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Attacking alien stopped. Earth saved once again. Ben, Gwen and Kevin could breath easy for the moment.

Kevin was first through the front door to his place with Ben directly behind and Gwen bringing up the rear of the pack. All three are visibly battered and worn out from the hours of fighting and all three wanted to sit down even for just a few moments.

"Cushy…" Ben sighed flopping face first against the couch as Gwen opted for a separate chair, Kevin gave the cousins a quick glance while pointing down the hall.

"I'm getting a shower…" was all he muttered before making his departure to his room at the end of the hall.

Kevin - using his hands to prop himself up - leaned against the tile wall directly under the shower head; nearly boiling hot water splashed against his raven hair, down his face…neck and back, down past his knees and into the drain. Slowly he let a content groan of relief as the water seemed to wash all the troubles away. It was then that his mind awoke from the daze. His thoughts returned to earlier in the evening when he almost exposed something that would change their lives forever.

"Luckily I caught myself before I did it…"

The living room remained silent; still; even as Kevin entered with a fresh change of clothes nothing moved. Right away two things caught his attention, the first was Ben still laying on the couch; the other was a single note on the coffee table. Sorely, he reached down to pick up the slip of paper.

Kev…had to head home, see you tomorrow. Gwen. P.S. I guess Ben's staying the night.

His eyes slowly shifted from the note to Ben with eyes closed and one hand drawn close to his face. Without seeing his reflection, Kevin knew his face turned pale realizing it was going to be not only a long but awkward night. Taking a few moments to study Ben breathing slow and deep, Kevin remained torn on what to do. Instinctively he cared not to have unwanted houseguests sleeping on his couch in his living room in his house which ultimately meant a certain literal kick out to the curb; yet another part grew curious about the situation of having him in the same house.

"He does look kind of cute…AGH! What am I saying! Him, cute? No, it can't be! That's it; I'm tired, that's why my mind's playing tricks on me, I'll wake up tomorrow and he'll be just normal looking Ben; with a normal face, a scraggly form of a body and toxic green eyes that I just can't get enough of…" He couldn't stop himself; without conscious thought of it, Kevin reached up and slapped himself hard enough for it to sting the thoughts away.


Kevin instantly bolted straight up in bed; it was an unusual moment as he heard a rustling in the kitchen and a faint aroma of cooked food lofted across his nostrils. As silently as possible, he slipped out of bed; out of his room; down the hall and into the living room.

Looking over to the couch, he found it empty with a light blue blanket folded neatly at the far end, he flinched remembering that he draped the blanket over Ben as he slept the previous evening.

"Morning sleepy head" Ben excitedly chirped poking his head around the corner from the kitchen "I hope you're hungry, there's bacon and some eggs, and a tall cold glass of juice"

"What are you doing?"

"I figured you were kind enough to let me crash here last night, so I'll return the favor by making breakfast and cleaning up a bit"

"Ben. I don't really…"

"No, I'm not going to hear any arguments, I'm doing this and you're not going to stop me" Ben protested holding his hands out in the 'halt' position. It was there; Kevin had to squint and look hard to focus in on it, but there was a sparkle in Ben's eyes as a forced smile crept across his face.

As the boys cleaned house Kevin's thoughts somehow managed to return to Ben. Maybe it was the way Ben looked; maybe it was how he acted. Deep down Kevin suspected there had to be some reason why the younger just wouldn't stay out of his thoughts. It was only after Ben got on his hands and knees to clean under the small table that Kevin realized just why he couldn't think of anything other than Ben. That moment he knew he wanted Ben…not only as a friend and a team-mate, but also as a companion - someone to share the same space with and spend the nights away staying up late and talking. Kevin wanted, no, needed Ben. Even as the absurd as the thought was, it made sense to him.

"Kevin…?" Ben barked, the commotion forcing Kevin out of his thoughts about the two of them. "It's about time, jeeze, I've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes. If you're not too busy with standing around, get over here and help me move this thing"

After moving the table for Ben to clean under, Kevin's mind returned to the defined but soft curved lines that accentuated Ben's frame. Slowly Kevin licked his upper lip while staring blankly at the brunet. Only a few things remained as everything else faded away; Ben and his soft features with the vacuum hose in his hand, the way he moved, a growing experience in the front of the elders jeans and those intriguing toxic green eyes glowing back at him. Kevin's heart raced and pounded in his ears; a bead of sweat lined his brow; his knees started to feel unstable.

"I'm going to go tidy up in my room!" Kevin had to shout for the other to hear over the vacuum; with a slight nod from the younger, Kevin nearly ran down the hall before slamming the door to his room.

Damn it, damn it, damn it…get a grip Levin! This is absurd! He's not even like that, and even if he were, he wouldn't want anything to do with you! His mind raced as fast as his heart beating, alone in the room with the door shut he sat on the bed. That's it. I've got to tell him; he's got to know how I feel…somehow, someway, some day, I will tell him everything.