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Someone eventually got around to calling an ambulance to pick up the body. Mitsuru ordered an immediate autopsy to figure out how the hell Minato just died.

It was a heart attack. The most violent one they had ever seen. The cardiac muscles had gone into so much overdrive over such a long time that the pump had torn both vena cava right out of the blood system.

It was an impossible death. Not only is it impossible for a human heart to beat hard enough to tear those veins, but it's impossible to stay alive long enough for the heart to actually manage that.

The only thing they could be sure of was that Minato was in pain until the very end. I can confirm that for them.

Natalie and Kuzunoha arrived at the morgue a few hours later. Minato changed his official next-of-kin to her shortly before he fought Nyx. The doctors handed her the envelope containing the note I'd written and kept in Minato's pocket to act as his will. Of course, it wasn't official since it wasn't signed in front of two witnesses, and Minato wasn't old enough to get any lawyers to act as witnesses without arousing suspicion, but I'm confident that Natalie will carry out what I think are Minato's wishes.

I've got a pretty good idea of what he'd want.


The funeral was held two Fridays later, March nineteenth. The night Minato's parents died and Death became his constant companion.

I found it fitting.

It was a pretty small affair, friends and family only.

Of course, I forgot just how many friends Minato had.

Hell, even Lucifer himself showed, and when the son of perdition himself shows up to pay his respects, you know that you lived a full life.

I'd asked Junpei to speak at the funeral. He was shocked as hell that I'd thought of him, but he wrote something.

I just sat at the back of the crowd as Junpei walked to the front and straitened his notes. He'd had a shave for the funeral, and was missing his trademark hat and grin.

But he knew what he was going to say.

"Minato Arisoto was a good friend of mine… man…" He stopped himself. "That sounds so damn forced…"

He got himself together. "He t-taught me a lot of things." Junpei said. "He taught me to stop dicking around and make something of myself. He taught me to go for it, and, a-and to shoulder some responsibility for once in my life." He gulped. "Minato's life taught me to stand my ground and fight, to stick up for myself, protect what I care about, and declare what you know to be right, even when the world says that you're wrong. Everything he did taught me that there's a time in a man's life where he needs to be a hero."

Junpei looked into the crowd as it began to drizzle. "And his death told me that there's a time to be a coward." He said.

"Minato, he… he took things on himself." Junpei continued. "Whenever we got into trouble, he was the one who calmed everyone down and thought of a way out of it. Whenever we got into a fight, he was the first to run right into the middle of it, and whenever we had to run, he was always the last one to get out of there, even though he was faster than me."

Junpei clenched the pulpit hard. "He… he was the one who knew when someone needed help, and he gave it." He said. "If someone needed a shoulder to cry on, he was there. If someone had to fight for something, he'd have their back. Even if someone needed a good kick in the head, Minato was always there to give it." Junpei said with a slight smile.

"He was a better man than I'll ever be." Junpei announced. "And he deserved better than this…"

I couldn't stay around for much longer than that. Minato loved funerals, simply because of the fulfilment they gave to someone's life. All I can think about is how they're gone forever.

Even though Minato isn't gone forever, he's still not coming back any time soon.

I'd divided a large sum of Minato's cash and left portions of it to Yukari, Shinji, Aigis, Junpei, Fuuka, Mitsuru, Marina and Kenjamin to pay for schooling or whatever they needed the money for, even Mitsuru.

Other stuff was divided too, but I wasn't really that bothered by that.

What really bothers me is that two weeks after his death and they're still a mess.

Aigis had regressed back into her robotic self, even though her speech was still fluid.

I might have to carry out that plan after all.

Marina went back to England to be with her family, but she'll most likely return to Japan for the next school year.

The rest of S.E.E.S., however, were becoming a right mess. Yukari had turned into an absolute bitch, and I really can't blame her.

I really screwed her over. I owe her a proper apology, even though I can't give it.

I'll have to do the next best thing.


I ended up procrastinating until the end of March in the futile hope that everyone would sort themselves out without me having to put them all back into action on a meaningless series of battles, but at this point, I have no choice.

