Longing for You

Summary: An ill-fated kiss between two enemies the night before Mamoru leaves for America leaves both feeling confused and even more so when Mamoru returns a year later...

A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first SM fanfic, so I'm not making any promises here, but we'll see how it goes. Set in the first season of SM, but the events in which things occur are slightly different as you will read. Also, please note that the characters of Usagi and Mamoru are more manga based simply because I like them better that way :)

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[Takes place when Usagi is in the 8th grade and Mamoru is in 11th]

Tsukino Usagi lethargically walked down the street, dragging her feet as she went. It had been a long day. Too long. She had been late, forgetting her lunch in the process, and received a detention for it. The worst part was it hadn't even been her fault. She'd had a particularly nasty run in with a youma in the park at around 2 am and ended up oversleeping for her efforts.

Usagi entered the Crown Arcade and plopped herself down at the first table she saw, not noticing the rather shocked raven haired boy who had been occupying the table.

"Er, hi Odango Atama," Mamoru said, glancing at her suspiciously. Usually the odango steered clear of him. Usagi said nothing, startling the upperclassman even more.

Instead she laid her head down on her hands and closed her eyes.

"No 'Mamoru-baka?' Are you okay, odango?" Mamoru asked, alarmed at the girl's lack of insults.

"I'm fine, baka. It's just been a loooong day," she finally answered.

Mamoru chuckled fondly at her response. "There's the odango I know and love."

"Love?" asked Motoki, who had come out of nowhere, placing a cold milkshake in front of the drowsy girl.

Mamoru's cheeks reddened. "It's a saying, Motoki-san." Motoki raised his eyebrows, as if he didn't believe him and then turned his attention to Usagi.

"Rough day, huh?" he asked sympathetically. Usagi nodded and took a generous sip of her chocolate milkshake.

"A tardy and a detention! My mom's gonna kill me!"

"She's probably used to it by now," Mamoru interjected honestly. Usagi sent him a sharp glance and he shrugged his shoulders as if to say 'What? It's true!'

"Would you just go away, Mamoru-baka?" Mamoru chuckled as she eyed him icily.

"Actually," Motoki added, "Mamoru's going to be gone for a long while, Usagi-chan. Maybe I'll actually get some peace and quiet around here."

"Not if odango here has anything to do with it," Mamoru said.

Usagi dropped her straw and stared up at him in shock. "Where are you going?"

Mamoru furrowed his brows, confused at her reaction. Shouldn't she have been happy he was leaving? "I'm going to study in America for a year."

Usagi blinked, a sinking feeling developing in her chest. Why did it bother her that he was leaving? "Oh...that's nice," she said lamely.

"Uh-huh..." Mamoru raised a brow at her curiously. "What, no cheering? I at least expected a victory dance of some sort." He found himself brightening at her reaction. Maybe the odango didn't hate him so much after all.

"I would not do a victory dance!" Usagi sniffed haughtily and turned her attention back to her milkshake.

"Whatever, odango. Looks like you will have to find someone else to pelt with your shoes and failed test papers."

Usagi frowned. This was true. Who was going to make fun of her for failing English...and all her other classes? Who was she going to knock over on her way to school? This felt wrong. Everything felt wrong. Mamoru couldn't leave; it would change her life completely. Who was she going to argue with after school? As much as she hated to admit it, she actually enjoyed their banter. She knew he didn't really mean it, as much as it made her blood boil. "When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow, actually. Didn't know you cared so much, odango." He smirked at her. Usagi didn't say anything, she simply sat there frowning.

Mamoru studied the blonde girl in front of him, who seemed to be deep in thought. Could it be that the odango would actually miss him? He knew that deep-down, very deep down that is, that he would really miss the odangoed one. She was one of the only girls he knew that didn't fawn all over him, one he could actually have a conversation with. Granted, their conversations were mainly insults shot back and forth, but still.

Usagi jumped up suddenly. "Well, have fun with that. I'm going to go play a round of Sailor-V." She skipped away quickly, leaving Mamoru staring after her, more confused then ever.


Usagi glanced out of the corner of her eye at Mamoru, who sat at the table, drinking coffee and freely conversing with his best friend Motoki, who seemed to want to spend as much time with him as he could before he left.

She felt bad for getting up and leaving so suddenly, but she had been so overwhelmed with foreign feelings that she couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't understand why she was feeling so depressed at his leaving. They weren't even friends. So why did she feel like a big part of her was missing? Could she possibly have feelings for the baka? She shook her head vigorously. No, that couldn't be it. She would simply miss their daily bickering. That was all.

