It all seemed like a bad dream but here he was holding a tiny newborn who had honey brown hair and bright blue eyes that matched his to perfection.

She was perfection, and she was his.

In the midst of a nightmare with his wife had come a sweet little pink bundle that made his heart ache. He whimpered feeling his eyes well knowing she'd only seen her mother once before she rushed to intensive care.

Chad was seated in a rocking chair in the baby wing with his tiny daughter cradled in his inexperienced arms. Her glassy blue eyes were closed and she had her tiny fist balled up by her mouth.

"Dylan", he breathed tracing a forefinger across her curls. " I dont even know you, but I love you more than anything. They said you wouldn'nt make it past the first trimester but look at you now". Chad smiled weakly feeling that gnawing pain in his chest all over again.

"But... you're strong. Just like mommy, you don't know her yet but she's-she's perfect", Chad choked back tears at the mention off his wife. It'd been a day since she'd slipped into a induced coma, but it'd seemed like an eternity. Chad had stayed with her all night until the nurse informed him that Dylan had awoken from her cat nap. So he spent his time divided between his two favorite girls.

They hadn't let him up earlier in the day because Sonny needed all her strength to recouperate. It had taken everything in him not to sneak up there and see her.

Chad turned when he heard the door creak open and smiled when he saw his mother timidly walk in careful not to wake the other babies. He waved her over and pressed a finger to his lips for her to be quiet.

Kendra Cooper obliged and gently held her arms open when Chad slowly handed his daughter over toward her.

His mother looked teary eyed. " She's perfect Chad", she spoke resting the infants tiny head on her shoulder while carefully patting her back. Dylan smelled like baby lotion, and innocense it was taking everything in Kendra not to just burst into tears. Her first and only child, a new child to spoil rotten.

Chad watched appreciatively from his seat and glanced toward the door when he saw Tawni.


"Chad, Sonny's awake", she beamed excitedly.

Chad sat stunned for a moment before her words hit him. "What?" he said exasperatedly.

"She's in the recovery room!"

Sonny Munroe Cooper was exhausted, and her mouth tasted like cotton. The light in her hospital room was nearly blinding and her body felt like a ton.

Whats going on? she wandered and absently brought her had to her now semi- deflated stomach. Her brown eyes immideately feared the worst before she remembered the last few hours. She'd given birth, but where was her daughter? or Chad?

She faintly remembered Tawni and her mother drowning her in hugs but now... now they were gone too.

Sonny furrowed her brow and felt and nervous knot fold over in her stomach.

Before she had time to think of the various scenarioes a kind, brown skin nurse walked in to check her vitals.

"Morning ", she greeted kindly.

"Morning", she spoke frazzled.

"Your husband wanted to know if you were ready to see your daughter?"

Sonny felt her heart leap into her throat while an ocean wide grin spread across her face.

She noded eagerly as the nurse stood to let Chad in.

Chad's blonde hair was a unusually messy, and his crisp button up was wrinkled and untucked. But in all honestly he never looked better, or maybe it was the pink little concoction he was carrying. He had the baby swaddled in a powder pink blanket that hid her tiny face.

Sonny bit her chapped bottom lip and ran her fingers through her hair to make herself look more presentable.

"Hey gorgeous", Chad spoke sitting on the edge of the hospital bed smiling down at his wife. Even in the wake of all the drama she looked absolutely stunning, hands down. "Someone wants to meet you".

Sonny held her arms out and breathed heavily when Chad placed Dylan in her arms. She was the perfect fit, Sonny mused. How had she gone 20 years without knowing her?

As if sensing her mother's presence the sleeping infant blinked her big blue eyes open one by one and yawned blankly.

Sonny felt her eyes brim with happy tears. So she had Chad's eyes afterall. The little bundle in her arms was perfect, she wouldn't have changed her for anything in the world.

Chad watched the two interact naturally and felt a smile slip across his face and something wet in the corner of his eye.

He quickly wiped it away before Sonny noticed, but little did he know she'd seen it and felt the arrogant Chad she knew drift away for good. He was humble now.

Chad leanded foward on his elbows and kissed Sonny before moving down to kiss Dylan's thin curls.

He laughed shaking his head in disbeleif. " I can't believe im a dad, a year ago could you picture this?"

Sonny shook her head, seeing as how they were about to get divorced no. She would've thought Chad had been with twenty other women by now.

"AWWWWWWWWWW", a voice cooed and they turned to see her sister Gina poking her head through the door followed by the rest of the Munroe Cooper clan.

"You can't keep something as precious as my god daughter to yourself", Tawni spoke playfully.

Chad waved them in. " Come meet Dylan...

"Chloe Cooper", Sonny spoke answering for him. They hadnt went over her middle name yet.

Tawni's eyes brimmed with tears at the mention of her middle name. "Chloe?"

Sonny smiled warmly at the now sleeping baby in her arms "Yupp, Dylan Chloe Cooper".

Dylan Chloe Cooper had been quite the hit around the hospital for the next few days. All the nurses had gushed that she was the most darling thing they'd seen in years. The paparazi had even attempted to sneak in the hospital to get to first million dollar snapshots of the most talked about baby that year. Not to mention her grandparents who were already spoiling her.

Connie Munroe bought her every stuffed animal she could find and Joe Munroe couldn't put her down, and on her second day alive Chad's parents had sent in their jewler to have her fitted for her first peice of jewelry. It was a 14 karot gold bracelet worth half the hospital workers monthly salary.

"Aww, leaving so soon?"

Sonny looked up from the wheelchair waiting for discharge and smiled at the nurse that had been tending to her and Dylan.

"Yeah", Sonny breathed excitedly. " We both got discharged today".

"Awww", the nurse cooed. "We're going to miss little D around here", she winked before sauntering out of the lobby.

Sonny smirked down at Dylan nestled in her yellow jumper where she slept in her designer car seat. Apparently it was Ralph Lauren from the stitching. She assumed Chad had opted for the more upscale baby trinkets. She would've been satisfied with something from Target.

"Hey, sorry I took so long", Chad exhaled once he'd sprinted through the automatic doors with a pink diaper bag slung over his shoulder. The rest of the family was at home awaiting theirarrival. He'd opted to go by himself to get some alone time with his two favorite girls.

"Its fine", tilting her chin upward and waited for Chad to fill the gap and kiss her.

He did, and moved to grab the handle of Dylan's car seat.

" Hey chloe", he kissed her cheeks before focusing on Sonny. She was still tender and sore from birth and was taking baby steps to lift herself out of the wheelchair.

Chad noticed her struggling and grabbed her by the waist to help her stand. "Good?"

"Great", she answered appreciatively walking toward hand and hand with her husband and newborn. "Never been better", she grinned.

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