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She'd had trouble concentrating since their encounter earlier. She would've been lying to herself if she didn't admit that she missed him; missed his presence in her life, her home, her bed. His reaction to her politic playing earlier had been the last thing she expected but it had alerted her to the fact that they may have more than just memories left between them. She'd sat in her office for well over an hour replaying the things he said and did over and over in her head before she felt like the room was overheating and had to escape. MTAC had been the only place she could find solace; cool, dark, quiet… perfect for hiding out. She'd been safe there, alone with her thoughts and the cool air conditioning. Until he came in. Her eyes widened as he stalked slowly up the few stairs and slid into the chair next to her. He began leaning toward her and her hands inadvertently gripped at the arm rests as she began to lean back from his advance. He cocked an eyebrow and began pulling away until she glanced at the techs quickly then met his eyes, a silent communication that now was not the time or place. He gave a subtle nod and smirked as his hand slid onto her knee that was covered by her sensible pants. His fingers gripped it gently and he leaned his mouth close to her ear, "We got him Jen." She nodded and gave him a gentle smile, speaking softly and resting her hand on his, "I figured you would." Her eyes flitted down to their hands and she pulled her hand back concern washing over her that the techs or someone else would see, "Jethro…"

He knew exactly what she was doing. She was running from this, from the implications that this could cause, and the possibility that her perfect world and career could get a slight tarnish because of it. He'd let her run in Paris… but he wasn't going to let her go again; Not when she was this close. He caught her cheek in his hand and tilted her head up to meet her gaze with his, "Jen…" Her sigh spoke volumes and he knew he'd have to fight for whatever he wanted from her, "Jethro, I don't… I don't want us to do something we're going to…" he pressed his finger to her mouth and chuckled, "Jen, shut up." He slid his hand down her throat and pulled back before standing, "Be ready at 8. Casual." He gave a nod and exited MTAC heading to the bullpen and trying to believe that what had happened in her office was more than just a fluke. If the way her eyes had lighted up when she'd seen him coming towards her was any indication, he was certain that she was going to be giving in to him. As he did his paperwork he'd cast glances up towards MTAC and by 6:00 that evening he was granted with what he wanted to see; her long red ponytail swung as she headed to her office in the sky scraper heels and he couldn't help but notice the added sway to her hips as she glanced over the railing and caught his eyes. He raised an eyebrow and she mirrored the image before disappearing into her office. Yep. I'm in trouble tonight.

She checked the clock- 7:59, then checked her face in the mirror one last time. Her simple makeup accented by a white form fitting sweater, jeans, and casual heels. She glanced at the clock again and smiled as the bell rang just before the clock turned to 8. She pulled the door open and cocked her head at his relaxed appearance. She had forgotten how easy it was for him to pull off jeans, deck shoes, and a hoodie. She smiled and reached for her purse before his hand closed over her wrist, "Leave it. You're fine." She grinned, relaxing her arm in his grip and chuckled as he gave a tug and she stumbled slightly into his arms. Her eyes danced over his face as his free hand glided across her covered back and pulled her closer, while the hand holding her wrist pulled her arm behind her back- effectively pinning it there. Her eyes lit up as he held her close, their lungs sharing the same air for a few slow moments before he brushed his lips over her cheek and pulled her out of the house into the crisp evening air. She watched him shut the door and lock it, with her spare key that she assumed he'd kept from their years as partners. She let him lead her to his truck and guide her in before driving them into the night towards a marina. Her eyes studied the figures they passed as the car stayed silent- both lost in their own thoughts. She glanced at him as they parked and she cocked an eyebrow at him.

