Hey guys how are you doing? Today is my bday so i have a question then during the week i will give you guys a present. My question which story of do you like best? I ask this because the one who has the most reviews on this chapter gets the chapter update but i will give you the summary on each story:

Naruto Uchiha: Naruto will face Mizuki the seal breaks and his new teammates

Naruto Fox Sage: Naruto will have a little test while team 7 with Yuugao and Anko against Zabuza, Haku and another Swordsman of the mist

Naruto of the Nine: will have sasukes trial, with Talking to the 6. Then tere are more flashbacks and what ever happened to Kyuubi

Naruto:The New Chimera: Naruto and Orochi come to an agreement. Winner gets something and Konoha will get something.

The reviews will end on April 9. So Ja Ne and Happy Bday 2 Mem