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Chapter 3:

Stephen had finished his second shower of the day and had put on some clothes that he resting on a chair next to the bathroom door. He couldn't find a spot to put them when he went to take his first shower. So he figured he would put them on the chair. He never expected Connor to be standing outside the bathroom door.

He walked into Connor's room; fully clothed in some tight jeans and a black t-shirt that was most likely Connor's. Connor was sitting on his bed with the blankets covering his head. Stephen couldn't help but chuckle at the young man's actions.

"What are you doing?" Stephen asked as he walked over to the bed and stood next to it.

"Hiding. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look at you, I mean...I couldn't' help but look at you but I mean I-I'm just sorry please don't be mad." Connor squeaks from underneath the covers.

Stephen chuckled again. He knew why Connor was acting as he was. He remembered the time Nick had walked in on him after a shower at the ARC. Stephen was so pissed off at his best friend that he began to chase him around the locker room while holding his towel and holding his gun. He had gotten the gun out of its holster attached to his jeans. Nick had been laughing the entire time while poor Connor had seen the entire event. However, un-known to him, Stephen wasn't mad that Nick had walked in on him in the shower. He was upset that he had walked in on Stephen while he was 'fantasying' about Connor.

Stephen didn't know Connor was in the locker room and his 'best friend' didn't think of telling him that his love interest was there. Luckily for Stephen, Connor hadn't seen anything as he was pulling something out of his locker. Nick would have been dead if it wasn't for Sargent Ryan who came in after hearing the commotion and broke it up.

Stephen smiled at the memory of Ryan. He was a great man as he was a great solider. Stephen had a fling with the man; in-between his fling with Helen that is. However, what he had with Ryan was only sex. He hadn't known how he felt about Connor at the time and he was wrestling over his feelings for Helen. He had gotten over her before he had disappeared into the anomaly; however, there were still a few things he had left with Helen.

Stephen shook his head, as he didn't want to think about her. He looked at Connor who continued to hide under his sheets like a five year old.

"You can come out from under there, I'm not going to kill you." Stephen said with a smirk on his lips.

Connor hesitated for a moment before peeking his eyes out from behind the covers. His chocolate brown puppy dog eyes were staring into Stephen's icy blues.

"Really?" Connor asked while looking at Stephen with those eyes.

Stephen chuckled and shook his head.


Connor hesitated again before lowering the sheets and giving Stephen a sheepish smile. Before either of them could open their mouths and talk; Connor's stomach had spoke for the both of them. Connor flushed slightly while Stephen smirked.


Connor gave Stephen another sheepish smile and laughed slightly.


"Well, let's make something to eat." Stephen said with a smile.

Connor let out a sigh of relief. He really thought that Stephen would tear him apart. He smiled back at the other man and got out of bed.

"So what should we eat? Lester isn't much of a cook so he doesn't have much; except for some cold dinners." Connor said walking over to Stepehen.

Stephen thought about the offer for a moment before giving his answer.

"I could go for a quick dinner right now."

Connor laughed for a moment before winching for a moment. Stephen furrowed his eyebrows in worry however; he was met with a weak smile from Connor.

"I think I'm so hungry my stomach is hurting." Connor laughed weakly before walking out of the room and head towards the kitchen.

Stephen let out a sigh before following behind Connor. They made their own dinner, picking their favorites out of the freezer. Lester had come home while Stephen's dinner was in the microwave. Lester was too tired to even want to eat and had gone straight to his room and was passed out.

Connor put in a chicken breast dinner before getting out a plate and utensils for his dinner. Stephen watched Connor from his seat from the table. He hadn't started eating yet as he was waiting for Connor's dinner to be ready.

"What do you want to drink?" Connor asked as he looked for some soda pop.

"Whatever you're having." Stephen said, not really caring what he drank with his dinner.

Connor took out the orange flavored soda pop. He brought over two cups and began to pour the liquid into them just as his dinner finished cooking. Connor went over and took out the hot container wincing as he dropped it onto the plate he got out for it. He headed over to his seat; carrying his plate with his food on it.