He grinned at the expression on her face and took one of her hands in his giving it a squeeze. He slid from the truck and opened her car door- playing the gentlemanly role that he rarely let anyone see. He almost laughed at Jen's wide eyes at the chivalry he was showing her. "Jethro…." The warning tone in her voice did bring a hint of a smile to his lips and he helped her from the car and led her to a small power boat, "Ya trust me Jen?" He held her eyes and watched for the twitch that never came as she smiled and gave a nod. He nodded and stepped into the boat before helping her in and getting them underway across the smooth lake. His focus stayed on the lake as he neared the private location he'd once taken Shannon to, and was now sharing with Jen. He stopped a little ways out and they coasted to the dock. A soft 'oomph' sounded from Jen at the back of the boat as it knocked into the dock slightly. He cast a protective glance back and made sure she was ok before tying the boat up and helping her up and out and then following suit. He led her down to the currently empty beach with his hand over her eyes and over to the area he'd claimed for them; The sand glistening in the subtle light of a lantern next to a large blanket. He slid behind her and wrapped his free arm around her waist, pulling her tight against him and grinned at her hands gripping that arm for security. He kissed her temple gently and whispered to her softly as he pulled his hand back, "Open your eyes Jen."

She hadn't expected that. Her eyes darted over the entire space and she smirked before turning over her shoulder and looking at him, "Tony?" His returned smirk and breathed out laugh were the only affirmation that he himself hadn't been the only one to plan it. "You know he's going to tell everyone who you brought here right?" She turned slowly in his arms and rested her hands on his chest smiling as he shook his head, "No." She cocked her eyebrow and narrowed her eyes at his denial of it. "No?" She leaned into him and toyed with the hood pulls of his sweat shirt, "He think this is just your idea of a relaxing Friday night Jethro?" She barely recognized the fact that he was silently backing her towards the blanket, "No… he just doesn't know I was bringing you." She nodded and stared up at him through her lashes before pulling back out of his grasp slightly but grinning as he gripped her waist and stopped her from backing away any farther. Her hands slid down his arms and she dragged her eyes down his body then back to his eyes with a subtle, flirty smile gracing her lips before her upper teeth lightly bit down on her lower lip, teasing him. She pressed her palms up and down his covered arms, watching as his eyes darkened in the dim light of the lantern and moon, and feeling his grip loosen slightly. She moved away from him and walked around the arrangement, her head tilting- knowing Tony was guilty of arranging this she'd expected a bucket with ice and champagne around somewhere. She glanced back at Jethro and smirked as he nodded by the lantern and she caught sight of the bottle of bourbon and two tumblers. She laughed softly and shook her head, Tony really did think of everything- she'd have to give that kid a raise.

He'd have to give Tony a reprieve from the head slaps for a few days. He had to admit that DiNozzo had done a decent job with the whole arrangement. He watched her move around in the romantic environment and couldn't help but grow half-hard, watching her hip sway with each step and watching her long red hair blow in the slight breeze. He snuck up behind her and moved her hair off her shoulder to the other side, before replacing it with his mouth, pressing gentle kisses up the line of her shoulder to her neck, eliciting a low moan from her throat. He grinned and continued on in his mission, his hands holding her hips still and pulling them back against his, allowing her to feel exactly how much he still missed her. He caught her head with his shoulder as it rolled back and to the side. His mouth exploiting the opportunity to worship each and every inch of skin made available. He kissed and licked his way up her neck and finally made it to her jaw, then cheek, the corner of her mouth. His hands slipped under the white sweater and he felt her shudder and gasp softly. He nudged her nose with his and watched her eyes open and stare at him, while his hands caressed the skin of her abdomen, hips, and lower back beneath the sweater. Her head tilted and moved to make her lips more available to him, but he pulled back and returned his attention to her shoulder, earning a soft groan and whimper of his name as his hands traveled upward and cupped her breast encased in her bra.

