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I appreciated all the reviews! I will list all my reviewers at the end of this poem. As you can see, this poem stars Poppyfrost. As a typical curious middle schooler, I read spoilers. (x3 SORRY, CANT HELP IT) Well, I read spoilers about The Fourth Apprentice yesterday! And I read about something that didn't exactly please me... POPPYFROST WAS EXPECTING BERRYNOSE'S KITS! I MEAN, WHAT THE CRAP?

Okay, I'm really trailing off! Anyways! Poppyfrost was worried about Berrynose not loving her (the spoiler said that Honeyfern said he did love Poppyfrost and that she was proud of both of them. blech.). And so that will be my topic.

Love Me, Love Me Not

We were both so shocked

Over Honeyfern's death.

Berrynose loved her

And Honeyfern was practically crazy about him.

I couldn't see why she

Could like such a

Self-centered tom

In the first place,

But now I understand.

And now I fear.

Berrynose told me he loved me,

We'd press pelts together,

Watch the stars,

And he'd press

His muzzle against my cheek,

But what if

My sister was still in his heart?

I knew he'd never stop loving Honeyfern.

But I loved him,

And he told me he loved me,

Although he could never forget my sister

I thought he loved me.


Forced me to stay in the nursery

When I was heavy with his kits.

I was worried,

I truly did

That he no longer loved me


That he never loved me.

I slipped away,

Out of the nursery

And slowly,

I wandered away, heading toward the Moonpool

When I reached there,

Jayfeather approached me.

He tried comforting me,

But was interrupted by a

WindClan tom.

They were fighting.

However, I could not pay attention

I was staring at

A small, fragile flower

Yellow and cream-colored

Its petals were falling,

And I whispered to myself,

"Love me..."

The first petal,

Cream-colored, drifted downwards

"Love me not..."

A yellow petal landed

"Love me..."

Another yellow petal.

"Love me not..."

Cream petal fell,

And rested its body on the soft grass

"Love me..."

A yellow-and-cream petal,

A special petal,

Floated lightly.

Love me... I thought.

Love me.

Did Berrynose love me?

I snapped back to reality.

Jayfeather had fought away the tom.

Then he crouched down,

And murmured to me,

So gentle, unlike the usual Jayfeather

"Honeyfern saved me,


My eyes widened,


Honeyfern was safe in StarClan's paws.

Jayfeather continued,

In that soft, soothing voice,

"She is proud of you and Berrynose

and she says that Berrynose

Does truly love you.

He was just terrified

Terrified of losing you."

My eyes gleamed in surprise

And I felt ecstasy split open my heart

Love me...

Berrynose loves me!

He was only terrified of losing me

Like he had lost Honeyfern...

My heart swelled

I glanced at the flower,

Now without a petal

Love me

Love me not

Love me

Love me not

It didn't matter what the flower decided

Because truly,

I loved Berrynose,

I realized

And that's just enough.

I love him

He doesn't have to love me...

He could love me not,

And I might've been sad if he loved me not

But he loved me.

And that was all that, truly,

Mattered to me.

The words echoed.

Love me...

Love me not...

I firmly thought,

Almost speaking so out loud

Love me...!

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