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Raven Roth

I glared out the window of the tour bus, appraising the little town of Forks and its surroundings. I was done quickly. Dense forest. One long Road. Grey Clouds. Pine Trees. Sparse Fog. A snowy-peaked Mountain. None of the scenery was even mildly interesting. It was like the default screen saver on Robins computer. It couldn't hold my attention at all. I just stared blankly at the seat in front of me.

I felt my pocket vibrate, a momentary distraction, and swept my eyes over the people on the bus, about ten in all. Forks didn't seem to be a very popular destination, and most were just passing through. The old Native American man in the corner was sleeping, snoring loudly, his head slumped against the window, his breath creating even more condensation. The young haggard-looking couple were in quiet conversation, immensely relived, now that their three little brats had finally shut up and got to sleep. Melvin, Teether and Timmy had never made that much noise. Well, at least not Melvin and Teether. The woman that came alone was busy typing on her laptop, the annoying clicks as routine as the ticking of a clock after an hour on this bus.

No one would take much notice of my phone conversation. I dug the vibrating cell phone out of my jeans pocket.

It felt so strange to have my legs covered up. In a way, I almost felt more exposed. Without my cloak covering my face, it was harder to act comfortable around people. Everyone on this bus could see my face, see my charka. I had received many questioning looks at the airport. And since I usually traveled with a guy who wouldn't take his domino mask off, a half robot, a green kid and a beautiful alien, I wasn't used to being the one everyone looked at. I had a horrible feeling it would only get worse in this small, isolated town.

I brought the phone to my ear. It was an inconspicuous, year old model, chosen for the fact it drew no attention to itself.

"Hello?" I asked in hushed tones, though I already knew who it was. I had been expecting Robin to call for the past ten minutes.

"Raven." Robin answered darkly, in full mission mode. "Have you reached Forks yet?"

I spared another glance out the window, to see we had reached the main township. It was nothing special, like its surrounding forest. Small pubs and buildings built out of wood lined the street. A few people here and there, bundled up in coats to try and fight off the strong wind, were walking down the streets, no loitering teens anywhere in sight. The complete opposite of Jump. And about a hundredth of the size.

"We're about to pull in." I said quietly, cupping a hand around my mouth so no one could lip read. Robins paranoia had rubbed off on me. "But I'm still not convinced you have the right town. I would be surprised if they needed more than two police officers to keep this place under control."

I imagined their biggest problem would be people going insane from boredom. Maybe that's why people kept getting killed.

"Believe it. We just got a report from the mayor. Another hunter was found dead on a mountain. That makes three now." Robin sighed.

"It could have been a bear." I suggested darkly, as the bus pulled over to the curb, the only mark being a small sign with a red picture of a bus on it. The Indian man lurched forward and awoke, looking startled.

"No. The town relies on the outdoors to get its tourists. Their too smart to let that happen four times in two weeks. And besides, he was on the approved trail." Robin said seriously.

"I have serious doubts about the intelligence of anyone who chooses to live here." I muttered, dropping my voice even lower to make sure no one heard. I heard a deep chuckle on the other end of the line. Cyborg. I must be on speaker.

"Just keep your opinion to yourself Raven." Robin scolded. "You're here to help them."

"They don't want our help." I countered, grabbing my duffel bag off the unoccupied seat next to me and slipping into the aisle.

My mood right now was dark, but then, wasn't it always? It was the only thing I was allowed to show. But right now it wasn't just pure habit. Right now I was really, really annoyed. No amount of stupid jokes Beastboy told or stares could piss me off as much as Robins towering sense of justice. The same towering sense of justice that had led him to accepting this job in the first place. Even though he didn't 't have the time or patience to do it. So of course he handed it off to me, since he thought I might 'blend in' better than Starfire or Beastboy. Why the hell did he accept surveillance jobs half way across the country when he couldn't even commit to them? I certainly didn't need this right now.

I gave a curt nod to the bus driver, who looked at me like I was being rude, and stepped onto the pavement, cold wind hitting me immediately. I pulled the sleeves of my hoodie down to cover my pale hands.

The last few weeks had been pure hell. Slade was back on the scene, using every opportunity to bring up my…father, using that deep baritone of his to emphasize everything that had happened, complete with perfectly timed dramatic pauses. I blinked.

"No. Their chief of police doesn't want our help. And according to the mayor, what the chief of Police wants doesn't matter." Robin corrected.

"Then why is he the chief of police?" I grumbled resentfully.

When I had found out the chief of police didn't even want help, it made me even angrier. I could have stayed home, at the tower, reading, instead of here, doing…nothing. I was basically here to watch, look for anything suspicious, and sneak around. And what scared me the most was that their was no limit to how long I was staying. Robin had just said we would 'play it by ear'

"Because they needed one." He ground out. "Now, are you of the bus yet?"

It was hard to keep my tongue when it came to this mission. I considered point black refusing, but then the titans would know something was wrong with me and wouldn't stop pestering me until they found out what. And I wasn't about to admit to them that Slade was actually hurting me with his comments.

They would…pity me. And pity was the worst thing. It was degrading, and pointed out the obvious. I wouldn't have it.