It had never been this way; not with him, not with anyone. No one could've ever made her this weak this early in foreplay. She knew that tonight wasn't going to end in just cuddles and whispered words; tonight would be the night that she'd often thought about in the years they'd been apart- the night that she'd be back in his arms pleading for him to take her back. She dragged her hand down the thighs of his jeans as he massaged her covered chest slowly under the white sweater. Her eyes drifted shut as he elicited soft moans and whimpers from her with his motions. She bit her lip and buried her face in his neck as she listened to the quiet noises of want that he made as he became reacquainted with her body. His name dropped from her lips softly and she hissed as he expertly teased her into a heightened state of arousal. He hadn't even undressed her yet and she felt the moistness in her nether regions and knew that once he did touch her there, she'd fall apart time and time again. She swallowed her arousal as best she could and panted softly as her hand moved a fraction to the right and caressed the growing bulge in his pants that was trapping her hand behind her ass. His head dropped back from her at the caress and the guttural moan of her name that came from his lips told her how much of an effect watching her come apart was having on him. She looked at him over her shoulder and rested her hands on top of his over the sweater. She guided them away from her body, but pressed a gentle kiss to his jugular vein.

He lifted his head at the loss of contact and watched as she slowly moved from him and stepped out of her heels before settling seductively on the blanket. His eyes followed the long lines of her legs and the soft curves of her body and he felt himself harden even more, knowing she wanted to be there with him. He smirked as she crooked her finger at him playfully with a seductive pout painted on her lips. He stepped out of his shoes and knelt down on the blanket above her, before leaning over her on all fours and letting his legs slide out slowly til his hips rested against hers. His face was millimeters above hers and though he'd seen her this close before in all sorts of lighting, years from now he knew this would be his favorite vision of her; Long red hair sprawled out beneath her head, eyes open and dilated full of want for him, face painted with a light flush, body settled beneath his. He stared into her eyes and felt her hand rest at the side of his neck before it slid to the back of his neck. He got her message and, for the first time since Paris, brushed his lips over hers gently, before pressing his to hers firmly and letting her hands link behind his head. He settled his hands on the blanket next to her head and once oxygen was a necessity pulled back, panting softly and rested his forehead to hers. He lifted himself slightly and pulled her up to sit. He grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head, dropping it on the blanket next to them before tracing his hands down her body to the button and zipper of her jeans. He glanced up at her as she leaned back and silently asked for permission to remove the article. Her gentle smile and caress of his cheek were all he needed before rapidly removing the impeding article. He stared at the woman in front of him, clad only in her white bra and thong and felt himself stop breathing for a moment. It wasn't that he'd forgotten how she looked- more that his memory didn't do her body justice. He kissed her abdomen just below her ribcage and whispered her name against her skin.

She ran her hands down through his silver hair and guided his head up to hers to press a slow, seductive kiss to his lips to distract him as her hands slid under the sweatshirt. She broke the kiss momentarily to pull the top off his body and returned her lips to his once the shirt had been removed. She dragged her hands down his back and rested them at his lower back before dipping her fingers below the jeans and dragging them over the elastic band of his boxer briefs. She dropped her head back to the blanket as she dragged her fingers around his hips and removed them from the inside of his pants to link into the belt loops. She gave them a tug and held his eyes as she spoke in a soft ragged tone, "Off. Now." She panted softly and watched as he leaned back and moved her hands to his button and zipper. She licked her lips and undid the items teasingly and dropped her hands back to let him finish removing them. She watched as he stood and stepped out of the jeans, her eyes drawn to the only item left on his body and the obvious arousal covered by the fabric. She maneuvered up onto her knees and crooked her fingers in the waistband before tugging them down and off; her eyes holding his the entire time.

