Part Three

Katie had been leaning forward in the chair but decides to back up upon hearing Jessie's request.

"You want to kiss me?" Katie asks, verifying that she heard the other girl correctly.

Jessie nods her head timidly.

"I need to know."

All it took were those four words to convince Katie to agree. She had been in that confusing place once before, and putting all potential feelings of her own aside, this was an opportunity to help Jessie in a way nobody else close to her could.

"Go ahead," Katie whispers, leaning forward again to close a large portion of the gap between them.

Jessie scoots forward on the bed and Katie closes her eyes, thinking it might be easier on Jessie if it doesn't feel like she's staring at her. One of Jessie's hands finds the back of Katie's head for support as their lips edge closer, finally finding each other. Katie thought she'd let Jessie do all the work, but she is unable to suppress the urge to kiss back, an action that goes short lived before Jessie pulls away.

When Katie opens her eyes, the look on Jessie's face shows the results quite clearly.

"Are you okay?"

A crooked smile forms on Jessie's lips, the shock disappearing for the most part.

"Even better..."

"Why's that?" Katie inquires, testing how much she can push out in one night, and knowing for sure she wouldn't mind a chance to kiss her Billie again.

Jessie rolls her eyes as she lifts herself into a sitting position and nudges Katie playfully on the shoulder.

"I think you know why."

"No, I really have no idea...enlighten me?" Katie teases back.

"Are you really going to make me say it?"

"Yes, Billie, saying things aloud can be very therapeutic."

"Isn't that what my therapist is for?"

"You're actually going to wait until you see him next week so you can tell him first instead of me?"

"Fine, you win. I'm happy because I now know what a real kiss is supposed to feel like."