So, around midnight, I planted some demonic markers around the dorm, and created a Persona.

"World and Coin." I said, breaking the card. "Jormungandr, the world serpent."

The blue snake coiled around the building just as midnight struck, and the world inside the dorm leapt back in time twenty four hours. Now, the tricky thing now would be getting Yukari into there, but I've got a plan for that.

Now for phase two.

Everyone assumed that there was just a mass glitch and went to bed, so I broke into Aigis's room as she recharged.

Her eyes were open, but dead, and her bare body was as mechanical as ever.

Right then. First, I took the Velvet Key and tucked it inside Aigis's torso. She'll need it more than I will, since I can't exactly enter the Velvet Room anymore for some reason. This should also grant her the old school Wild Card, so while she won't be as good as Minato was, it'll be close enough since she's using his key.

Then, I reached into her throat and tore out the Shadow that was festering inside of her and took it to the place I'd prepared for everyone's battles.

The Shadow was called Metis, and she was extremely like the Persona I had made a while ago.

As a Shadow, she was quite a lot like me. She was the embodiment of Aigis's discarded humanity, and as such didn't want to be a Shadow, but as a whole with Aigis.

So I told her that we should work together.

I explained my plan to her, especially the role she had to play and how quickly she should divulge certain information. I gave her a physical, mechanical body similar to the other battle droid units built alongside Aigis, and then I gave her the Persona Psyche of the Hierophant Arcana.

Then, I led her through the Desert of Doors to the staircase leading to the lounge and told her to go for it, but not to actually kill anyone. Everyone's Personae had deteriorated along with their emotional state, so without their Evokers they'd be next to helpless against Metis until Aigis came down.

Once she burst from the floor and started attacking, I saw a Shadow, a real one.

It didn't have a mask or Arcana, but it took the exact shape of Minato. When our eyes made contact, its Persona changed to Jormungandr.

I switched to Thor, and so did the Shadow.

So this thing is the manifestation of how the people in S.E.E.S. feel they need Minato; as someone who understands them perfectly, mirroring themselves.

He'll make a useful enemy for them to fight.

Now to get out of here and hope for the best.

Around six in the morning, Yukari rushed into the dorm. She didn't notice me, but once she was in, I finished Jormungandr's seal around the dorm.

Now time in the dorm will loop continuously until they sort things out. I made a system with some keys with everyone, that they can only leave once their hearts are sorted and they're all friends again.

I also told Metis to offer the alternative of going through the door to Minato's room, supposedly to send them all back in time a year, but that's just a placebo.

Aigis, for all she misses Minato, would never try to undo his work. She would fight against that until the very end.

And they won't die in the Desert of Doors. That's impossible. They'll just turn into a glowy flame and get warped back to the longue, unless they're fighting in that coliseum, in which case they'll still only get teleported.

No, the only real risk is that they'll leave without finding out the truth behind Minato's death. Well, omitting the part about me, of course.

Well, all there is to do now is wait, because I cannot omnisciate inside a time loop.

Around ten O'clock Thursday morning, a limo pulled up outside the dorm. The driver got out of the car and headed for the door, and I dispelled the invisible Jormungandr to let him in while remaining inconspicuous.

"Lady Mitsuru, your transportation has arrived." He told Mitsuru once they let him in.

"Thank you." Mitsuru replied.

"Senpai!" Yukari pleaded. Euyes, improvement.

"I'm sorry for the sudden change in plans, but our destination is now the school's Tatsumi Hall." Mitsuru told everyone. "The transfer to the lab has been cancelled."

That can only be good. "Then… Senpai..!" Fuuka gasped.

Junpei laughed. "Now that's more like it!" He shouted.

"Thank you so much!" Aigis said happily. "It's an honour to be able to say with you all!"

Everyone then charged outside of the building with their cases, except for Aigis and Yukari, who lingered by the door.

"I'm still kinda sad to leave this place behind." Yukari commented, looking at the doorframe.

"Yes…" Aigis agreed. "But change is part of life."

