Naruto Uchiha

Minato Namikaze feels a chakra surge as Kushina, his lover, is in labor. Minato watches as his ever loving Kushina delivers his baby. They named him Naruto. They hear a crash. A shinobi with one-eye , silver hair, and mask that cover his face from nose to his jaw said to Minato,

" 4th Hokage-sama, the Kyuubi has RETURNED!"

"NO, NO, honey I'll be right back" , Minato said to Kushina fighting back the tears.

Kushina said, "Please come back to me, I cant live without you" as the tears pour off her face "promise me, promise ME DAMN IT".

"I cant," Minato said as tears dropped. "We both know what I must do"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", as Kushina passes out in the delivery room.

As the baby came out, Minato looked at his son and said, " I have faith in you, Naruto Namikaze and disappeared in a Yellow Flash. Tsunade said, "May God be with you , Minato" as she washed Naruto.


Minato nicked his thumb and did a couple of hand signs and said, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" as his hand pushed his palm on the floor. Suddenly, Gamabunta, a large, old, grumpy, red toad appeared out of the ground. He said " Where is this strong chakra coming from." "It`s Kyuubi the Nine Tailed Fox," Minato Replied, "This is our last battle together old friend let's make it a good one". "Agreed," Gamabunta. They met the Kyuubi, with his glowing red chakra powerful enough to burn the village down.

As it roared, all of the shinobi were pushed back as if a gust of wind blew them away. Minato was not unnerved. He said to the 9 tailed fox" This is your FINAL DAY OF RAMPAGE". The Demon growled and said " You must DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". The Kyuubi did all he could to stop Minato but it failed. Minato had to use his last result. He did the hand signs: Snake, Boar, Ram, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake, then clapped his Hands. This the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. This Kinjutsu summons the God of Death and kills the user and anything its grasps. Minato grasped the Kyuubi. It was too powerful to kill so he made his son its jailer. Naruto, though an infant, felt uneasy. He saw his father dying as he did the 8 trigram seal and the 4 symbols seals. The 3rd Hokage Saratobi appears and says, "You couldn't kill the beast". "No, I sealed him in my son", Minato Replied. "You did what, why?", Saratobi said questionably. I realize it cannot be killed fighting it head on. If you "sacrifice a new born" then you can control it. I just have 2 requests. 1. Make sure son is *panting* treated as a hero and 2. Believe in him he will be the hero of this world after all *laughing through the pain* he is the gutsy ninja. The 4th Hokage died. It started to rain. Even the skies mourned the Death of Konoha's Yellow Flash, their hero, their leader.


The next day…. At the council meeting

"What happened?" The whole council said in a desperate frenzy.

"Minato was not able to defeat that wretched demon but he was able to seal it" the 3rd Hokage said.'

"How did he seal it?" Tsune Inuzuka asked.

"He used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal" Sarutobi explained.

"What did he seal it into" Danzo said in a devious tone.

"Not what but who" Sarutobi said. Everyone in the room was shocked and fearful.

"His name is Naruto Namikaze. He is the son of Minato. He is the jailer of the Kyuubi." Sarutobi said.

"He should be dead, he is a threat to the village to the world let me dispose of him." Said Hiashi Hyuuga

"No, he can be a weapon used to destroy our enemies. Let me Danzo have the boy and train him he will join ROOT and become the most powerful member of ANBU." Danzo said.

Sarutobi sighed and said, "If none of you will take the child, Danzo will have him."

"I will take him. My reasons are 1. Naruto is not a toy Hiashi and even is he was you are not even close to killing him for Kami sakes can you even kill with our branching the person. 2. Danzo, he might have the demon but HE IS A FUCKING HUMAN BEING NOT A SWORD OR KUNAI A PERSON. 3. He needs a clan that has pride and competence unlike the Hyugas. I say the Uchihas get Naruto." Fugaku said with pride.

"I'm with the Uchiha" said the 1st generation of Ino-Shika-Cho.

"Then it is settled Naruto is an Uchiha." Sarutobi said. "I will drop by every once and awhile."

"Excellent, I believe Naruto will be a great asset to this village. "The Uchiha said.

"Dismissed" Sarutobi said.

Back at the Uchiha mansion………

Sasuke is tossing and turning when the news arrived of his little brother. Naruto was place in the crib with Sasuke. While there he held his baby brother and fell asleep.

This is the start of a new breed of ninjas has just begun.