Chapter One

What The Hell Had I Been Thinking?

It had been a really, REALLY dumb idea to bring Eric to a full on orgy and expect him to behave. So here I was on my back on the hood of said Vampires car and him, in all his tall, blonde, Viking glory on top of me. He was definitely not regretting it, he proved this to me by pressing his enthusiasm into my leg.

"Yield to me." Eric looked into my eyes, attempting to glamour me, even though he knew he couldn't. And yet, at that moment, I felt woozy and even worse, I felt myself responding, my scanty lace underwear was getting wetter by the second.

"Eric, I don't..." I was trying to object and then his mouth assaulted mine.

Having a hundred lifetimes to work on the art of kissing had made Eric the master. He wasn't too gentle, or too rough. He had my full attention and I was totally shocked at myself as I felt my arms encircle his waist and then my traitorous hips arch upwards. I could feel him smile as his tongue teased my lips. He turned his attention to my neck, nipping lightly here and there and alternately letting his tongue drag lazily over my pulse point. A surge of lust like I had never known took my breath. Bill had never made me this crazy, aching with want and need.

The thought of Bill's face brought me back to reality.

"Eric, you have to stop. I have a boyfriend."

My words didn't deter him, but the one's that appeared from the shadows to our left did.

"I'm glad to hear it, this scene would make me wonder, otherwise."

Eric was off of me in a flash, but not without pointedly pressing his length into me one last time.

I was in Bill's arms as quickly as my human body could move me.

"Why Sookie, you seem flustered. You're scent is incredible. Don't tell me you were actually enjoying what he was doing?"

I looked up at him, shocked at his mocking tone. I was sure he was gonna have a snit and a half about what he had just witnessed but here he was, teasing me. My mouth didn't seem capable of forming words so I did what any southern woman in my position would do. I stomped on his foot and immediately began storming off down the driveway. My anger tripled as I heard laughter drift after me. So much for my knight in shining armour.

I was sure that one or both of them would follow me. It was a long walk back to my house on Hummingbird Lane and I sure wasn't dressed for a hike. The temperature outside had dropped considerably and I was noticing it more by the minute since I didn't have a 1000 year old vampire heating my libido anymore.

It wasn't long before I heard the distinct sound of tires on gravel behind me. It wasn't either of my expected companions but instead my longtime friend, Tara.

"Get in Sookie. NOW!"

Like I was gonna refuse anyway? Her annoyance was confusing and palpable as I climbed into her little blue sports car.

"My luck, the first damn man I like in forever and he bats for both teams!"

"What in the world are you talking about, Tara?"

"Damn Sookie, you seriously didn't see Egg's eyes all over your dates ass? And the worst part is he tried to finger me while he was drooling over that big blonde son of a bitch!" She smacked her hands repeatedly onto the steering wheel, frustration teeming out in the form of tears.

"I hadn't noticed. Sorry Tara. I was too stunned at the sight of Mike Spencer's tiny little worm flapping in the wind to notice much else. I wonder if he gets disability 'cause of the size?" Nothing like some man bashing humor to lighten the mood. Tara was howling in hysterics as she processed the recollection what was truthfully a tiny penis.

"Oh my god, Sook, he was hung like a first grader. I haven't seen something that small since JB Durone got me to play post office at Maudette's 6th birthday party!!!"

The laughter, partly from nervousness, mostly because it was damn funny, carried us through until she dropped me at my house. I glanced nervously at my front porch, glad that the lights were on.

"Seriously, Sookie, who was that mountain of a man you brought with you tonight?"

"His name is Eric, he owns a bar in Shreveport."

"Is he a vampire? Sookie, please tell me he's not a fucking vampire."

"Yeah, he is."

"Like it's not bad enough you got Bill sniffin' after you, but by the looks of those ridiculous spandex he was wearing, this Eric is wearing a big old smile for you too."

I had nothing to say to this, she was right. My move tonight had been incredibly poorly planned. Deep down inside, I blamed Bill. If he had been in Bon Temps where he should have been, I wouldn't have felt the need to call Eric and include him in my plans. I hadn't wanted to go screw anyone, I had wanted to help solve the murder of a recently deceased friend.

"I never thought you the type, Sook."

"The type for what?" I asked, my ire rising, bringing out what my grandmother would deem my 'color'.

"A fangbanger." I could tell by the look on Tara's face that she regretted the words as soon as she said them, and her mental broadcast was blaring this fact as well. "I'm sorry, Sookie. I didn't mean it. Like I have any room to talk. I did just leave an orgy after all."

We both smiled at each other. I leaned to hug her neck and then slid out of her car, glancing anxiously at the house. The cool night air instantly reminded me that my underwear was saturated from my time on the hood of Eric's Corvette. I waved to Tara as she backed down my drive and pulled my house key out of my bra.

Well, here's to a night alone, thinking about what almost happened.

Isn't it funny how sometimes it seems that fate hears your innermost thoughts and decides that it should hand you the exact opposite of what you're expecting?