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The Airbender and the Leaf

The forest stood still, silent. The sun cast rays of light down onto the tree tops which prevented most of the light from reaching the earth. A forest of light and shadow, a fitting location for a village of stealth and ninjas. There was a rustle of trees as a light wind blew through the forest. Birds were in contrast to the forest chirping to each other making a loud noise which filled the void of sound created by the lack of other entities. This soon changed as a branch snapped causing the birds to take flight into the clear, blue, cloudless sky the sound of wings filling the sky before near silence resumed. A shadow dashed over the branches a second later and would have trampled the birds had they still been there. Not to be outdone a few seconds later three more shadows almost flew over the branches trailing after the first shadow and again only a rustle of leaves and a light wind remained before dying out to leave the forest still.

"Shit, I've gotta get out of here" muttered the first shadow who increased his acceleration. He wore standard shinobi clothes with flak jacket and had a headband with a note tied around his right arm. A kunai whizzed past his left ear and left a long scar along his check before embedding itself into the tree in front of the sound shinobi.

"Crap" he whispered. "The Konoha brats are catching up."

Meanwhile the other three shadows were gaining speed. The scenery around them became a blur so they couldn't see the moss covered trees towering over the muddy ground below, littered with grass and moss. There wasn't enough light penetrating the canopy of the trees in this part of the forest anyway. The lead shadow wore a green jumpsuit, a catachan green flak jacket, bandages around his arms, orange leg warmers and had a red band around his waist with a metal plate on it. His hair was in a bowl cut.

"Yosh, soon we will catch up to you and I will make Guy sensei proud!" he yelled.

The next shadow, a Chinese looking girl with her brown hair up in two buns, with a giant scroll on her back and wearing a pair of baggy red trousers and a loose white shirt with red lining ,which was somehow unmarked with grime. She also wore a forehead protector which was tied around her head. This girl looked at her green clothed companion and said.

"Lee, you do realize that Guy sensei isn't on this mission with us."

"Give it up Tenten, if Guy doesn't look up how our mission went, which is highly unlikely, Lee will tell him anyway. Besides he won't stop anyway, just ignore him." The third shadow spoke. He had long brown that reached down to his lower back and wore white robes again with dirt absent. He had his forehead protector tied around his head as well and had white pupil less eyes.

"Yes Neji, We must show our youthfulness off to live properly." Lee said behind him.

"See Tenten this is why you shouldn't encourage him." Neji replied before propelling himself off his current branch to carry on running forward.

"Tenten, you seemed to have missed his vital spot as I can't find his corpse." Neji spoke whilst focusing forward with his Byakugan.

"Shut up Neji, I must have been close I can see a trail of blood."

"Neji is he still far away?"

"No... He's close wait duck!"

After this command Neji leapt to the left instead of carrying on with his original path as an explosive tag went off covering the immediate area with smoke and dust. Branches collapsed and fell down making a loud crashing noise as they impacted upon the hard ground below causing debris to be spread throughout the area.

"Keep on your toes, he's managed to set up some traps." Yelled Neji keeping an eye on his surroundings.

"He will not prevent me from getting back that forbidden scroll" yelled Lee emerging from the smoke on Neji's right and dashing forward.

"Neji! How far away is he?" asked Tenten emerging a second later from Neji's left side this time.

"About fifty metres, Lee will be encountering him soon. We better hurry!" was the reply before Neji gathered more chakra in his legs and took off, leaving Tenten in the dust as it were.

"Shit. You caught up" the sound ninja stated as an explosion sounded directly behind him again blasting debris and dust everywhere. He raised his arms to cover his face, but not enough to block his vision. A green blur rocketed out of the rising smoke sending a branch to crash prematurely onto the ground. It dashed to the right landing on the side of a tree before the figure leapt again, this time towards the sound ninja and he flipped in the air to bring his foot crashing down into the side of the sound ninja's head.

"Dynamic Entry!" he yelled before back flipping off his opponent to land on an opposite branch. He placed one hand behind his back whilst raising the other, palm open, towards his opponent.

"I am the beautiful green beast of Konoha. Rock Lee!"

"Fine... I'm Takeshi. Now prepare to die!" The sound ninja replied before jumping in the air. Dog, boar, snake hand seals were made before.

"Ninja art – Instrument Capture!" Upon the completion of his jutsu he threw out strings which collided into all the trees nearby and tightened.

"I do not see how this is a jutsu, you have just used ninja tools." Questioned Rock Lee. "Maybe my youthfulness has overpowered you. Leaf Whirlwind!" With this Rock Lee leapt forward towards the sound ninja, but was caught off guard when music came out of nowhere. When he looked around he couldn't see anything amiss. "What is happening? Where is that music coming from?" He asked seeing the smirk on the sound ninja's face he knew that he had fallen for his trap.

"This jutsu activates upon movement. Vibrations cause sound so when vibrations happen the strings detect it and play music, locking on to the 'player' of the music. Then they constrict them!"

Rock Lee tried to jump back out of the way, however the strings had encircled him.

"Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin!" was heard before a blue ball of chakra appeared next to Lee before following it's trajectory and landing a short way away on a branch. The spinning had finished by now to reveal Neji Hyuga perched on the end. The strings had now been broken and hung limply from the trees. Lee jumped back towards a tree opposite of Neji's.

"Thank you Neji."

"You should be more careful Lee. You give it up; you have no chance of victory with two Konoha Chunin and one Jonin."

"Maybe, but I still have one trick up my sleeve." Takeshi said before reaching back to his ninja pouch and he began pulling out a scroll with deep blue edges.

"The forbidden scroll!" Lee exclaimed.

"Tenten stop him!" Neji commanded which led to a large amount of bladed objects hurtling through the trees towards the sound ninja.

"I may die, but I can still send you away with this reverse summoning scroll. Orochimaru may not have told me where it sends people, but it can't be good if it's forbidden!" He laughed before biting his thumb and spreading a large amount along the withered scroll.

"Ninja art – Scr... Urgh!" He cried as hundreds of weapons pierced his body, causing him to drop the scroll and he sank to his knees covered in blood which was leaking from the wounds covering his body.

"Damn you, you bastar..." were his final words as he took after the scroll and dived towards the ground. A soft crunch of bones and the metallic ring of metal hitting metal sounded throughout the clearing as the ninja impacted upon the earth. His blood spread out over the course mud and seeped into the cracks. Soon the ground near where he fell was saturated and the crimson fluid began pooling in the trees roots.

The three Konoha ninjas appeared on the ground in a puff of smoke having performed the body flicker jutsu.

"A truly disgusting and pitiful sight." Commented Neji looking down. He turned his head to the side to see where the scroll and been discarded and walked forwards to its location.

"Mission, completed." He murmured.

"What should we do with the body?" asked Lee

"We don't know any fire jutsu so we can't incinerate it and taking it back to Konoha is a bad idea." Neji replied. "Tenten do you have any explosive tags?"

"Do you really have to ask?" queried Tenten. Pulling out a few choice notes.

"Try and blow some earth over him, but don't blow him up. He looks bad enough already and I don't want to disrespect the dead."

"Sure thing Neji" Tenten said before beginning to set up her tags.


"Yes Lee."

"Is the scroll meant to glow like that?"

The three ninja were now staring at the scroll in Neji's hand which was indeed emitting a bright, pure white, light.