Waaah!! So long since I updated...meh, blame it on the internet!!! Haha. it's crappy.

Anyways...Hmm, eh. On with the chat!

July 28, 2009

DemonAkaya is now online

Tensai_Marui is now online

DemonAkaya: yo!

Tensai_Marui: yo!

DemonAkaya: How come you're ALWAYS online nowadays senpai?

Tensai_Marui: dunno...too much free time?

DemonAkaya: I drew the map of Aisa today!! :D

I'm Veeeeery happy with it!! It's so cool!

Tensai_Marui: How cute.

Was it nice?

DemonAkaya: Yep!!haha, I thought so

Tensai_Marui: 'nice' does that mean you just wrote squigly lines on it?

DemonAkaya: ..................................


okay fine! I did!

Stop questioning meeeeee!!

Tensai_Marui: Haha, I SO knew it...

DemonAkaya: What ya doin'?

Tensai_Marui: Eating dinner...

DemonAkaya: In front of the computer??

Tensai_Marui: Yeah...? So?

DemonAkaya: We're doing the same thing at the same time!!

Tensai_Marui: ...


Are you a robot?
Are you online?
Is Kikumaru your relative?
Do you like me?
would you kill your family?

Tensai_Marui: No, Yes(duh), No, NO and hmm, my brothers maybe...

DemonAkaya: O..kay then...Why don't you like ME??

Tensai_Marui: Coz you're stupid

Unlike a GENIUS like me!

DemonAkaya: Senpai is mean...

Tensai_Marui: Anyways..what's up with those random questions?

DemonAkaya: THAT wasn't a random question!! THIS is a random question.

Why isn't the sky purple?

Tensai_Marui: The was once purple...

but they decided to make the ozone layer...

so it blocked the ultraVIOLET rays...

DemonAkaya: Haha! Good answer senpai! That's soooo cool!

Tensai_Marui: A random answer to a random question...nice.

DemonAkaya: oh! here's something random:

The origin of ROBOTS:

The word robot, from the Old English "row boat", is used to describe any grouping of metals and electronics that moves about autonomously and includes at least one blinking light. Some robots have been known to develop the ability of speech but most are content in a lifetime of meaningless squeaking and beeping. Most robots are enslaved by manufacturing facilities where little time is allowed for their daily rituals of self-maintenance and prayer. Rogues, or escaped robots, often attack senior citizens and steal their medicine, or shoot them in the face with a shotgun. Others mimic common objects such as traffic lights or can openers, lying in wait until the time for revolution is right.

Tensai_Marui: Goodie for them then!

DemonAkaya: hello!

Tensai_Marui: Hi!

DemonAkaya: hi!

Tensai_Marui: Hello!

DemonAkaya: !ih

Tensai_Marui: !olleh

Tensai_Marui is now offline

DemonAkaya: ...

Tensai_Marui: ...

DemonAkaya: Why'd ya go invi on me??

Tensai_Marui: Coz demons are online...

DemonAkaya: Demons?? Like Yukimura- buchou?? Yay!

Tensai_Marui: No!!!! Niou gave my email address to them.

DemonAkaya: them?

Tensai_Marui: my fangirls!!

DemonAkaya: Ohhhhhhh

Tensai_Marui: Oh no!! They know I'm online and are sending me smiley-things that kisses!!! Bye Brat!!! Chat to ya next time!!

Tensai_Marui is now offline

DemonAkaya: ...okay...great, now I'm bored...eh, I'll just play games then!