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Well, here it is!

Snowkit, the deaf kit who was fetched away by a hawk!

Without A Word

When I opened my eyes,

I could see my mother

Speckletail's mouth moving,

Her speaking to me,

Looking concerned.

But what was she saying?

I couldn't hear

I never heard

My life

Was without

A single word.

Brackenfur looked after me,

I think he wanted to mentor me.

But why,

Why, Brackenfur,

Would you want to mentor

A deaf kit like me?

Tawnykit and Bramblekit

Could all hear,

Could be normal...

But why couldn't I?

Why me?

I want to be mentored

I want to become Snowpaw,

And then a warrior.

But that was impossible

Because I was deaf.

Just because I couldn't hear

I couldn't hear a single word

Just because of that,

I couldn't be Snowpaw.

I couldn't be anything

But deaf little Snowkit,

One extra, useless mouth

To feed in ThunderClan...

How could I survive

When I couldn't hear?

Speckletail kept my secret well.

Other kits just thought

I was weird

Because I never talked.

Please comprehend

That I didn't know how

To speak.

Because if I couldn't hear,

What could I do at all?

It was all the same


When I played outside the nursery

With other kits.

At least I wanted to play.

But I was deaf;

How could I play?

I didn't know how

I didn't know anything

Just because

I had a silent life...

It was the same,

Without a word,

Without a word

When I felt sharp talons,

So sharp,

Digging into my fluffy white fur,

Gripping onto my small back,

Lifting me up high

My paws couldn't feel the ground

I was rising,



Trembling, I looked down

My heart sank down

To the bottom of my tail.

Speckletail was chasing

After the big bird carrying me away...

Brackenfur was yowling something

But I couldn't hear

It was another moment

Without a word.

Fireheart stared at me

In horror

What was going to happen to me?

I didn't know

I never knew anything

Just because I couldn't hear...


Nothing mattered to me anymore.

Not anymore.


Just maybe

If I, tiny little Snowkit

Entered StarClan...

I'd be able to hear

Hear loud words echoing through my ears

Hear my mother's voice, maybe, when she joins me

Hear the rustles of the forest

The sounds of mice scurrying over dried leaves

The sound of my own voice...

Would I be able to?

Would I, StarClan?

I stared at the sky pleadingly

But I saw no answer

At least not as far as I knew

Because I don't know anything

All because I was deaf.

But I hope

StarClan would finally,

When I reach them,

Allow me

To hear words

Because I don't want to

Live a life

Without a word

For eternity.

*sniffs* Poor Snowkit. I wish he was never deaf, was never carried away by a hawk, and became an apprentice!! How could the Erins be so mean to this sweet little kit? Well, everyone, REVIEW if you are reading this right now! Thanks!