"Yes, I suppose now I go to my accommodation?" I asked. I prayed it wouldn't be communal.

"Yeah. it's a flat above the little tea shop down the road from your bus stop." Robins voice sounded a little guilty at this.

"How…glamorous." I replied sarcastically, staring down the road, towards a block of shops. I assumed this was the way I was meant to go.

This was not where I wanted to be at all. It wasn't the fact that this was not the big city. I hated crowds and people. But this was going to far. There was no one around.

"Remember you have school tomorrow" Robin said nervously. "The only reason the chief of police ended up agreeing to this was because you were going to take a special interest in protecting his daughter" If my mood was bad before, now it plummeted.

"Great." I hissed, pushing the end call button. I got a vindictive pleasure out of this, which lasted all of two seconds before it faded into anger again. I trudged down the street.

Isabella Swan

"Oh, hello Bella." Esme greeted me warmly, poking her head past the stairway banister, her caramel colored curtain of hair swinging out behind her. I smiled back at her beautiful face, happy to finally get out of the house, away from Charlie and his muttering.

It didn't matter that Edward was the perfect gentleman every time he saw him, Charlie still didn't trust him, and made this clear every time he came to pick me up. I had to reassure him again that the rest of the Cullen family would defiantly be at the house today so we wouldn't be unsupervised. Charlie wished I would spend more time with Jake. But that was a moot point. I spent so much time on the reserve already that I might as well move in. Jake was my brother, but as soon as Charlie heard the word love, he was filled with hope.

"Hello Esme!" I replied, as Edward took my hand in his ice cold one. My heart leapt and stuttered, and I prayed Edward wouldn't notice or hear. I took a sneaky glance to check, and blushed instantly to see him looking back. He chuckled in amusement while my cheeks burned, pulling me towards the living room gently. He must feel like he was pulling nothing at all.

I often marveled at the restraint the Cullen's showed while I was here. No one was moving too fast at all, since Alice and Rosalie were sitting on the couch together, talking quietly in enchanting ghost whispers, occasionally with an outbreak of bell-chime giggles. I had to shake my head to pull myself out of the trance it lulled me into.

"Hi guys." I said nervously, half raising a hand to wave.

Rosalie didn't reply, and kept her perfect red lips pursed in a tight line. I could see the dark stormy sky behind her, seeming to reflect her personality and attitude towards me. We had made only slight progress since she had explained why she didn't like me. Their was only an understanding between us. Alice turned her head to me and grinned dazzlingly.

Edward was not the only one in his family able to shock me with good looks. Beside me Edward frowned, the amused look melting off his face into a frown. I was amazed at my luck. He looked like a brooding male model. I could only feel slightly curious about why he was upset.

"No Alice." Edward chided. Alice instantly pouted. I could already guess what she had been thinking about.

"But I only wanted to give her-" She began to protest as Rosalie scowled. I supposed as one of the Cullen's without a gift, their thought conversations became annoying.

"No Alice." Edward repeated, his tone lighter.

"Fine. You have to leave her sometime." She told Edward threateningly. "And when you do, I'm going to give her the clothes."

I smiled awkwardly. Being treated like Alice's doll was getting tiring. All I wanted to do today was hang out with Edward. Still, I self-consciously looked down and my sweater and jeans. Boring predictable old Bella. I heard a loud throaty chuckle from Emmett, who was watching football on their flat screen.

Jasper came into the room, and nodded to me painfully. I knew out of all the Cullen's, he found my presence hardest to take. His moon pale hand was grasping a thick book. I supposed he definatly had the time to read, whereas I could hardly find time to do my homework and the cooking.

Suddenly Alice gasped as her eyes slid out of focus. She was having a vision. I always found it slightly scary when this happened. She looked so out of control, something I wasn't used to associating her with. None of the others paid much attention, except for Jasper and Edward. Jasper dropped down beside her, placing a hand on her designer jean covered knee.

Edwards eyes narrowed as he focused on whatever Alice was seeing. After a few seconds it was all over. Alice focused and breathed out, and Edward closed his eyes.

"That was strange…" Alice whispered. Edward nodded.
"What is it?" Jasper asked intensely

"Everything was foggy." Edward answered slowly, his voice even. He sounded troubled, like he was thinking too hard. "Like a blurred lens"

Alice rubbed her head.

"Ow. I can't see properly."

My blood suddenly froze.

"Is it another one of those dogs?" Rosalie asked distainfully, mostly uninterested. Edward shook his head.

"No. Its at school." He looked at me. I tried not to panic. It couldn't be a vampire. That was something wasn't? Alice could see vampires.

"But…maybe Jacob or Seth might go to the school for some reason…" I tried weakly.

"no." Alice interrupted, still rubbing her head. The people around are all people we know, they look curious. Thats all that happens."

Relief coursed through me. If people were there, and they didn't look scared, that meant it couldn't be too bad. But the looks on the faces of the Cullen's, worried and tense, prevented me from feeling fully at ease.

"Carlisle?" Edward asked aloud, knowing he would hear from upstairs. His eyes were dark, and like always I was scared. And helpless. I had no idea what was going on.

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