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(Naruto POV) (Character: Useless Naruto. Playing to unlock: Uchiha Naruto)

Killing Sasuke was harder than I thought it would be. The only time I even had a chance was when Itachi killed his clan. That window also closes in minutes. I've had to restart so many times already trying to kill his ass. Closest I got was right before I got an ANBU katana shoved through my heart. Stupid bastards killing me every time I'm near the compound.

I ended up memorizing my window of opportunity. Now I just have to get my skills up. All I need is to be able to kill him and take his eyes once I do that I just need to get out. That will be easy. So I have done all of this and now I'm on my way out.

"Well, well. Look what we have here. Seems like the Kyuubi kid decided to off the Uchiha clan." An ANBU said as he was sitting on the walls of the compound.

'Fuck, I was so close.' I thought as I saw him standing there.

All of a sudden it felt like I was put in the passenger seat of my body as it started working on it's own. My body started running faster than I thought it even could. I could tell the ANBU was surprised as it took him a few seconds to regain his bearings, Seconds that costed him being able to catch me. As soon as I lost him my body hid in an alleyway and started the process of implanting Sasuke's eyes.

I could tell by how careful my body was that this was a very delicate thing to try so I didn't even try to take control back. As soon as I was finished control was given back to me and I passed out.

I woke up to see a white ceiling and instantly knew I was in the Hospital.

"Ah, you are awake Naruto. Good, now I can ask you why you implanted Sasuke's eyes into yourself." Said Sarutobi from my bedside.

"I was passing by the compound when I heard Sasuke scream. I went to investigate and found him on the ground crying. When I walked up to him he yelled at me to kill him. I was so shocked that I didn't even think it through and plunged a kunai through his heart. I then remembered about the bloodline so I decided to try and become like Kakashi." I lied to Sarutobi.

"Naruto I'm afraid what you have done is high treason. ANBU you can kill him." Sarutobi said emotionlessly and I knew right then and there that I was dead. I didn't even see the ANBU; all I saw were Sarutobi's hate filled eyes. I knew then and there I would take pleasure in killing Sarutobi for Insane Naruto.

I woke up to see the endless nothingness.

"Great now I have to read the scroll." I grumbled as the scroll appeared in front of me. It unrolled and said.

Points earned:

Points are not important to player moving to unlocked characters.

Unlocked Character: Uchiha Naruto

Unlocked Upgrade: Uchiha Kunai, Uchiha Shuriken, and Uchiha Clothing.

Unlocked Bloodline: Sharingan

Great now that I unlocked Uchiha Naruto I can look at some more of the statues.

I went through the new game process and ended up in the statue room again. I went over to the Uchiha Naruto and read what it was.

Uchiha Naruto:


Kill Uchiha Sasuke before Genin Exam and take his eyes.

Must Use Useless Naruto

Note – Good way to work up to Insane Naruto


Uchiha Naruto is one of the more peculiar Naruto's because he changes the events of the world. With Uchiha Naruto you never end up with Kyuubi sealed in you. In fact Kyuubi is never sealed and continues his rest. You grow up knowing you mother and father until the clan massacre. Instead of Sasuke living it ends up being you. That is when your story begins. You choose the path you walk, Avenger or bringer of Justice. You decide.

I was a little shocked at the back-story but decided to play him later and went to look for more characters.

Experiment Naruto:



That one was the most interesting, as it was one I had to figure out on my own how to unlock.

Political Naruto:


Unlock Civilian Naruto

As Civilian Naruto you must learn all about politics and the justice system. Then you must secure a meeting with every Daimyo and get them to sign a trade treaty with Konoha. This includes Rice and Earth.

That was interesting though a pain in the ass, maybe after a couple thousand years of doing this.

Weapon Naruto:


As any Naruto get accepted into the Root Program.


Harem master Naruto:


As any Naruto (note: even Lesbian Naruko Naruto) must have 5 or more women in love with him/her at once.

Lot's of eyebrow raising came from that one. It took all my will power not to try it. I made sure to remember to unlock that one of these days.


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