So, how'd you enjoy the Squirrelflight one? Now I am gonna do Heathertail, and her feelings on Lionblaze leaving her. Oh yeah, I am gonna do Tawnypelt after this, by the way. Well, here ya go!

Your Clan, Or Me?

Oh, Lionblaze,

Why did you leave me?

Why did you choose your Clan?

But not me?

Which do you love more, Lionblaze?

Your Clan?



How could you have abandoned me?

I loved you,

And I knew you felt the same way.

We were just apprentices

Being friends!

We were no harm to our own Clans...

I still love you,


I miss your amber eyes

Gleaming so intently at me.

I miss your lovely golden pelt

Brushing against my light brown one.

I miss your soft, strong voice.

Telling me adventures of DarkClan.


Come back to me.

Do you love me

Over your Clan?

Do you love your Clan

Over me?

What is most important to you?

Am I just a trivial part of your life?

Do you feel more strongly

About your Clan

or me?

Do you love me?

I know you do;

And I love you too.

But you just torn my heart open

Forming a big gap of darkness in it.

I am heartbroken

Even when Breezepelt tries

To be my mate

It doesn't mend my heart.

I just want you,

And you alone.

We weren't just friends

We were in love.

You know it yourself, Lionblaze.

You loved me.

So did I.

But then, why?

Why did you demand at me?

Why were you so


To me?

I loved you so!

It was Sedgekit who followed me!

Did you ever trusted me before?

Did you think I would possibly



Did you think I would do something

As horrible as that?

I loved you, Lionblaze

For your information!

Why should I betray you?

I noticed you loved me.

But did you notice I loved you?

That is a big difference

For I still love you

Though I know

You show your hatred for me.

But I still can see

The dim, but bright

Beam of love

You still have for me,

Deep inside your heart,

Buried inside memories,

Inside your hatred.

I know.

You never noticed, did you?

You really never noticed

How much I loved you.

You call me liar,

You call me betrayer.

But really,

Inside you,

You're calling me


I love you.

You feel the same,

Do you?

But you chose your Clan

Over me.

And now we don't feel anything

For each other.

Do you know why I am being mean to you now?

I now no longer wish to show

My love for you...

I can only let Breezepelt shield my love for you.

How can you think I betrayed you?

I loved you, I still do.

And when you need me,

I will be by your side.

Do not worry.

Do not fret.

I still love you.


You chose your Clan

Over me.

I no longer felt your strong love blazing for me.

Did Firestar see that in you?

Your name was Lionblaze.

Your fury blazed

Your bliss blazed

Your love blazed.

It's all for me.

Lionblaze, I just want you beside me.

Please understand that.

Did I ever told you

I would never, ever,

Because I love you,

Would never, ever

Choose my own Clan

over you?

Did you ever realize?

That I love you


More than my own Clan.

If I asked you,

Your Clan

Or me?

I know you, stubbornly, will say


But if you asked me

Your Clan

Or me?

I would reply

Sincerely, lovingly

You, Lionblaze.


Sigh... HeatherPAW was so much better than Heathertail. Anyways, hope you liked it!!