She looked at him again, taking in his dark hair and serious blue eyes. He was criminally good-looking, that much was true, but he had always seemed so cold, to people other than Motoki, that is. She watched as he laughed at something Motoki had said and gasped at the heartbreaking smile he exposed. He really was something once he smiled. Usagi suddenly felt very sad. He would never smile like that for her.

Around Motoki-san, he seemed to be a completely different person. So warm and kind. How come he was never that way to the rest of the world? Or more importantly, to her? Usagi took a deep breath and slid another token into the machine. She had to stop thinking about him like that or she was going to drive herself crazy.

Usagi played a few more rounds of Sailor-V, and noticed that it had gotten dark out. She watched as Mamoru got up suddenly, gathering his stuff and bidding farewell to his best friend before walking out the door. Usagi sprung to her feet. The baka wasn't even going to say goodbye to her? Without thinking, she bolted towards the door.

"Mamoru-baka!" she called, running out the door. Mamoru turned around and looked down at her in surprise. The streetlight was shining down on them, illuminating his stunning features.

"Uh, what's wrong, Odango?" he asked, throwing his jacket over his shoulder. Usagi took a deep breath, trying to ignore the fact that he looked like something out of a catalogue.

"Er...uh.." Usagi ground one of her feet into the sidewalk nervously. She hadn't really thought of what she was going to say. She decided to say the first thing that popped into her head. "Your house is that way, baka. I think all that coffee has gone to your head."

Mamoru looked at her suspiciously. "I was going to pick something up from Motoki's. You came all the way out here to tell me that?" He couldn't help but feel flattered at her concern.

Usagi blushed and stared at her feet. Why was it so hard to talk around him? "Well, no," she admitted.

"Then what is it, odango?" He urged, feeling nervous for some reason. The cute blush on her pretty face was driving him insane.

"Just wanted to say..." she paused, cheeks on fire, "that you really should get a new jacket before you leave. That one is hideous."

The upperclassmen frowned and held onto his jacket protectively. He couldn't help but feel disappointed. For a second there, it seemed like the girl was going to say something important. "Well if that's all I have to go. See you in a year, odango."

Usagi frowned as he turned around and began to walk off in the opposite direction. A panicked feeling rose in her chest as she realized this was her last chance. Without stopping to think, her body took control, sprinting to his retreating figure and placing a hand on his shoulder. A shocked Mamoru turned around, only to find himself in a lip-lock with the odango. His mind blanked and he found himself to be frozen under her embrace.

Usagi's heart was pounding rapidly and she knew that she couldn't turn back now. She felt perturbed at his unresponsive stance and deepened the kiss, trying to invoke a reaction from him.

When Mamoru's brain finally kicked in and he realized that she was kissing him, he reacted automatically, grabbing her around the waist and parting his lips under her already parted ones. He felt the sudden urge to groan in ecstasy, the sweet taste of her driving him wild.

Usagi's whole body felt warm. The ache in her chest that had developed when she found out he was leaving seemed to disappear and everything in the world felt right again. She never wanted the kiss to end, but she briefly wondered how pathetic she must look to Mamoru. She was, after all, a mere middle-school student who regularly taunted him. Now she was standing here kissing him like she never wanted to stop.

She tore away from his embrace suddenly and glanced up at his surprised face before sprinting down the sidewalk as fast as her little body could carry her.

Mamoru touched his lips where the odango had kissed him and stared after her. It was strange, but for a moment in her embrace, he actually felt like he had found a home. He shrugged it off and began walking in a daze. He suddenly felt enormously cheerful. It was very possible that Usagi actually liked him! After all, she had kissed him quite thoroughly! He frowned slightly, realizing that he wouldn't know for sure until he got back. He wondered briefly if she would write him or something. How was he supposed to know if she liked him or not? He shook his head vigorously. There was still time left to figure things out. In a year, he promised himself, he would find out for sure.

Usagi blinked up at the midnight sky, her elbows resting on the window sill. She didn't know what had made her do it, but kissing Mamoru had felt...so right. She sighed, the ache from the afternoon furrowing its way back into her chest at the thought of him being gone for a year. What was she going to do with herself until then?

She briefly thought of the dashing Tuxedo Kamen, and how it was he that she had imagined her first kiss to be with. How strange it was that it had instead been with someone she had recently thought to be an enemy.

Her heart swelled as she thought of the serious way he would pour over his books after school at the arcade, drinking ridiculous amounts of caffeine. She fondly recalled the handsome smirk he would wear as he dished out his latest comeback at her expense. Why oh why had she wasted all her time with him arguing when they could have been doing things that were more...productive. Her mind flashed back to the kiss and she blushed in spite of herself. She wasn't sure what his feelings toward her were now, but in a year, she promised herself, she would find out for sure.

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