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"You never did tell me how you got a black eye" Jade couldn't contain her snickering as Kevin rolled his eyes. Both enjoyed the others company at Mr. Smoothie with Ben and Gwen doing who knows what. On one hand if he told her the truth she would laugh at him for the rest of his life; on the other he could just stretch the truth while creatively avoiding just how it happened.

"Actually…" Kevin trailed off with yet another smirk "…Ben gave it to me; I was poking fun at his height and the next thing I know…"

"The Kevin I know wouldn't have a black eye without busted knuckles…he'd show signs of a good fight" she was completely right about it and he knew it.

"People change" his words had an air of finality to them. "So. Why are you here?"

"My folks think that being in the middle of nowhere would do me some good…make me a better person or something, especially after doing time. But once a street rat always a street rat, right?" Both stared blankly into the others eyes; before anyone knew it, they leaned in for a long kiss. In a flash memories of years lost came back in a tidal wave of raging hormones. - neither caring who was around to witness it. If they had; one of the two would have known Ben was coming around the corner of the building with a cup in hand.

CASPLAT. The cup dropped from Bens shaking hands; his jaw quivered as tears escaped his eyes silently showing how he felt. A mix of anger, spite, sadness and fear coursed through his veins to a heart that had been ripped clean out of his chest and stomped on before being kicked clear across the parking lot.

"Kevin…" was all he could muster; Kevin whipped around knowing he was in for it now.

"Ben…" Kevin's voice grew distant as Ben darted the way he came; behind the building his reflexes took over. Big Chill took flight as Kevin and Jade hopped into the car.

Come on Ben, where are you going? Kevin pondered to himself while keeping his attention on not only the road and any dangers, but also on Ben / Big Chill flying out past city limits.

"Kevin, what's going on here?"

"Stay out of it!"

"Tell me, why did your friend just get so pissy and take off like that?"

"I said can it!" With this a silence fell upon the car as Kevin gripped the wheel and Jade looking around. "He's not just a friend, he my…"

"NO!" Jade shouted in hysterical disbelief.



He lied and I believed him! Bens mind shouted as he perched midway up a cell-phone tower; ten stories separated him from the ground. Far enough up to reach terminal velocity before… a gust of wind snapped around him forcing his jacket to flutter.

"You've got a lot of balls Tennyson!" Ben glared down to find Kevin climbing with accuracy and speed to him. Ben turned to look away as Kevin reached the same metal rod he stood on "Only idiots climb towers like these…and usually only for one reason"

"Then I guess I am an idiot. 'Cause only an idiot would believe anything you say!" Ben snapped furiously while spacing his feet apart and taking his hand from a metal rail.

"Ben; please; you're the only one for me"

"Lies! All lies. I hope you have a good life together." Hearing this Kevin's jaw dropped as Ben inched away from him.

"Wait. I'm a jackass. Okay? But if you jump…" he trailed off gripping Bens wrist with a solid hold "…then I'm jumping right after you. I love you Ben; you're the only thing that matters to me. Even more than my car. I'll never be able to think of living without you" a lone tear escaped his eyes as Ben's glare softened. Ben closed his eyes; shook his head and snapped free of Kevin's grip; Kevin could only watch in horror as Ben leapt from the railing.

"BEN!" he yelled leaping after knowing there was only one possible outcome.

Time stood still; the world remained perfectly motionless. Kevin's entire life flashed before his eyes; all the negative actions; all the good times; even memories from too early in life to recall. What he noted the most was every moment of Ben…from the first moment they met; to becoming friends then enemies then friends and finally lovers. Then and only then Kevin realized he was too blinded by old friends to realize how he really felt about his one and only.

His heart raced as he closed his eyes knowing the end is here. If his mind remained functional for a few more seconds, he would have noticed talons gripping his shoulders.


"Kevin?" a soft angelic voice pierced the stillness; he slowly opened his eyes to blinding light and a heavenly figure.


"Guess again Levin" the being spoke putting Kevin at ease. Looking around Kevin realized he were on the ground with Jade at his car and Ben - turning human from Jetray - directly in front of him.

"Tennyson! I could very easily kill you right here and now but…" he trailed off wrapping his arms around Ben "…but I love you too much to do that"

"I love you too Kev'. Now I know just how much you do"

Jade watched with a sadistic glee; as long as she knew him, Kevin wasn't one to swing for the other team.

Just a few short moments later, Ben and Kevin got into Kevin's car with Jade standing at the drivers door - a look of dismay on her face.

"I'll see you around; you're just not the same Kevin I remember"

"That's because while you're living in the past, I've grown up and I'm living in the here and now with the future looking that much brighter. Right? Benji?"

"Right. A bright future" Ben managed to speak as Kevin started the car and put it in 'drive', Ben reached over slipping his hand over the elders as it remained on the gear selector.

"Hey, Ben?" she asked drawing the younger's attention.


"You take care of this lug-nut here, you're both lucky to have the other" hearing this, Ben nodded with a wide smile before tapping Kevin's hand.


That very night Ben re-opened the garage giving Kevin the red carpet treatment; their freaky circus like shenanigans seemed to bring the attention of the local police several times. One neighbor quoted as saying "It sounds like a zoo full of wounded animals…"

The next morning Gwen slowly opened the door to Bens room only to shut it closed right away; for Ben and Kevin lay in each others arms under the blankets strewn about - a few lamps toppled over and the bed placed awkwardly as the framework had long since buckled and snapped cleanly in half.

"I guess they made up…" she smiled while catching her breath from laughing too hard.

A/N: Interesting tid-bit; the next couple of days after this rollercoaster, both Ben and Kevin were physically sore from their ah 'bed time fun' ;)