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She was running faster than she had ever run before. She couldn't see the people who were chasing her but she could feel them snapping at her ankles, pushing her further than she had ever gone before. Her breath was stuck somewhere in her chest unable to get out and provide the relief she knew would come when she stopped. She so wanted to collapse and sink into the blackness that she ultimately knew would come but her silent pursuer kept her running until she finally thought her lungs would burst.

She didn't stop though, Ziva David never stopped, she would never be captured alive.

She ran faster and faster until her she couldn't even feel her legs powering on but she could still feel the shadows chasing her.

All of a sudden the shadows leapt up so instead of around her ankles they covered her completely and she fell to the ground with her pursuers arms wrapped around her. She struggled but the arms stayed tight around her and finally something broke through the fog in her ears.

"Ziva, Ziva! Calm down, it's only me! It's okay, I'll keep you safe."

Suddenly her struggling seemed unnecessary and she lay completely still trying to focus her eyes on the person above her holding her captive.

"Alon?" she suddenly asked, her voice so clear it was like none of the past month had happened, like they were in Israel all those years ago and she was asking why he was locked in a cupboard with her sister. At least now he wasn't as scared for his life as when Ziva had found the two of them then.

"Yes, Ziva that's right. You remember me, that's good. That's a good sign."

"Alon?" she asked again, her voice getting weaker. "Where did you and Tali sneak off to now?" she asked and the small piece of hope he had just got slipped away and with an anger that might have had something to do with Tali's early death he shook Ziva.

"No! Tali's gone. You were captured by the Somali pirates and tortured. You have to remember Ziva. For me. For Tali. Come on, I know you can remember," he pleaded, wanting so much for her to be okay because he wasn't sure if she would be.

"I wasn't captured!" she yelled again, her voice loud and clear and her eyes more focussed than they had been in days. "I told you Alon it was my father, he did this to me," and even though she was delusional and couldn't even tell who he was most of the time, the way her eyes bored into his and they way his name fell from her lips made him so sure that she was telling the truth about this and with another glance at her desperate eyes he made one of the biggest choices of his life. He wasn't going to contact Mossad; he was taking her straight to NCIS without the help of anyone. He would save her even if her father didn't want her to be. He would take her back to Tony and Gibbs because by the way she talked about them she was positive that they cared so much more than her father ever would.

"Don't take me back to him," Ziva said again, her eyes slipping back into the unfocussed look she had been wearing. "I trust you Gibbs so please don't tell him."