She'd be the death of him. He was sure of it. This was the night he was going to die. He sank his hand into her hair and slid it around her face dragging his thumb over her lips as they curled into a dangerous smile. He watched as her hand slid up his thigh and closed his eyes as he felt the hand wrap tenderly around his erection, a soft curse falling from his mouth as he buckled slightly towards her hand. He could almost feel the grin of success spreading on her lips, but he'd not anticipated the feeling of the tip of her tongue dragging up the underside of his arousal. He tightened his hand in her hair as she began to pleasure him and his breaths drew out in rapid, quivering succession. "Oh Christ, Jen." He swallowed his groan and tried not to buck into her mouth. After several moments he pulled her head back and moved to his knees while lying her back onto the blanket. His hands traced her curves before he guided her to arch her back and removed the bra covering her chest. He began to massage the orbs tenderly but with a slight urgency, aching to get her to the same place he was at. He watched her close her eyes and turn her head to the side as her hands fisted in the blanket and knew his next move would give him what his ears longed to hear- his name from her mouth.

She whimpered as she felt the tip of his tongue flick then flatten over the pebbled nub of her nipples before he suckled it gently while his hand massaged the other breast. She hissed his name and whimpered softly as he switched sides and drove her closer to her peak. She wretched her eyes open and felt her lower lip quiver as she caught his eyes, "Please…. Please Jethro… I need…" her head fell back when she felt his arousal tease her through against the thin strap of material that was her thong. His voice filtered through the sound of her own blood pounding in her ears, "What do you need Jen?" His voice was soft yet still strong enough that she knew he was in control right now. Her eyes opened and she touched his cheek, "You. I need… I need you." He growled softly and pressed his mouth to hers hard enough that they heard their teeth click lightly against each other upon impact. His hands quickly pushed her thong down and he guided himself to her entrance. He looked down at her and held her eyes- the silent question of protection and birth control being asked. Her subtle nod and smile her go ahead to not use protection. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms above her head for a moment before his mouth descended to hers while his member slid into her in one solid fast thrust. Lights flashed behind her eyelids and her moan of approval was swallowed by his as they kissed harder. She rolled her hips to meet his as they connected time and time again; his name rhythmically falling from her lips over and over again.

It'd never felt so good to be with someone. Even with Shannon he'd had to modify his style, and though he'd never complain about his time with Shannon, Jenny had always been the only one who he didn't need to hold back or slow down for. He grit his jaw as he moved with her fast and hard then slowed to powerful but slow thrusts. The sound of his name on her lips sounded like a prayer to him and he dropped his head to her ear, groaning her name softly before gripping her hips and driving into her with a steady rough pace. His fingers clutched at her skin tight and he knew she'd have marks later, but right now with her writhing in pleasure beneath him, he didn't care about tomorrow; he only cared about the here and now. He nipped at her shoulder and winced as her nails dug into his lower back while she whimpered her requests of how she wanted him to move. The bite of her nails was a jolt of pleasurable pain but he moved faster and harder as she asked knowing she couldn't be far off. The low keel and then cry of his name from her throat and the sensation of her clamping down on his member made him bite his lip to hold on. He swallowed and slowed his movements until she'd come down from the high.

She panted softly and held his eyes as they began to focus again and she felt the second coil of heat build in her belly, "Again… Make me come with you." Her eyes watched his darken even closer to a Navy color as he began to move with renewed energy and power while she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist, the position allowing him to slide deeper into her and push her close to the edge faster. Her breath began to come faster in short pants and her mouth went dry as the second wave began to come forward. Their eyes locked and he dropped his forehead to hers as he moved erratically on her. She hissed and whimpered his name as her back arched off the blanket and she finally felt him thrust twice more then still on top of her. She panted softly and stroked his sweaty back as he pulled the spare space of the blanket under them around to cover them before rolling onto his back and holding her halfway on top of him as they laid there in a post coital haze.

His fingers traced her spine as they settled and cuddled under the stars, skin on skin and her partially covering him under the blanket. His freed hand tucked under his head and he grinned at her as she lifted her head and stared at him. She linked her hands on his chest and rested her chin on them as she stared at him with a Cheshire cat smile, "We owe Tony a thank you." He chuckled and tugged her mouth to his gently before nudging her nose with his, "Nah. We owe it to the Probie."

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