"Hey, Aigis…" Yukari suggested as she walked down the steps. "If you're gonna live in the dorms… You wanna be my roommate?"

"Huh?" Aigis asked, completely shocked.

"I mean you need one, right?" Yukari reasoned. "But hey, no need to be so formal. We are friends, aren't we?"

Aigis blinked a tear, then nodded and jumped down the steps. "Yeah, you're right!" She replied, not caring that I'd just got a good look up her skirt while she was in the air.

She's human.

"Happy eighteenth birthday, bastard." I muttered as the limo drove off, lifting my cup of orange juice into the air before downing it.


What now?


I stood outside the pearl gates of heaven and knocked.

No one answered, so I kicked them down and walked in, only to be greeted by several spears to the throat.

"Heh." I chuckled, before pulling the Evoker from my pocket and putting it to my head.



The angels couldn't kneel fast enough as holy arrows fell from the sky and shredded them. They'll live.

I set off walking again, looking around for my destination, when a Seraph pointed his sword at me.

"Excuse me, I'm somewhat lost and I'm wondering if you could help me?" I asked him as he launched a blast of fire at me.

I stepped out of the blaze. "See, I'm looking for Metatron, but there aren't any sign posts, so I'm hoping you can tell me so I don't have to devour your soul just so I can use your memories." I asked politely as he rushed for me with his pink blade.

Yes, the blade was pink and looked like it was made of plastic. It was very tacky and broke very easily.

"So, know where he is?" I asked the angel politely as I twisted his arm violently.


"Really?" I asked. "Please could you show me the way?"


"Thank you so much." I told him, letting go of his arm and pocketing the Evoker. "Lead the way."

He stopped outside a large pearl and gold door. "This is far as I can take you." The angel told me. "But the Voice of the LORD is within that chamber."

"Thanks mate." I told him, handing him a spare Deus Xiphos. "Sorry for breaking your old one."

The angel flew away, completely ecstatic about his reward, and I chuckled.

See, when you rule through fear, you lose when someone offers rewards.

I stepped forward and kicked the doors off their hinges. "Hey, Megatron!" I waved, walking over to him and sitting in the comfiest chair opposite him, swinging my legs onto the desk. "We need to have a little word."


"See, that's kinda what I want to talk to you about." I told him, swinging my legs off the now scuffed desk and leaned my elbows on it, sitting in a Gendo Pose. "I'm not human. For that matter, I'm not Minato Arisoto. I'm a separate entity all together." I smiled. "So whatever I do, that guy's not responsible."


"No, the complete opposite actually." I told him, before standing up and throwing the desk aside, pointing the Evoker at his metal face.

"I Am Not Minato." I growled. "I Am Not As Kind, Nor Am I Bound To Any Laws. I Will Not Hesitate To Commit Genocide If I Am Forced To Play That Hand."

-=- YOU DARE THREATEN THE FORCES OF HEAVEN -=- Metatron shouted, standing to his feet.

I pushed the Evoker into his hand and pointed it at his skull. "I'm warning you." I told him. "The gun is pointed at your head, but you're holding the trigger." I glared. "To Cross Me Is To Pull That Trigger." I told him. "And To Pull That Trigger Is To End All Of Heaven. Oh, I Am Not Strong Enough To Do That This Day, Not Nearly. But Pull That Trigger And I Will Be." I told him.

"You Know How Fast Humans Grow In Strength When Forced." I told him. "That Aspect Of Me Is Still That Of A Human. Call My Bluff If You Will." I offered, "But On Your Head Be It."

I left the Evoker in his hand and walked out of his office. "No Second Chances." I told him, jacket billowing behind me as I left. "That's The Kind Of Monster I Am."


On that day, you sowed in my heart

A tiny seed of a tear

I reached out and pushed the guy over the edge of the bridge, then hopped onto the top and watched him fall before jumping after him.

I caught him about three-quarters of the way down and took the brunt of the impact, then got up and cast Mediarahan on us both.

"You know, around three-quarters of the way down, most people realise just how much they've got to live for and regret jumping." I told the lad as he caught his breath. "Still feel like dying?"

