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Her large brown eyes followed him as he passed her, "Go right in Special Agent Gibbs." The strut an all too familiar sight for her, as was the arrogant way he just passed her with barely any recognition. He'd go in whether or not she tried to stop him and she'd given that battle up after the first month of fighting him. She continued her busy work and smirked at the sultry voice that sounded from within the room the man had just entered, "Shut the door Jethro." She forced back the expression as he approached the door with a forced straight line of a mouth. She watched the door shut soundly and buzzed DiNozzo, "40 that we hear an argument through the doors."

"Shut the door Jethro." She watched him turn with a large silent sigh and followed him with her clear green eyes; her eyes capturing each movement as he shut the door to her office. She met his eyes as he turned and collected her strength to carry out this conversation, "I'm flashing back to Paris, in '99." She watched the reminiscent smile grace his thinned mouth and his eyes glaze over in memory and gave him a moment- almost tempted to relive it herself; ALMOST being the operative word in her mind. "Not what you're thinking…" the teasing tone in her voice there for only a moment as she focused on the information, maps and charts that graced the plasma screen of her computer. "No… Then what?" His voice sounded through the room with a smirk that she could hear, and that she would rather not have to see. She forced herself to relax and looked at him, slipping back into her professional persona, "I remember you covering for another agent... who messed up." She swallowed the lump in her throat as she admitted the wrongdoing she had committed 9 years earlier. "What agent was that?" She grit her jaw momentarily, Son of a bitch. He would make me go through this. "You know damn well what agent." She battled the increasing drive within herself to scream it at him and opted to raise her voice just slightly enough to show him that she was ready to keelhaul him if he pushed her too far.

"You know damn well what agent." He saw the look on her face and continued to push her buttons without even giving it a second thought, "Oh, you mean the time you shot that guy." He nodded nonchalantly and shrugged, hoping he was riling her up even more. He'd never admit it to anyone but he missed that side of Jen; The side that wouldn't tolerate any of his antics and that played by his rules- and his alone. Her immediate answer of a question shattered his thoughts, "Did McGee blow it?" The instant desire to protect his team, his PEOPLE, overwhelmed the desire to see her lose control and he stepped up to the plate like the Marine he once was and would always be and cobalt blue met sage green as he responded, "McGee is a probie. Probies make mistakes. Having said that, no I don't think he did." He'd just gotten the sentence out when Jen cut him off, "Where's the gun?"

"Where's the gun?" Always anticipate Jen. The lesson had stuck, whether she wanted to admit it or not, and she had known he would stand behind his people regardless of if they were in the right or not. But she wasn't his junior agent anymore and she had to be responsible for the actions of ALL her agents- including Jethro's team. She steeled her eyes and glared at him, "The slug that was fired-" She grit her jaw at the interruption that ceased her thought from her lips, "I don't know… but I will find out." Bastard. She narrowed her eyes and counted backwards from ten to keep her temper in check and stay professional. A part of her hated that he was such a jackass and wouldn't let her finish a thought, and the other part of her loved that he would always be one step ahead of her, whether she liked it or not. It was one of those endearing flaws that made Jethro so memorable and so arrogant at the same damn time; and she couldn't help but admit that a part of her was still attracted to that. She pushed away from her desk and stood as she addressed him. "The CNO's aide called me a 7am this morning. Admiral Chapman wants to know what's going on. He asked me..."

He couldn't help but smirk. He'd gotten under her skin. He'd done what he had wanted to do all day. He watched her move and his mind slowly drifted back to Paris- the topic that had started the whole exchange. Her words slowly blurred as his eyes studied her ass as she turned; his mind time traveling back to that small hot room in Paris, her moans and gasps echoed in his mind and it wasn't until he sensed that she had stopped talking that he came back to the present. Her hand rested on the center of the back of her office chair while her wide green eyes narrowed and her head tilted. He cursed the black wool turtleneck that covered her long lean neck and mentally tried to remember the way it felt to press his lips to it, "What are you thinking about?" He grinned at her question and couldn't help but respond honestly, "Paris."

"Paris." I should've known. "Get your mind out of the bedroom, Jethro." She hated saying it; almost as much as she imagined he hated hearing it. It wasn't that she'd FORGOTTEN how it felt to have him close, to hear him whisper her name, to see him kissing down the long plane of her body… JENNIFER! She mentally shook herself free of that line of thought and forced the professionalism back into place, albeit not as securely as she had hoped. He had seen her thoughts, she could tell in his face. She was made and he'd never let her live it down. "Let's get some answers." It was the best she could muster up in that moment. She glanced up in time to see that smile on his face and if she hadn't been sitting, she was 99% sure her legs would've buckled. That smile haunted her fantasies at night, and taunted her in her days at work. She nodded to the door, "Go Jethro. Your PEOPLE need you." He smirked and leaned down- speaking in a hushed tone, "I'm not letting you off the hook that easy Jen." She leaned forward and stood her ground, "There is no discussion Special Agent Gibbs. There will be NO off the job." He let a soft laugh breathe out of his body and he shook his head, "We'll see." He headed to the door and shut it behind him. She growled and shook her head while muttering under her breath, "Arrogant son of a bitch."