GOOO TAWNYPELT! This poem will be about Tawnypelt and how she felt when no cat trusted her.

That's Not Me

"Tigerstar's children..."

whispered a ThunderClan she-cat.

"Probably like him,"

replied a queen.

That's not me.

That's my father.

He is Tigerstar

Who had done so many horrible things

To ThunderClan

To everyone.

Tell me to list out his crimes

Killing Redtail,

Working with rogues,

Trying to kill Bluestar,

Killing Runningwind,

Killing Brindleface,

Leading the dog pack into our Clan,

And much more horrific things.

I just hate it

When cats think I am like him.

I was Tawnykit

And my brother


Fireheart doesn't trust us,

He sees our father in us.

But that's not us, he knows it.

He's just frightened of our father.


He comes to accept us a bit.

Goldenflower is protective of us,

Because we are Tigerstar's children.

I hear cats in my Clan whisper

And murmur dark rumors about my brother and I.

B-but it's not fair!

Why do they see Tigerstar in us, instead of



We're only kits.

Tigerstar and Goldenflower's kits,

But so?

We're not Tigerstar!

It really wasn't fair!

No one really cared about us.

They just thought we were all Tigerstar-hearted.

Even when I became Tawnypaw,

I felt the uncertain way that cats spoke

To my brother and I.

That's not me!

I wanted to yowl

At those mousebrained geese

Thinking us for our father's deeds.

My mentor was Brackenfur

He tried his best to treat me equally,

But I knew it was too hard for him.

So I left,

Not wanting to see it anymore.

Not wanting to see the uncertain looks cats gave me

Not wanting to face the way each cat whispered about us

Not wanting to know what the cats thought about me.

I joined my father's Clan,


I knew I would be welcomed there.

I didn't go to join Tigerstar,

I went there to belong.

I went there

To be belonged.

I wanted to know that I was a real part

Of a Clan.

Not a doubted little kit

Expected to do bad things.

ShadowClan treated me normally

I enjoyed hunting in the shadows,

And I had a better life there.

No glares at me

No whispers about me.

I'm finally belonged,

Because when you see my father,

That really, truly

Is not me.

Yes, this was short, but I felt like I had to end this there. Tawnypelt is cool! ThunderClan was stupid for not being nice to her! It was very unfair for her, for sure. Dedicated to Tawnypelt of course! Of course, this is the first poem where I didn't near tears. That's because it's nothing about pretty she-cats dying :) *sob sob*