He shook his head at me breathlessly and I smiled. "Good lad." I told him as I stood up. "If you run you can still make it to her apartment and win her back before she moves."

He nodded and got to his feet. "Thanks mate." He smiled, before pelting up the hill and down the road.

Until the day, someday, when you make

A giant flower of a smile bloom


Even when I'm inside a bustling city

Sometimes I'm suddenly rewinding

I kicked the door down and barged in as the old fart lifted up the little boy's skirt. "Hey, get out of here!" the mate with the camera shouted.

I ignored him and walked over to the boy and looked into his eyes, pulling him away from the sicko. "It's alright." I told him as guys pulled their guns out. "I've come to get you out of here."

"T-there's still others…" The boy protested. "They'll hurt them if I leave!"

"It's okay." I told the kid. "I'm going to rescue them too, but I need you to close your eyes and cover your ears and face the wall while singing humpty-dumpty over and over for me, alright?" I asked him.

He shed a tear, then nodded, turning around and covering his ears. "Humpty-dumpty sat on a wall…"

I stood up and summoned my silenced Bolters. "Humpty-dumpty had a big fall…"


"All the kings horses and all the kings men…"


"Couldn't put Humpty-dumpty together again…"

"THAT'S GREAT!" I shouted as I tore a guy's head off. "KEEP GOING!"

Back then, the future was full of ifs

Like if we could be together forever

As I sense, no matter where I am,

Your form, which isn't anywhere

Soon, I had rescued three hundred and forty-six children, and was leading them through the city towards the house of the biggest mob boss, asking for a quick word.

Once I was in the room with him and his bodyguards, the kids gathered in the hall below us, I did two things.

First, I made forty-million dollars in gold bars appear on my left.

Second, I launched a Megiodolaon at the wall, obliterating it.

"Out of those three hundred and forty-six kids, I have given thirty-nine of them similar powers to mine, including the power to give to others." I told the boss, who kept his cool. "They will not give you these powers, nor use them for your gain. They are there to watch over the other kids alongside them and, if they are unsatisfied, they will obliterate your entire mafia and take their business elsewhere."

I then gestured to the gold. "This is a loan." I told him. "You are to use this money to educate these kids and help bring them up right. Sort out the damage done to them, help them find families, jobs, and lives. When I come back in fifteen years and you're still alive because the kids were happy with how you treat them, I'll triple this amount and you will have forty super-humans as your friend."

The bossman leant forward. "And why is someone like you offering someone like me this deal?" He asked.

"My job is to try and make humans not be dicks to one another." I told him. "This way kills two birds with one stone."

Bossman chuckled, then glared at me. "I also happen to know that there were three-hundred and sixty-four children in the sex industry around here." He told me. "I don't think you missed some."

I stood up. "Some… were too broken to be saved." I told him. "I'm sure you've met the kind of person in your line of work."

He nodded. "Boys, get sleeping bags. The kids are staying here for tonight."

I smiled. That makes fourteen child trafficking rings. "You won't regret this Anthony." I told him.

He glared. "How do you know my name?"

I turned back and smiled pleasantly. "I know everyone's names and circumstances." I told him. "It's what I do."

Today, too, I face tomorrow

Underneath the same sky


Yes, just like how

The words you repeat melt my heart

This guy here. Alex Smith. Airport security officer. Is literally one more boring day from going postal and killing a lot of people.

I stepped through the machine that goes PING and it went PING.

Alex stepped in front of me. "Please remove all metallic items, including change, belts, keys, phones… Holy shit!"

I pushed past him and drew two uzi's from my belt and began shooting up the walls, taking care not to actually hit anyone.

Once I felt Alex empty his gun into my back, I stumbled then ran for the window, jumping out and legging it.

I hope that livened up his day.

You're making a speech to me now

In your beloved voice


On that day, you sowed in my heart

A tiny seed of a tear

Melissa Richards. Her husband's sleeping on the couch tonight, and she downed half a bottle of whiskey after putting the kids to bed, before getting into an argument with Christian about money, and their lack of it.

