Chapter 1

I Said No

Logan Proposed To Me And I Said No. Yes I Do Love Him I Love Him With All My Heart But There's Someone Out There That I Love More Then Him And His Name Is Jess. I Knew That Logan Would Propose I Dreaded That Day So Much Because I Knew The Answer To His Question And That Answer Was No.

Jess And I We Would Never Work Out Though We Were It Two Different Places But Wanted To Be Together. The Cons To Jess Is He Broke My Heart, I Don't Know If I Would Wake Up The Next Morning And He Would Still Be There, And He Never Made My Life Better The Pros I Love Him And He Loves Me.

I Know That He Has More Cons Then Pros But It's True Love. Logan Though His Cons Are I Hate His Family And He's Not Jess His Pros He Has His Act Together, He Loves Me, He Wants To Be In A Committed Relationship With Me, And He Has Always Been There For Me.

Okay You're Right Logan Seems Like The Way Better Choice Except I Don't Love Him The Way I Love Jess.

This Is Why Is Said No.