as you think more about it, don't you think if Yellowfang never had Brokenkit, so many things wouldn't have happened and made warriors good. So, thank you, Yellowfang for boring an evil villain whom I hate so much and want to kill with my own claws-- I mean, fingernails ==! ANYHUU! I hope you enjoyed this short, pretty-bad poem! :) Review!