I woke her up, and put a finger to my mouth, then stepped back.

"I'm here to make you a deal." I told her. "In one night, I will save your marriage, sort out your finances, give you a break from stress and all you have to do is not screw up this second chance I am giving you."

She say up groggily. "How much did I drink..?"

I smiled. "I'll take that as a yes." I told her, before putting a hand on her forehead and blasting her mind to my island.

Yeah, I have an island. Built a holiday resort on it especially for things like this.

I then went downstairs and launched Christian's mind to the island. Thanks to Jormungandr circling it, no-one finds the island and a week there is a night to the rest of the world. Add the fact that they've borrowed bodies of themselves twelve years ago and they've no-one but each other as company is a tropical paradise, they should be able to resolve any issues.

Then I booted up their computer and took a look through their accounts before drafting up a budget, then printing it off and leaving copies around the house where they can't miss it.

Then I bolted out of the window before Christian wakes up and gets his gun.

Until the day, someday, when you make

A giant flower of a smile bloom


Because you're right here

The president of Nigeria rose to the pulpit, twenty soldiers behind him. He's a pretty damn corrupt politician, hence the half-hearted cheers and the tortured teenagers in this cellar. Plus the corpses of his political rivals buried around the place.

Hooray for sniper rifles.


It probably isn't anything special

And at length, everyone will understand what it means

I clambered out of the undergrowth of the jungle and staggered into the village, where a young lad grabbed me as I collapsed to my knees. He and his mate carried me to his hut and gave me some broth of some sort, just as the village was attacked by a demon.

I got up and ran out of the hut. The demon had bestial black fur and lizard wings with white markings on its claws. An Aswang.

I grabbed a spear off one of the hunters who were throwing theirs for its chest, and both wings were torn through. I glanced at whoever else had the same idea as me as the demon fell to the ground, then ran towards the Aswang as it burst into flames and regenerated.

I created an icicle spear and impaled it into its back, grunting as it screamed in fury and launched me back with its wings.

"Per… So… NARGH!!"

I looked up as one villager was encircled with blue flames, and a great, loin clothed man with a feathered crown.

Thou art I… And I art thou…

From the sea of thy soul I cometh…

I Am Bathala, Caretaker of the Earth…

The Persona held its arms wide and water coursed through the air and blasted the Aswang, which screamed and burnt to smoke.

I stood up and looked at the guy who just awakened to his persona. Mao, Fool Arcana.

I smiled and headed back for the beach. My work here is done.

Between the clouds that burned out red

Stars are sparkling


Right now, where and what kind of scenery

Are your eyes gazing at?

I walked into the penthouse suite and looked around. Yeah, this is nice.

"Who are you and what are you doing in here!?"

I turned around to see the young blonde woman hurriedly wrap a towel around her body. Yep, straight out the shower.

"Hi, my name's John Smith and I'm here to kidnap you." I told her. "I'll let you get dressed first, but since this is a kidnapping I'd really appreciate it if you didn't call anyone since that'd kinda ruin the whole kidnapping."

"W-Why would you want to kidnap me?" She asked, reaching for the kitchen knife.

"Oh, I dunno." I shrugged. "Never done it before and I wanted to give it a go. You ever been kidnapped?" I asked her.

"W-Yeah, I have actually." She replied.

"Cool." I nodded. "How am I doing?"

Her grip on the knife relaxed. "Not that well..?" She suggested, clearly unsure of what the hell was going on.

I clicked my fingers and stamped the floor. "Dammit, I forgot my gun!" I sighed. "I knew I forgot something… can you pass me the kitchen knife?" I asked her.

"No." She replied.

I sighed. "Man, I suck at this kidnapping lark, don't I…?" I told her. "Do over?"

She let go of the knife. "Sure, just let me get dressed." She shrugged.

I nodded. "Thanks, I really appreciate it."

I just know that tonight is gonna end up with us getting chased by the police. It is gonna be so much fun.

