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(Naruto POV)

'Great I'm dead' I thought as I was floating in the complete darkness. 'Why did I have to end the Rasengan and let the teme hit me with his Chidori'. You see after I promised Sakura that I would bring Sasuke back the retrieval team and me went after him. Everything was going well until everyone started splitting up. Soon it was only me going after Sasuke. Sasuke and I started fighting and we ended up using our aces, Sasuke going curse mark level 2 and me using Kyuubi. We each used our best jutsu. When our jutsu connected mine started winning, but I remembered that Sakura wanted Sasuke back… alive. So I cancelled my jutsu and he ran me through and then I died. Not as cool of a death as I wanted, but can't change it now.

All of a sudden a scroll appeared in front of me. I reached out my hand to grab it but it just passed through. Then in big red letters "Game Over" appeared above the scroll. The scroll then unfurled and in black regal writing at the top said "Points Earned" under it read:

Positive points:

Lived until age 13 – 1300 points

Semi-mastered Rasengan - 50 points

Brought Senju Tsunade back to Konoha – 1000 points

Became Apprentice to Jiraiya – 500 points

Defeated Subaku no Gaara – 1000 points

Defeated Ichibi no Shukaku – 500 points

Defeated Hyuga Neji – 250 points

Mastered Toad Summoning – 100 points

Summoned Gamabunta – 500 points

Mastered Water Walking – 100 points

Defeated Inuzuka Kiba – 250 points

Finished Second Exam – 500 points

Finished First Exam – 100 points

Entered Chunin Exams – 50 points

Saved Wave – 100 points

Defeated 2 unnamed Samurai – 100 points

Mastered Tree Climbing Exercise – 500 points

Tricked Zabuza – 50 points

Passed Bell Test – 50 points

Became Genin – 100 points

Defeated Mizuki – 25 points

Stole Forbidden Scroll – 50 points

Total Positive points: 7175

Negative Points:

Died by Uchiha Sasuke – -2000 points

Failed to complete promise – -1000 points

Near death by Yakushi Kabuto – -500 points

Lost Precious person Sarutobi Hiruzen – -500 points

Failed to disable Orochimaru – -500 points

Went 6 days with Orochimaru's seal – -600 points

Sasuke given Curse Mark – -400 points

Beaten by Mitarashi Anko – -500 points

Failed to answer any test question in First exam – -900 points

Shown up by Uchiha Sasuke – -100 points

Failed to kill Haku – -500 points

Tricked by Haku – -500 points

Unable to keep forbidden scroll – -500 points

Tricked by Mizuki – -500 points

Failed Genin Exam 3 times – -3000 points

Beaten by Haruno Sakura ? times – -10000 points

Total Negative points: 22000

Total Points: -14825

Rank: You're worse than dead last.

Unlocked character: Useless Naruto

Unlocked upgrade: Rusty Kunai, Rusty Shuriken, and Malfunctioning Explosive Tags

My eye was twitching as I read the scroll. I was some how able to keep myself from pulling my own hair out at what the scroll had said. I was about to start looking around when the scene changed. I was right outside the gates of Konoha with a like a menu screen in front of me.

I could either start a new game or I could select a saved game. Naturally I chose saved games to see if I even had any. Sadly it was empty so I went back and chose "New Game"

Suddenly I was in a room full of statues. All of them looked like me. I decided to start looking at some.

Akatsuki Naruto caught my eye so I decided to read the requirements.

Requirements for Akatsuki Naruto unlock:

Must unlock Missing Nin Naruto

As Missing Nin Naruto must raise rank to S-Rank

Then must sneak into Oto and assassinate Orochimaru

Then end the game with positive points.

I looked thoughtful at that and decided I may try it later.

Naruko Naruto:


Must stay in female Henge as soon as able to mold chakra – Minimum 3 years

End game with positive points

Note – Naruko needed to Unlock lesbian Naruko

My eyebrow rose when I saw the last bit and really thought about trying it but decided later.

Demon Naruto:


Make a deal with Kyuubi to make you his heir

Live for 500 years minimum

End game with negative points

Later I decided. Later when I could play word games.

Insane Naruto:


Must use Useless Naruto and go on a homicidal rampage killing the following people.

Haruno Sakura

Uchiha Sasuke

Hatake Kakashi

Sarutobi Hiruzen

Maito Gai

Rock Lee

Hyuga Hinata

Hyuga Neji

Yamanaka Ino

Mitarashi Anko

Yuhi Kurenai


Hyuga Hanabi

Must also rape:

Hyuga Hinata

Hyuga Hanabi

Haruno Sakura


Yamanaka Ino

Mitarashi Anko

Yuhi Kurenai


I paled at first when I saw this but then really thought about it and decided it may end up being a little fun. I would just have to make sure I was godly powerful with Useless Naruto for it to happen though. I decided to move on for now.

Uchiha Naruto:


Kill Uchiha Sasuke before Genin Exam and take his eyes.

Must Use Useless Naruto

Note – Good way to work up to Insane Naruto

I decided I might as well try for this one so I could get used to what Useless Naruto was.

I went over and found the statue for Useless Naruto

Useless Naruto:


Finish game with at least -5000 points


Useless Naruto is just that. Useless. He can't even fight his way out of a paper bag. His chakra control is the worst of all the Naruto's. To do well with this character it would be a good idea to work on control as soon as you can.

Note – Useless Naruto is used to unlock some noteworthy Naruto's.

I finished reading and sighed seeing I had my work cut out for me. I put my hand on the statue then everything went dark.

Suddenly I heard cheering and whistle. I could also faintly smell smoke and burning corpse. I opened my eyes and saw Konoha, after Kyuubi had attacked it. I knew where I was then. I was right after Kyuubi had been sealed in me.

"Behold citizens of Konoha. I present you… our savior." The cheering instantly changed to shout for my death for being a demon. Without even looking I could tell Sarutobi was shocked. At least now I had no qualms of killing him for Insane Naruto.


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