Haha, yo! long time no writing stories...eh, sorry if this ain't that good...but, whatever.

Disclaimer: I don't own Marui nor kirihara, and the chat-thing they are using...

DemonAkaya is now online

DemonAkaya: Yo! Marui-senpai! Are you online??

Tensai_Marui: Yeah, so?

DemonAkaya: Why are you always invi?

Tensai_Marui: Wtf is 'invi'?

DemonAkaya: INVIsible. And you call yourself a Tensai! And, show yourself to me atleast!

Tensai_Marui is now online

Tensai_Marui: Happy?!. What the hell do you want from me anyways?!

DemonAkaya: I dunno...I'm just bored...

Tensai_Marui: Why don't you just bother Yanagi or whoever instead?

DemonAkaya: He's not online...which is weird coz, he's ALWAYS online, to research and stuff. Marui!!!

Tensai_Marui: What?

DemonAkaya: You did something to him! Didn't you?!

Tensai_Marui: No I didn't!

DemonAkaya: Yes you did! You probably locked him up in a tower somewhere so you can feed on his blood!

Tensai_Marui: What the hell are you talking about?!

DemonAkaya: Oh no! Marui-senpai is a VAMPIRE!

A vampire!

A vampire!!!!!!!

Tensai_Marui: I'm not a vampire!!

DemonAkaya: Suuure, oh! and, the future of this world will be that we will all be destroyed by a meteor!!

Tensai_Marui: Oh, so you're a forecasting-whatever now?

DemonAkaya: Nah, I'm just stating the obvious.

Tensai_Marui: ...

DemonAkaya: Yes! Then when all of us will die, the only ones left will be that Echizen-brat and that weird fangirl of his with the pigtails!

Tensai_Marui: Why them?

DemonAkaya: Coz, it will be their sacred duty to repopulate the earth!

Tensai_Marui: Sure, then as for our future jobs we'll be battling with Optimus Prime againsts Megatron!

DemonAkaya: Yes, exactly! Then Yukimura-buchou will be the leader of the Jedi!

Tensai_Marui: the Jedi?

DemonAkaya: did I say Jedi? I meant the Sith!

Tensai_Marui: What about Sanada?

DemonAkaya: Oh, him? He's the captain of the Garlactic Armada!

Tensai_Marui: Isn't that Gantu? From that cartoon or something...

DemonAkaya: What cartoon?

Tensai_Marui: Lilo and Stic-aw nevermind...

DemonAkaya: Okay then! Now, Yagyuu-senpai and Niou-senpai will be in charge to look for a costume!

Tensai_Marui: Why not get a cyborg one?

DemonAkaya: No, it's too expensive

Tensai_Marui: Get a Barney costume then! It's cheaper!

DemonAkaya: Nah, i don't think Godzilla will fit into it.

Tensai_Marui: Why not?

DemonAkaya: Coz he's dead!

Tensai_Marui: Why'd he die? Coz of gas?

DemonAkaya: Yep, poor Godzilla, died coz of gas...

Tensai_Marui: Poor Godzilla...so, was the gas caused by burritos?

DemonAkaya: No, I think it was because of Tacos.

Tensai_Marui: Haha, Yanagi hates Tacos...

DemonAkaya: I hate Tacos too...

Tensai_Marui: Really? Tacos are yummy! Well, not as good as gum or candy, but still, it's pretty good.

DemonAkaya: Nope, Tacos are awful

Tensai_Marui: How do You know huh? It's not like you've tasted it!

DemonAkaya: Yes I did! It even made me puke violet stuff!!

Tensai_Marui: Violet stuff?

DemonAkaya: Yeah! Some weird guy with glasses gave them to me!

Tensai_Marui: What did Yukimura-buchou say about talking to strangers Kirihara...

DemonAkaya: Don't beat the crap out of them?

Tensai_Marui: Yes and No, eh, whatever, I still gotta finish my research, and since you're a pest, I'm signing out. Bye!

Tensai_Marui is now offline.

DemonAkaya: Wait!! I haven't replied 'bye' yet!!!!

Sorry if it's too short and etc. well, this shit was actually based froma real chat...yeah, the topic went from, why isn't ---- online, to vampires, to repopulation, to jobs to why godzilla died and to tacos and burritos. :D yeah...