Yayzas, Rainy's back! I'm hoping to aim for at least three reviews with this chapter since I haven't updated for forever! :) Still, I don't mind because I just write these for enjoyment. After thinking my head open, I've finally came up with an idea! This time I'm writing about Stormtail from Bluestar's Prophecy. He is the father of Bluefur and Snowfur. Coby always says that Stormtail is an awful father. I agree. I want to change something. Maybe reveal some feelings of Stormtail, to show that he isn't just an emotionless freak. I hope I can change the minds of who think that Stormtail is a HELL of a BAD FATHER! (I still agree. But will I convince myself after writing this?)

Too Late

She loved me.

I wasn't sure if I loved her.

She still loved me.

Now it's too late

For me to love her back.

She fell head over paws for me.

I didn't, not for her.

But now I feel like I am doing so

And she's not here.

I wasn't by her side,

When the kits came.

I wasn't by her side,

During the battle with RiverClan.

I wasn't by her side

When she needed me the most.

When Bluekit and Snowkit opened their eyes,

I didn't go play with them,

Or be the good father I was supposed to be.

But you still loved me,


You loved me

Despite my cold affections

You loved me

Despite how awful of a father I was

Despite how awful of a mate I was.

You loved me

And I didn't realize to love you back

Until Hawkheart laid his claws on your neck.

When I turned to stare at you

Your eyes had already lost

Its beautiful, yellow gleam.

Your graceful body

Had been limp.

Your lively, usually-gliding tail

Dropped and lay on the muddy ground.

Your neck was pooled with blood.

From that moment,

I loved you

And I hated myself

For that.

Because it was too late.

It was too late for me to

Care about you.

Too late

To love you.

Too late

To want you.

And now

I've spoiled my chances

To be by your side

I couldn't keep you by my side

Because I wasn't strong for you.

Why didn't I love you earlier?

Did I only realize to love you

When you died?

Am I a cat

Who'd only feel love

When it's too late?

If so,

Then I didn't want

To be a cat anymore.

Because if it's always going to be

Too late for me,

What was my life's meaning?

You gave me a chance,


For me to realize

How horribly foolish I was.

When I had my chances

Given by you,

Why didn't I realize earlier

That this would be my only chance?


Because it's too late

My heart has been torn into pieces.

Too late.

Bitter words

Dry taste in my mouth

Dilapidated heart...

Can't someone come to heal me?

It was too late,

I tell myself,

During my last days of life.

It was too late,

It was too late,

It was too late.

It was too late to love her

It was too late to care for her.

As I am dying, I look upon my heart

Still torn up.

Too late... Too late...

The devilish words

Seem to enjoy

Echoing around my mind

Ever since the day

She died

Ever since the day

I started to care.

But then, I reflect

It was too late...

It was too late.

Bluefur and Snowfur

Had mourned over Moonflower's death

So much.

I just sat.


Pretended not to care.

And then I realized

After that

It was too late for me


I just ruined the chance.

Why didn't I cry,

Why didn't I show

My sorrow,

My care,

My love

For Moonflower?

It was too late again

Too late

For me to love





Too late

For me to be a good father,

For me to seem like

A cat with emotions.

But then

It was just

Too late,

Too late,

Too late,

And now

Even in StarClan,

Whispering in my sleep

Are the words of

Too late, Stormtail,

Too late

Too late.

I could've been a good mate.

I could've been a good father.

I could've been a good cat.

But I chose not to,

I chose the wrong paths,

I chose skills,

I chose fame,

I chose smugness,

Not love.

I chose something I didn't want,

And now

It's too late to turn back again.

Sniffles. Okay, that wasn't really awesome since I'm kind of rusty now at writing these poems. Still, I tried, and I hope you liked it! :D