A Loved One

The cool air chilled my granite skin and I looked back at the fire that everyone was surrounding. I watched as Quil picked up Claire and tossed her into the cool water. I watch Sam stare into Emily's brown eyes adoringly as Leah sat across from them with a permanent scowl on her face. I watch Jacob look into Kara's eyes with that same kind of adoration. And I wondered for a second if they noticed me on my "walk". I turned back towards the ocean and held the soda can tight in my hands.

I flinched to a hot hand that I wished to be Jacob's. I turned to see it was Jared. "Hey Ness. Whats the matter? Why aren't you hanging out with us?" Well because I'm a half vampire, and you are half werewolf. Together we make a deadly poison. "I just...don't feel like "hanging out" with anyone right now." Get the hint and leave. I looked back to the fire that was farther away in the distance than last time and didn't see Kim. "Kim's at the hospital with her brother." Jared answered my unspoken question.

"Want to talk about something?" there was an edge to his voice that made it sound like he knew something I would want to talk about. "No. I'm fine." please let this awkward conversation end there. "Do you mind if I walk with you?" I looked at his tall frame and soft eyes that didn't feel obligated to walk with me, they wanted to. And I lost the inner fight with myself to just tell Jared to go away.

"I'd rather you did. It's kinda scary walking alone around here in the dark." And it's true. I'm only seven years old. Vampire or not, I probably can't defend myself. He laughed at my comment and I understood why. A half vampire being afraid of the dark when there are over thirteen enemies of mine sitting around a fire.

We walked slowly,dragging out bare feet in the sand. That is when I felt Jared's soft hand embrace my own. I looked at him and his blush was evident. I smiled and looked down. Holding Jared's hand didn't feel...right. But it felt natural. Like I was holding something that didn't belong to me...but something that wanted to.

We walked in comfortable silence for a few more yards. "It's Jacob isn't it?" he whispered and smiled at me. I looked at him to see his gaze at his own feet. "Kind of. Jacob and I used to be so close...and ever since Kara came along..", "You feel like you lost him. Like she's coming between you two." I had a feeling that we were no longer talking about Kara.

"Yeah...I just wish Jake and I could hang out, like we used to before Kara." his hand grew more attached to mine and I found a liking of it. "Ness...I don't like hiding things from you. Jacob...Jacob is never going to love Kara. He can't. I-I can't be the one to tell you this." he stopped talking and I wasn't going to push him. It was obvious he didn't want to talk about whatever secret he and Jacob are keeping.

"I respect that. You know that you'll keep a secret for him. It says alot about you Jared." I smiled and he sat down. I sat down next to him and then eventually we were laying down. His arm was around me as I half layed on his chest. Jared is a brother to me. Let that be all.