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Will's Apprentice List


1. Crowley is first and foremost the Corps Commandant (Danger Alert!).

2. But, don't suck up to him (he doesn't like that at all).

3. Crowley is really good at unseen movement (he's second best in the entire Corps).

4. So, be careful with what you say (he's probably right behind you listening, trust me I would know).

5. Crowley loves dogs (so animal cruelty is best to be avoided).

6. Crowley loves to laugh (so crack a joke to get on his good side... so I guess you can ignore Rule #2...).

7. Even if you're a giant: beware of him.*

8. He might make you a mill pony for five years by chaining you to a mill wheel.*

9. So, all in all, don't cross Crowley (Just don't).

*Note: In Book 5, Will learns about a Arndor of Crewse-a giant whom Crowley tied to a mill wheel as punishment for terrorizing the town of Crewse. Please review!