Ehem....I. Am. A. Bitch. I'm so so so sos so so so so so so so so sorry!!! I completly forgot about this account and all of my WONDERFUL reviewers! OH MY GOD IM AWFUL! Please forgive me. *cringes from your beating sticks* But I am here to make a promise. I promise I will work on each of my stories now.

I pledge to honor your reviews

When I post something new

I pledge to continue with daddyward

And to move on with mafiaward

And to tell more of Copward

I promise to love Jacob

So that he and Vivian may find Lub

I vow to use more Nessie

So she can beat on Edward the pussy

I Promise to Reveal Vivians true form

And snuggle up to Jacobs Abs, nice 'n warm

I pledge to have Bella pop out a baby

And Daddyward will finally be nice...maybe.

I promise Officer-yummy pants

Will soon have Bella in his pants

I vow to update weekly

Even if I am sickly

I pledge to tell about muscles

Tan and pale

Hot and cold

Bitchy and Kind

So with that

I hope you can all rest with peace at mind

Because I love you all

Like bad rhyming in the fall

So dont show your hate

Because I've been an ignorant bitch of late

Okay guys! love ya! I prolly faked you all out thinkin I updated....Sorry. BUT I WILL BE POSTING SOON! Check out my profile for the story schedule. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH! STICK WITH ME!!