FINALLY! Here it is! School started for me. Middle School is very busy. I apologize, Silverpebble, and everyone, but I'm not going to be that fast at updating anymore. Anyways, this is Bluefur and her thoughts about giving away her kits, and Oakheart! By the way, my awesome friend borrowed me Bluestar's Prophecy! It's just so awesomely good! ;D

Wrath of Love

When I first

Met the eyes of Oakheart,

Something strange

Tickled my heart.

My chest heaved,

And I didn't know what to do.

I snarled at him,

But Oakheart kept attracting me,

Inviting me always

To meet with him,

Ignoring the code,

Loving me so.

I wish I could

Also, like him

Easily leave behind

The code just like that.

I loved him so much...

But it was the code,

The wrath of the code

I couldn't escape.

Oakheart whispered to me once,

"Bluefur, you don't have to

Always stick to the code!"

I stared at him and replied,

"The code keeps our lives in order..."

But he convinced me,

He convinced me

That we were no harm.

That our love

Wouldn't harm

Any one.

But he was wrong.

"You can escape the wrath of the code."

"We can escape it, Bluefur, we can."

His words echoed inside my head

As I hunted silently

Raking my claws across a mouse.

Oh, Oakheart.

I love you.

But he was in StarClan

What good would it do?

Our kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur

Grew up into strong warriors.

Oakheart would've been so proud.

Our plans never went well.

None of us were willing

To leave our Clan.

So I gave our kits away...

But Mosskit...

Oh, Mosskit!

How could I have done that?

How could I have lost you?

I couldn't believe

What my selfish decision

Had done to you.

I couldn't believe

That I have done that to you.

I was a mousebrained fool.

"Bluefur, believe.

Believe that we can love.

Believe that we can escape

The wrath of the code."

I tried so hard, Oakheart

I tried my best to believe...

But at the end,

I still couldn't make up my mind.

I love you so much,


But our love was too forbidden

I don't think I had

Successfully escaped

The wrath of the code

As you had, Oakheart.

Up in StarClan,

I could be by your side.

If only I hadn't made

So many mistakes of my life

Mosskit might've became

A great warrior.

Our plans might've gone right.

I was so selfish...

The warrior code got

Too good of a hold of me.

I felt weak

And mousebrained.

Even if I loved you,

I couldn't change things

Or make up my mind like you can.

Oakheart, I wish I were like you.

Bright, strong, brave...

I wish I had made up my mind.

Maybe Thistleclaw

Could've became leader.

But so?

I'd have my kits...


I could've escaped

The grasp of the code, then.

"Make up your mind, Bluefur!

I know you can do this.

I love you.

I know you can.

I believe

I believe you can do it!

Don't just think about the code.

This is about us!"

My heart soared

Every time Oakheart talked

Or looked at me.

But what good was that?

The day Leopardfoot told me

I was expecting kits,

My heart nearly stopped beating.

This was the horrible results

Of our love, right?

I had thought.

But everything,

Every single bit.

It was never anyone's fault

Not Oakheart's.

Just mine...


You say I can do it, right?

I can escape the wrath of the code.

Perhaps I can, Oakheart.

But the question was,

Could I escape

The wrath of love?