The season you loved

Is coming 'round again


The fragments of you that I embraced

Haven't changed a bit

I dived and rolled with Ahmed as the car bomb exploded. "COME ON!" I shouted at him, getting up and running for the now burning building. "WE GOTTA GET 'EM OUT!"

Ahmed got up hesitantly as I jumped into the burning building, then dumped his rucksack full of petrol bombs and ran in to help save everyone.

I grabbed the old woman and the young mother, Ahmed grabbing the two children and carrying them out. "It's alright." I told the two women as I placed them down against the outside walls. "It isn't time for you to go unto Allah just yet."

I then ran back into the building to grab the injured bomb expert from the US army. If I'm lucky, I might be able to save his legs.

And several times over, you make a speech to me

In your beloved voice


I won't forget how, on that day, you sowed

A tiny seed of a tear

I grabbed the woman's purse and legged it. "HEY!" she shouted.

A young priest immediately began to sprint after me, so I got to work rooting through the woman's purse.

Sure enough, half a kilogram of heroin in here, plus syringes.

I grabbed the drugs and tossed the syringes, then ran for a further ten seconds before dropping the handbag and scaling a wall.

The priest dropped the pursuit, getting to work on returning the handbag to my victim, while I got to work tracking down this woman's dealer / pimp.

I haven't kicked the crap outta somebody all week.

Until the day, someday, when you make

A giant flower of a smile bloom


Because you're right here

While discovering, while getting lost

I sat down on the wall next to the young IncuJack. "Evening." I told him.

"Hey." He sighed.

I leaned back and looked up into the night sky. "Man, what must it be like up there, huh?" I asked him.

Nimbus the IncuJack laughed bitterly. "Not that we'll ever get that far, huh?" He asked. "I mean, proper out there."

"Hey, humans managed it." I replied. "I'm sure that Jack's won't be far behind."

"Yeah…" Nimbus sighed. "We'll have some Space Jack's at some point or another…" He sighed.

"Or maybe we'll actually manage it ourselves." I suggested. "Who knows? There's more than one way to do something, right?"

Nimbus leant back and looked upwards. "Yeah…" He sighed. "Yeah, you're right."

Morning, noon and night

We hurry on towards the promised place


Yes, just like how

The words you repeat melt my heart

I walked up to Gerald Whitaker after the funeral. "How're you holding up." I asked him.

"Fine… I'll be just fine lad." He replied dismissively. "You go on home, I'll just be with her for a bit longer."

I stood next to him instead. "Tell me about Pauline." I told him.

"What's to tell?" He asked. "My wife of sixty-three years, died in her sleep." He sniffed as a tear rolled down his cheek. "Dammit… now it's raining."

I looked up. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. "Yeah, it's starting to come down." I agreed with him. "How'd you two meet?" I asked.

He laughed. "At the beach in Scarborough, way back in nineteen-forty-six." He told me. "First summer holiday after the war, and there she was, paddling on the beach in the tiniest bikini you ever saw."

I chuckled as I shared his memory. "She had a great behind, didn't she?" I asked.

"Damn right she did." Gerald laughed. "The second I saw those sweet cheeks, I knew that she was the girl I was gonna marry."

"Took you two years to get the nerve to propose though, didn't it?" I asked him like an old friend.

"Scariest day of my life that was." He sighed. "I've faced tanks scarier than that prospect lad."

"I can imagine." I chuckled. "What did she say?"

"Don't know, I legged it." Gerald chuckled. "Though, next time I saw her she was picking out a dress for the wedding, so I must've done something right."

I smiled. "How'd the wedding go?" I asked him.

You're making a speech to me now

In your beloved voice


On that day, you sowed in my heart

A tiny seed of a tear

I lifted up a broken tree trunk from the remains of the building and hauled it over to the side. "HEY!" I shouted. "HOW'S ABOUT SOMEONE GIVES ME A HAND WITH THIS TREE!?"

Joseph jogged over and grabbed the other end of the trunk. "Alright then, on three." He said.

"Three!" I grunted, lifting it up and carrying it to the pile of broken timber.

