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Circling Love


Don't leave me, Feathertail...

I wailed silently inside my head

How could I be so useless?

I should've saved Feathertail...

Why didn't I budge?

I had prodded myself furiously

Telling myself

You idiot! It is all your fault

Feathertail died saving you!

How could you?

Her warm presence gone from me

My heart melts with anger.

Anger at myself

Anger at the tribe

Anger at...

Nothing but me.

It's just my fault,

She died protecting me!

I rather die than take fault in her noble death.

That was why I didn't care anymore

If I got hit by a monster

I'd be happy enough!

Feathertail would be in StarClan for me!

We could be together then...


I call out,

And her name was so bittersweet inside my jaws

I can't stand it anymore.

I couldn't hold it any longer.

"Why did you leave me?"

I stepped, lonely, onto the stony floor of the cave

The Tribe of Rushing Water offered us shelter

In the Great Journey.

Tallstar was going to give me my warrior name

What more can I do for Feathertail?

I thought so carefully

I knew I would never forget her

However attracting Leafpaw was.

Yes, I was in love again.

I couldn't believe myself!

First RiverClan, now ThunderClan.

What was wrong with me?

And there was no way Leafpaw could feel anything for me...

I was mean, I knew that myself.

She was a medicine cat,

StarClan's sake!

All I could really do, I conclude

Was tell Tallstar what I truly wanted my name to be.




It was perfect for me...

I could remember


When I whisper that name

My heart soars


Are you with me?

But now when I gaze at Leafpaw

My heart soars, too

How can I possibly fall in love


And let alone a ThunderClan cat

A ThunderClan medicine cat!

It killed me to know

How disloyal I was

To each cat I loved.

How disloyal I was

To my Clan.

Oh, no.

Leafpool knows I love her.

But I'm blissful,

And I don't know why.

Maybe because I can finally be free

Of my haunting feelings.

Or maybe because

She loves me too.

But my Clan is well aware

How disloyal I am becoming...

What is wrong with me?

I'm disloyal to everything!

Finally I decided

I couldn't live without Leafpool

By my side everyday.

Her scent of wildflowers,

Her soft, kind voice

Like waters flowing over pebbles.

Her enormous amber eyes,

Blazing with love for me.

We ran away.

From the Clans.

From our Clans.

But we were together,

And happy.

At least I was

Leafpool was stressed out

Worried for her Clan.

I know she has just gotten into a fight with her mentor


Who found out.

Our love.

I insist ThunderClan is fine

Until Midnight comes and says

Her kin was going to raid ThunderClan!

Leafpool was so frightened,

Even when I pressed my pelt against hers.

Then I knew.

Leafpool loves her Clan more than she loves me.

It's the truth

And I didn't want to hurt her

By forcing her to stay with me forever

Leaving ThunderClan destroyed.

So we returned,

And I at once knew she didn't love me

Over her Clan.

I know no WindClan cat is as beautiful and soft-spoken

As her...

But I must carry on

Or I will only bring Leafpool distress.

But seems like

Mating with Nightcloud,

A WindClan she-cat

Made Leafpool even more distressed.

She loves her Clan

So I have, too.

I must be loyal!

I scold myself,

Whenever my eyes trail right into hers.

Her big




Amber eyes...

Those were gleaming,

Just for me.

I must be loyal!

I growl at myself,

Then I realize

I've just snarled at Leafpool.

Nightcloud had a kit for me.

I knew that would make WindClan trust me.

But I didn't feel anything for Nightcloud

Or our son, Breezepelt.

When I look at her,

I just feel empty,

Like I'm using her

To run away from my never-ending love

For Leafpool.

But I am using her.

I finally have a kit,

I was proud of Breezekit,

But I don't show it.

Because however glad I have a kit,

I don't love Nightcloud.

I don't love Breezepelt.

I just love Leafpool,

And that's all.

In the Gathering

Hollyleaf announced horrible, but strangely pleasing news.

Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's kits,

Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather

Are mine.

And Leafpool's.

She loved me that much?

I never knew!

But my mouth, my stupid, stubborn, crowfood-eating mouth!

Growling those words at Leafpool,

I knew I broke her heart.

But that was for her own good.

She should forget me.

She should leave me.

And I, too,

Should stop all this circling love.

I loved Feathertail,

Now Leafpool.

I can't stop loving Leafpool,

But Nightcloud is my mate!

I don't know anything anymore

Just that, in this circling love,

I was in the middle of it.

And I still am.

EH? Crowfeather is in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig luv triangle! What if all of them: Leafpool, Feathertail, Crowfeather, and Nightcloud are in StarClan? Who will win??!! Well, I think Feathertail and Leafpool deserves him most! You?

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