Thank you Nightshimmer for your ideas. Although I just started this whole thing, I'm gonna update VERYYY fast because they are easy and fast to write. AND TOUCHING! Mostly, I'd be writing about dead cats who sacrificed themselves and stuff, and yeah. I will be writing about Silverstream, when she died. So... READ AND REVIEW PLEASE!

In Love Forever

How can I?

I ask myself furiously

After I saved a ThunderClan tom.

I wasn't mad at myself for saving him.

I wasn't mad at myself for saving a ThunderClan cat.

I was mad at myself

For falling in love with him.

He had a long-haired pelt

Gray and muffled.

His amber eyes shone gratefully

When I pulled him from the river.

The other tom was his best friend


He was all over the code

Scolding his best friend.

That was when I heard his name


What a sweet name

It fitted him so perfectly

With his glossy gray, striped pelt.

I, Silverstream, daughter of Crookedstar, leader of RiverClan.

How can I possibly fall in love

With a ThunderClan warrior?

It was forbidden love.

But I loved him so

I didn't even realize it when I saved him.

My heart led my legs

Leading me into the river,

Leading me into falling in love

With this ThunderClan cat.


I whispered out loud.

The name was bittersweet inside my mouth.

I know that I can never show

My feelings for him.

I wasn't brave enough to ask him

"Meet with me by the border."

I wasn't brave enough to say

"I love you."

I wasn't.

But he was.

He invited me

To meet with him so often.

All we did when we met

Was express our feelings to each other.

I was still shy,

I knew this love was forbidden.

But if StarClan didn't allow it,

Then why did we meet?

I then believed,

We were meant to be.

I never told Graystripe how I felt

Until in one meeting

Graystripe pressed his muzzle

Close to my cheek,

And whispered

"I love you, Silverstream."

All I could say back was

"Me too."

I pressed my pelt against his.

Then I knew.

Not even the greatest StarClan cat can stop me.

I loved him

No matter what I had to pay

To love him.

There was no other cat as jolly and loving

As him.

I loved Graystripe,

And I knew it all along.

He loved me,

And I knew it was right.

Instead, it would be wrong

If cats weren't allowed to love.

So I loved Graystripe

With the whole of my heart.

I still did when I found out.

When I found out

I was pregnant with his kits.

Mudfur checked

And at once I knew.

It was my fate, and Graystripe's as well.

What should I name our kits?

Fireheart is still against us

Our love.

So is Mistyfoot, saying it's not right.

Still, I didn't care

As long as Graystripe was by my side.

One day I went to meet Graystripe

At Sunningrocks.

Our forbidden love,

I proudly think

Is still forbidden

Yet we have bloomed a beautiful flower from it.

Fireheart helped me.

But I knew it wasn't because of myself

But Graystripe.

Our forbidden love,

So beautiful, so dark.

Fireheart brought Cinderpaw

To help with my unexpected kits

They were coming out.

Life was soaring out of me.

My blood! Splattered everywhere

Graystripe was near tears

His muzzle was spoiled with blood as he pressed it against mine's.

I was going to die.

I knew it.

StarClan punished our love!

But why?

I know it was forbidden

But why?

We loved each other

And there was nothing wrong about that!

But then, why?

It was going to be forbidden forever

I knew that, too.

Because my blood soaked onto my fur

The reason I died.

It was forbidden love.

And it still is. I still love him.

Our kits are Featherkit and Stormkit.

I told StarClan I was grateful to Cinderpaw

For saving them.

Even if our love was forbidden

It can still bloom into such a lovely result...

But to Graystripe, it was good and bad.

My life pouring out of me, along with my gushing blood...

I didn't want to leave Graystripe yet!

We had a love life ahead of us!

Why, StarClan?

Why couldn't we love?

I stared at Graystripe

Weeping for me so loudly

So grave

So sad!

He's supposed to be happy for our kits!

I loved him, and I still do.

Even in StarClan.

I cannot forget him

And I encouraged him for a new mate

Millie was meant for him, too.

Their love was not as forbidden.

Bumblekit, Briarkit, and Blossomkit were beautiful kits.

But Graystripe should forget me.

Yet he didn't.

I still love him, too

Can I ever forget him?

When he joins StarClan

I will love him forever

Then our love wouldn't be forbidden.

I knew we were in love, forever.

If Bluestar or Crookedstar were to send

A messenger to ThunderClan

I would offer

And meet my love


I would tell him I love him, and I would, forever.

We are still in love.

Although I am in StarClan,

There will be a day where we are reunited.

I would tell him,


I love you...

And forever will I do.

Aww man, I didn't think it would be THIS hard! Silverstream! WAHHH! Still, state your opinion please. Was this good or bad? This is a full tribute to Graystripe and Silverstream! *sobs* Millie is just UGH! Graystripe should stay loyal to Silverstream!!