I almost didn't come to Haiti. I mean, after the earthquake, this place has had loads of help already, and the human spirit here is pretty strong amongst the survivors.

No-one here's in the mood to die, so really I have no need to be here if I want to take out the eternal seal.

Nah, I'm here because I want to help out.

You know, humans steal from each other, lie to each other, rape and kill each other. No matter what kind of monstrosity man comes up with, the planet can always come up with something big enough to forget what dicks we all are just long enough for us to band together and help out.

"Hey Phil!" Sarah shouted at me. "How's about taking a break?"

"You kidding?" I laughed. "There's still stuff to be shifted!"

"And it'll still be there after you've had some water!" She replied, tossing me the bottle. "You can't do anything if you pass out!"

I laughed, then chugged the bottle down my neck in under seven seconds. "Thanks!" I told her, tossing it back to her and rubbing my hands together. "Alright, break over!" I waved, before jogging back to the wreckage.

Hey, at last you've made

A giant flower of a smile bloom


And you surely will forever

Because you're right here

A cold wind blew throughout the temple of fog.

"This can't be… How could I be defeated..? How am I the one to disappear..?" Izanami asked the children. "Instead of the endless struggle, wouldn't it be easier to wrap oneself in lies and live in blissful ignorance..? Isn't that… true peace for humans?"

"How many times do we have to tell you!?" Kanji growled. "TO HELL WITH THAT SHIT!!"

"STOP ASSUMING YOU KNOW US!" Chie shouted at the dying goddess.

Izanami chuckled. "Very well. Then try to live your way…" She said. "Power enough to erase my existence… You have already exceeded what I thought humanity to be capable of… You have lifted the fog in this world, as well as the fog in your own… And whether that will lead to happiness or not… Rests upon your shoulders."

Izanami No Ookami began to collapse into a red blaze. "Children of Man…" She said with her dying breath. "Well Done…"

She screamed as her Immortal Body was destroyed, leaving only the eternal soul to return to the Warp.

"ALRIGHT! WE DID IT!" Kanji shouted happily.

Damn right you did. Now I'll finish it.

"Welcome back, Izanami." Charon announced as Izanami emerged naked and dripping from the river Styx. "Much has happened in your absence."

"Hm." Izanami smiled as she grabbed a white robe and wrapped around herself. "I too have learnt much from my time amongst the humans." Izanami told the Reaper. "Their power when cornered is truly magnificent."

Charon stepped back. "Wait… have you been contending the humans in your time on earth?"

"Only towards the end." Izanami replied. "They have evolved far beyond the pawns they once were… even going to reject the judgement of a god as to what humanity truly desires…"

Charon put a hand on her shoulder. "Listen to me." He told her. "RUN."

Izanami stepped back in shock. "I'm sorry, what did you just say to me?"

"Run far away as fast as you can." Charon repeated. "Because if you don't, he'll destroy you."

Izanami chuckled. "Who is it that would do such a thing to me?"


Charon dodged out of the way as I rammed a fist of black flame into the back of Izanami's head, launching her flying into the air. She twisted herself upright and floated as I walked towards her. "A Lot Has Changed Since You Were Last Here, So Let Me Fill You In." I told Izanami. "I Am He Who Destroys Monsters." I told her. "The Bastard Who Kills The Bigger Bastards, And The Field Medic Of The Soul." I held out a hand and summoned a blade. "Guess Which One I Am Today?"

Izanami flipped her robe back and morphed into her full, rotting glory of death. "Impudent Shadow!" She snapped. "Who Are You To Defy One Such As I!?"

"One That Not Even Metatron Dares Defy." I told her.

That shook her up. "You Think You've Seen Humanity's Greatest Potential?" I asked her, "I Am Only A Fraction Of The Greatest Human, But Not Even Erebus Could Stand Against Me."

Izanami laughed in scorn, but Charon shook his head at her, and then it hit her.

I was not joking nor exaggerating.

I was stating fact.

