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Love of Betrayal

"How could you?"

I gasped

My heart torn in half

My face printed with horror


I just love you.

Even if you did so many

Evil, menacing things.

I still love you.

Why can't I bring myself

To hate you?

You didn't love me at all

It was all an act.

You wanted ThunderClan to think

You had a kind, and caring side.

That was what you said.

I was already carrying your kits

You were so proud,

Bringing me everywhere,

Showing my plump belly off.

Then you told me

What you plotted

All along.

You said

You didn't love me.

You were using me.

I didn't think so,


I still don't.

When you pressed your flank against mine's,

All I could feel, vibrating in your warm body

Was love.

I could feel it.

But I wasn't evil, not like you.

I didn't want to join you

To do crimes with you.

I was disgusted

How you said you were using me.

But, deep inside

I knew you loved


I knew you had

Just once,

Loved me


With your whole heart.

But you betrayed yourself,

And by betraying yourself

You betrayed me.

Your betrayal shocked the Clan,

It shocked me, too,

But in a different way.


You thought you were strong,

Did you?

But truly,

You were weak.

You couldn't admit your own feelings.

You couldn't even accept how you ever felt

You didn't accept your own heart.

Most of all,

You couldn't even admit your own love,

Snuggling in sleep,

Deep inside you.

You were weaker than you thought,

Not physically,

But emotionally

You couldn't control your own feelings

You lost control of yourself.

You loved me.

However, you did not admit so

Only concealing that love

Deep inside your dark plans and plots,

Deep inside your long claws and cold amber eyes

Deep inside your heart.

You were very weak,


That is why Fireheart

Beat you.

He was Firestar,

A better star than you.

You were a dim star,

Too afraid to admit your fears,

Too frightened to admit your feelings,

Too frail to admit your own love.

Firestar was strong

When he was Firepaw

He loved Spottedleaf

And he said so to her, too.

He was strong.

But not you.

You loved me.

I knew you did,

But you hid your own feelings,

And I couldn't love you then.

Did I?

But I still did.

I was the only cat

Who truly saw your weakness.

Firestar was stronger than you

In so many ways.

That's why you lost, you know.

Fireheart, had fell in love with Sandstorm.

He admitted his true feelings

He knew he wouldn't be able

To stop loving Spottedleaf.

And he told Sandstorm so,

That even so,

He still loved her.


If it were you

You wouldn't do that,

Would you?

If I demanded you loved someone else,

You'd lie.

I know you would.

You betrayed yourself too badly,

You lost control.

You were foolish,

Foolish and weak.

That is something you should admit.

I knew you were

Foolish and weak,

But why

Why did I still love you then?

Perhaps I pitied you,

The way you lost control in yourself,

The way you betrayed yourself,

Your betrayal to yourself

Was nothing

But a lie.

I still





I don't know.

But I do.

Aw, Tigerstar was stupid to ditch Goldenflower like that to do his evil plannies. If it were I, I would at least not fall in love with Goldenflower! :P Anyways, enjoy and REVIEW! *going nuts*