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Chapter 3 He Was Back

I never thought that I would see Jess Mariano again so my feelings for him I just ignored. See I Just sat back watching TV most days thinking about him, picturing him, and remembering what I felt when I was with him, but as I walked to my favorite restaurant, Luke's, there he was at the counter looking more perfect then ever. My heart was beating extremely fast and I could barely breath it was crazy.

As I walk inside I start getting so much closer to the man of my dreams. He is perfect I could barely think. The fact is my brain was working correctly I didn't know what to say to him. He left me heartbroken, but what can I say I love him.

"Heshlabga Jeghafarv," is what I said embarrassing myself completely.

"I mean hey Jess," I say correcting myself.

"Rory Gilmore in Stars Hollow. I thought you would be off somewhere like New York or maybe even out of the country," Jess says chuckling at the end.

"Nope decided to stay at home I'm having fun hanging at home," I tell him.

"Well what about that boyfriend of yours Blondie?" he asks me making me remember the break up scene I've been trying so hard to forget I started tearing up just a bit, but quickly wiped them away.

"Oh well um…we broke up," I reply

"I'm so sorry to hear that. What happened?" he asks me sounding so perfect.

"I didn't love him enough and he wanted to get married, but I wasn't ready for that commitment. He wanted all or nothing. I ended up with nothing," I say starting to cry why did he have to ask about Logan?

"Oh I'm sorry."

"It's okay. How long you in Stars Hollow for?"

"Um…I'm moving back in with Luke. I just realized he was the best thing that happened in my life so I decided that I need to move back in for a while. That's how I ended up at this counter having this conversation with you," he tells me which puts a smile on my face.