"Tonight, Izanami, You Shall END." I told her, surrounding the area in silver flames. "Because Just This Once, The Bastard Holding Back The Darkness Is Giving Me The Heads Up To Go All Out And Obliterate You." I raised a hand and a star began to form in the palm. "A Broken Shell Of A Dead Goddess Against The Shadow Of The Universe." I clenched the orb of scorching fusion in my fist and let it burn.

"CHARON!!" I roared. "Place your bets."

"You Desire To Make A Contest Out Of This?" Izanami snarled.

"Sixty." Charon bet.

"You Bet Sixty Souls On My Defeat!?" Izanami screeched. "How Dare You!?"

"Don't misunderstand." Charon told her. "That's how long I think he'll take to destroy you."

"Sixty Years?"

"Sixty Seconds." Charon replied. "You should have ran."

"I Would Still Have Chased You." I laughed, raising a hand to Izanami No Ookami and launching all the forces of creation at her.

She dodged the attack, barely, and screeched the name of her next attack. "THOUSAND CURSES!!"

I looked around as a thousand black arms rose from the ground to drag me under. "Hundred Blessings." I retorted, and a hundred white hands descend from the ceiling to pull them out of the ground, ten arms each.

Izanami screamed in hate, then lunged for me with her many arms. I sliced all the arms on her left side from her shoulder casually, and she fell to her knees as rotten Ichor burst from the wound.

"Pathetic." I replied, stabbing the sword into the ground and drawing Minato's first Evoker, pressing it into my neck.

"Orpheus Victorious." I stated. "BLACK GOD."

A giant black arm rose from the sky and grabbed Izanami, clenching her tight as the darkness crushed her in its mighty fist. The stone ceiling cracked open to reveal the empty magnitude of the universe, the vastness of its glory crushing Izanami with its sheer power.

"This Is The Power Of The Universe, Broken Demon." I told her as she screamed against the floor. "This Is The Power Of A Human."

Izanami screamed one final time as the universe itself turned against her, bringing the end of time itself upon her soul, destroying all that ever was of her, all that is, and all there ever will be into the nothingness that is infinity.

Infinity cracked, splitting to show the open sky of the Warp, with Charon and I standing atop of the caves of the Underworld. "You underestimated Minato's strength." I pointed out to Charon. "That wasn't a minute."

"Aye laddie." He admitted, walking over to me. "So, what now?" He asked. "Gonna conquer Hell?"

"Sorry." I laughed. "I've got something more important to do."

Charon blinked, then chuckled. "You really were a fun opponent, you know that lad?"

I waved behind me as I walked off. "See you for Friday's widegame, yeah?"

"Aye lad!" Charon shouted. "Good luck wit whatever yez doin'!"


I pulled over on the road and opened the passenger door for the hitchhiker. "Get in." I told him.

I rushed in and closed the door behind him. "Thanks a bunch mate." He gasped as I set off driving. "I really, really appreciate it…"

"No problem mate." I told him. "Wouldn't set a dog out in this rain."

"You're telling me…" The lad sighed, before sneezing.

"There's a thermos flask of hot chocolate in the glove compartment if you want it." I told him.

"S-Nah, mate, I couldn't…" He replied.

"It's fine." I laughed. "Seriously, you need it more than I do."

He sniffed, then reached for the flask and unscrewed it. "Thanks mate." He said, taking a swig of the hot brown liquid. "Seriously, you're a life saver."

"Hey, just following the code." I told him. "If a stranger does you a favour, pass it onto someone else."

He wiped his mouth. "Will do." He smiled. "Thanks again."

"Seriously, don't mention it."


Well, there we go. That's the end.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this, it's been absolutely great. I really want to thank my Beta KRP, who's given me loads of ideas and pointed out loads of my mistakes, and also Ravenwingcorps and Cal the dragoon, both of who I know in real life and have been a huge help in the idea burning of this story.

I also want to thank Atlus and all the other people who I have plagiarised from. Later, I'll try to do a story without plagiarising anyone.

I also want to thank you guys for all the support you've given me throughout this story, and I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I won't apologise if the end seemed anti-climatic, but that's the way Minatos rolls now. He doesn't have time for glory.

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