Darkness. Abyss. Lights flutter on, off, and in between. A wooden doll sprouting human hair floats past, aimlessly. An equation meanders the void, searching for meaning. An eyeball rolls endlessly. A door that leads nowhere spins, forever opening and closing on nothing.

A sibilant hiss, and the darkness vibrates, producing thought.


Not a sound falls upon the ear of any wretch unfortunate enough to be caught in the depths of nothing, but the sibilant thought penetrates the mind, ricocheting through every bit of skull and brain matter.


What shall we send?

Terror. Panic. Insanity.

Discord. Chaos. Depravity.

Watch them squirm and scream.

Watch them shriek and flee.

But where can they flee? There is nowhere we do not touch.

Send a gremlin on a plane wing that only a recovering lunatic can see.

Send a meteor and a power outage that sets a street of neighbors against each other.

Send a phone call from beyond the grave to a lonely, dying woman.

Send a dummy down to destroy a man's life.

Child's play, to stir their fancies into frenzy and shatter their psyches into pulverized bits of madness, yammering terror across the land.

It is so delicious to see them fall apart.

So send. Send. Ssssssssend.

The darkness curls and coils about itself, chortling and gurgling.

Beyond it, the lights flicker and fade, then reform. Dancing and swirling fireflies in the everlasting night, shedding faint light on the poor, wretched souls trapped there.


What shall we give?

Chances and wishes.

Protection, direction.

Watch their brokenness heal.

Watch their dreams reignite.

Give a man his desire of creating living characters.

Give a child a talking doll to comfort her, and protect her from her stepfather.

Give Death the form of a kindly young man to an old woman terrified of dying.

Give an aging movie star stuck in the past the chance to live in fixed celluloid.

Give a washed-out boxer a winning round.

There's so little, so little we can do.

But some we can do, so give. Give and let the light overcome the darkness, if only for a moment. Let them do what they will with it, there will be light.

So give. Give. Give.

Laughing, rejoicing, they whirl apart, descending on Earth in patches and speckles.

This is the Twilight Zone. The place where the fantastic meets the everyday, and where both good and evil reach into the lives of man.