They started to eat their dinners in silence. Connor looked at his food as he ate, trying to figure out what to say to Stephen. He began to think of shows when an idea hit him.

"Hey do you want to watch a movie after dinner?"

Stephen raised an eye brow at the young man.

"A movie, at this time of night?"

Connor looked at Stephen a bit confused before he realized that the man was thinking he meant the movie theaters.

"No, I mean we could watch one of the movies Lester has on his telly."

Stephen thought about the offer. He hadn't seen any movies in a while and it would be interesting to see Lester's collection.

"Sure, why not."

Connor's eyes seemed to brighten and began to eat quickly, making Stephen chuckle at how much Connor looked like an excited puppy. Connor was done his dinner and was off looking at Lester's movie collection. BY the time Stephen had finished his dinner and placed his dish in the sink next to Connor's, he had picked a movie and had put it into the DVD player.

"What are we watching?" Stephen asked a bit curious at what Connor had found.

"Goldfinger." Connor said with a grin before hitting the play button.

Stephen looked a bit taken aback before shaking his head. Who knew Lester was a James Bond fan. The movie began and the two men watched it from the couch. IT was going fine until Stephen felt something a bit heavy on his shoulder. He looked to find Connor's head resting there, having fallen asleep. The movie wasn't even half way done. Stephen chuckled and smiled at the sound asleep young man. He moved his arm so it wrapped around Connor's shoulder and felt Connor snuggle up to his side.

Stephen was enjoying the young man snuggling him and the feeling of Connor's body leaning on him was comforting. Stephen sighed in contentment and leaned back on the couch, making sure both he and Connor were comfortable. He wished that the two of them could stay like that forever.

However, his thoughts and his snuggling time was interrupted by a buzzing sound that came from inside his pant pocket. He glanced down at the slumbering young man against his side and sighed. He removed Connor from his side before standing up and resting the slumbering man back down on the couch. Instantly, Connor snuggled into the couch cushion. Stephen smiled before walking into another room of the flat. He pulled out a mini device that was making that buzzing noise. He pushed a button on it and brought it to his ear.


"Have you found it yet?" came a voice on the other end.

"Not yet, but I will find it soon, I'm sure." He replied with a serious face.

"The sooner the better. Don't forget how much the future, our future is at stake if we do not find it."

"I know. You have to give me some time. I only just got back. It might take a while to gain all of their trust." Stephen said, glancing towards Lester's closed door.

"Trust is easy to gain." the voice said with a seductive harsh tone, "Just find that artifact and we'll be even."

"I understand." Stephen answered before a click was heard, meaning the conversation was over.

Stephen sighed and stuffed the device back into his pocket. He brushed his fingers through his hair and turned back around. He watched Connor fidget slightly in his sleep as the movie continued to play in the background.

'Once this is over I can finally be happy.' Stephen thought before going back to the couch and resting Connor's head in his lap.

(Next Day)

Chocolate brown eyes blinked open. Connor stirred out of his sleep and sat up; groaning slightly from the injury he had received the day before. He looked around and found he was sleeping in his bed. He blinked, not remembering how he had got there. The last thing he remembered was watching Gold Finger on the couch with Stephen. Connor slightly blushed as he realized Stephen must have carried him to his bed. He glanced over at the clock and jumped out of bed, not with out a sharp pain from his stomach wound. He moaned in pain, holding his stomach and shutting his eyes tight until the pain had stopped.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself breathing heavily. He had really gotten it this time. He had injuries before, however this one seemed to be the worst he had ever had.

He slowly got up out of the bed and what usually would have taken him five minutes; took him a good fifteen to get on some jeans and a long-sleeved gray shirt, before putting on a black vest. He sighed as he was definitely going to hear it from Lester for getting up so late. Sure, he would be on time for work; however it would be around the same time the rest of the crew would be getting there.

