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Undersized Inside Out

I was undersized


That's why my mother named me that.

I hate that name.


I wasn't tiny

I didn't want to be tiny

But I was tiny.

And that fact

Could only hurt oneself

As it hurt me so.

My siblings continuously

Bullied me,

Ruby scowling at me,

Socks growling at me,

Why? Why?

All I wanted was to fit in,

And be a good brother,

A fun playmate.

It was all I wanted...

Ruby didn't care about what I wanted.

Neither did Socks.

I didn't even think

My mother cared,

However kind she was to me.

No one believed me,

When I told them the truth

About my adventures in the woods

Absolutely no one.

Ruby scoffed

Rolled her eyes.

Socks sniffed rudely,

And walked away with our sister.

Quince smiled as usual,

and cooed,

"Of course,


But I knew in her tone

She didn't believe me either.

They thought it was all a joke.

They thought I was too weak.

But I knew,

At least, hoped

That I wasn't undersized

Inside out.

While Ruby and Socks

Wrestled each other in a play-fight,

I asked them if I could join in

But all I received

Was a sharp glare,

And I backed off,

My heart was almost ripped apart


That was how much their sharp looks hurt.

It hurt

It truly hurt!

Desperate as I was

I trod into the forest,

In hopes of finding more


And maybe even fetch something

To prove to them,

To refute them,

That I was not lying the least bit

And my heart flew at the idea of

Quince, Ruby, and Socks

Praising me

But was it really possible?

My heart crashed from the sky.

I met big cats

And I didn't know why,

But they attacked me,

Scarred me,

And I could feel pain,

Inside out.

It hurt even more

When I realized

That they, too,

Not even knowing me,

Thought that I was

undersized inside out.

I'm not

I'm not!

I screamed

I screamed

I screamed to myself...

I'm not undersized inside out

I'm not!

I was strong by the heart

I am strong,

I told myself.

But what use was it if no one else

believed so?

When some young Twolegs came

And picked out kits

To take home,

I was not chosen.

Did even the Twoleg kits,

Think I was undersized inside out?

That could not be...


Ruby hissed at me,

Scaring me.

Almost threatening me.

I'm strong,

I'm strong

Tiny, you're strong! Don't believe



Then I smelt my own fear-scent

How thick the scent was

It turned out...

After all

I wasn't strong enough

Maybe I was undersized inside out

Out of pure fear I wandered onto the streets

I wanted to believe I was strong

I kept running and running,

I came up with so many ways

On the narrow streets,

To prove myself

that I was strong

I fought off a dog with cleverness,


Did that truly make me strong?

I lied

I used cleverness,

To pull myself up

And soon I was the leader

of BloodClan.

I believed,

Shedding blood was the only way

To make myself strong.

I would prove to myself.

I wasn't weak,

I wasn't undersized inside out

I wasn't weak in the outside

Or weak in the inside!

I would be so powerful,

All cats would have to fear me,

And despite my size,

I will have a big, strong heart,

I will shed blood.

I would be Scourge.

Because I truly knew,

And I did know

That I wasn't undersized

Either way.

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