This will be centering Stormfur's thoughts about his sister dying for Crowpaw and the Tribe of Rushing Water. Thanks again to Nightshimmer on the idea.


When Feathertail saved Crowpaw,

When she saved the Tribe,

All I could think was:

What have I done?

I didn't protect my sister.

I could've died instead, really!

Crowpaw looks at me with grief rippling in his blue eyes.

His blue eyes are like Feathertail's,

Bright blue, like our river back in RiverClan's territory.

My own sister has gone to join StarClan,

And probably even elsewhere

Like the Tribe of Endless Hunting.

Brook tries to be nice to me,

And Crowpaw acts like it's all his fault.

But really, to me, I think it's mine.

I didn't protect Feathertail.

I protected Brook instead,

During our stay with the tribe.

I could've saved the tribe from Sharptooth instead

I could've gone to StarClan for her

I could've been elsewhere for her.

But I didn't.

I didn't hold the responsibility

That Graystripe and Silverstream gave me when I was born.

I should've died instead of Feathertail.

She had a love,

She had a great life.

She was the chosen, not I.

If I'd died in her place

Feathertail would be so happy

With Crowpaw.

Her spirit lies in the Tribe of Endless Hunting,

Another paw in StarClan.

But now to me,

She is just elsewhere.

Not beside me,

Not beside Crowpaw.

Not beside Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, or any other cat.

I look at Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw.

They are grieving together, pelts pressed.

If only I died

I rather not see that sight.

But Brook rubs her muzzle against mine

And I feel warm,

Warmer than I expected.

Could I be happy again,

After Feathertail is gone?

If Feathertail was alive,

And if I died instead,

Maybe I could be happy.

I would want Feathertail to be happy then,

Would I?

So I decided I had to.

I forgave Crowpaw

I forgave the tribe

Most of all,

I forgave myself,

For letting Feathertail go elsewhere.

Brook is by my side,

And that is all I would need.

But I had to go

Tell Father

Feathertail is now hunting elsewhere.

I said good-bye to Brook

Depressed and dismayed.

Most of all

I had to say good-bye

To Feathertail

Because now,

She's not with me

She's not with Crowpaw

And she's not beside me.

She now hunts elsewhere.

I sigh at that word

Tearing out my heart so cruelly

Scarring my thoughts so ruthlessly.


Why do every poem I write HAVE to make me want to cry? It's all dying cats and stuff! xO