Connor sighed again before slowly making his way out of his room and into the living room area of the flat. He could smell something cooking and it smelt amazingly delicious. He blinked. He knew Lester wasn't much of a cook. So how could that delicious aroma be coming from the kitchen if he, Connor, wasn't in there cooking breakfast? He made his way slowly to the kitchen and was surprised to fine Stephen cooking scrambled eggs with hash browns and some sausages.

"Wow, I didn't know you could cook. It smells delicious too!" Connor said entering into the kitchen.

"How are you feeling?" Stephen asked, glancing behind him at the young man.

Connor smiled, however it was obviously a forced one as he was obviously still in pain.

"Much better! I'm like a superhero with how fast I can heal." Connor said with a light laugh, knowing if he laughed any harder he would be doubled over in pain.

Stephen was silent as he plated the food. Connor's chocolate brown eyes watched the dark haired man.

"Sit down." Stephen said.

Connor blinked before making a grunt as he sat down at the table.

"Is Lester going to eat with us?" Connor asked as he was served the wonderful looking breakfast.

"He left already. He said and I quote: 'that life-insurance nightmare wouldn't be productive and it would be a waste of money.'" Stephen said with a smirk as he sat down with his food.

Connor smiled. He knew it was Lester's way of telling him to stay home and relax, if he wasn't feeling up to working. Connor covered his injured stomach with his right hand, as he didn't think he could make it into work that day, no matter how much 'acting' he could muster up.

It was then Connor realized something.

"Wait, why are you here? Don't you have work?"

Stephen made himself a plate before sitting down next to Connor.


Connor furrowed his eye brows in thought and tilted his head slightly. Stephen wouldn't look him in the eyes and began to eat.

"Does Lester know?" Connor said with wide eyes.

Stephen nodded and continued to eat, trying to end the conversation. However, Connor was being extra persisted it seemed.

"Why?" Connor said still confused.

It took him not much longer to realized what the reason was; causing him to blink at the other man.

"Is it because of me getting hurt?" Connor asked, a bit surprised.

Stephen sighed. He looked at Connor with a look that made the young man feel a big silly at not realizing it sooner.

"But you can't! What if another anomaly appears?"

"They can handle it." Stephen answered, looking down at Connor's plate. "You're foods getting cold."

"But what if another big man eating monster comes out?" Connor said, slight fear in his voice.

Stephen looked at the young man in thought.

"They can handle it."

"But Danny is still hurt, isn't he? And what IF a big man eating monster DOES come out? He won't be able to help!"

"What about Ben?" Stephen said with a raised eye brow.

Apparently, Connor had forgotten the body guard of the team.

"What about Ben?"

"He can handle it."

"But..." Connor began again, however a glare from those cold sharp blue eyes made him close his mouth.

He just couldn't let Stephen stay home to 'babysit' him when the rest of the team would need him if anything happened. It was here an idea came to his mind.

'It might work.' he thought with a sly grin.

Stephen raised an eyebrow at the young man but before he could ask what was on his mind...

"Please?" Connor begged.

However, it was different this time. His big deep brown eyes looked at Stephen with a pitiful but cute look. His bottom lip quivered a bit as he looked Stephen deep into his cold calculating eyes. Stephen was a bit taken back, but didn't show it. He couldn't help but stare into those adorable big eyes and that sweet and innocent looking face that Connor had.

Stephen knew that if he looked any longer, he would give in. However, Connor's tactic, in the end; worked to his favor.

"Alright, enough with the cute face." Stephen half growled half sighed out.

Connor blinked, a bit shocked that it worked. He thought Stephen would have held off longer than he did. He grinned at Stephen and began to eat the food the man had made for him.

"Thanks. And don't worry, I'll be fine. I got Abby's cell on speed dial if I need help." Connor said between bites.

Stephen closed his eyes and snorted, a faint smile on his lips.

'This is why I love him...' Stephen thought before opening his eyes and watching Connor scarf done the food as if he hadn't eaten in weeks.

(End of Chapter 3)

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