Title: What Would You Do If…

Author: ToughSpirit

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Humor/Romance

Summary: (Short Story) Females tend to have a game they like to play usually with their significant others that contain nearly ridiculous questions about what their other half would do in completely ridiculous and otherwise not possible situations. Lets see how Spock responds to Nyota's questions…

Note: I got the idea from Dane Cook's standup show Isolated Incident and also from Greer Barnes standup show on Comedy Central in New York, this past year. Both their shows addressed how girls always tend to ask crazy "What would you do if…" questions. I found it hilarious and also true, because I can't lie, I myself ask those same crazy "What would you do if…" questions. LOL. Enjoy you guys!

Disclaimer: Don't own Star Trek or any of its characters.

What Would You Do If…

Nyota laid comfortably in the bed cozily and closely up against the side of Spock's body, while he read silently. Her head was resting in the space between his neck and shoulder, while her fingers gently played with his soft pointed ears. One of his arms wrapped around her back protectively.

She had never felt more at ease with a person in her life, never felt so whole and complete. She truly felt that she could never be without him now that he was in her life. Their relationship had reached so great a level of commitment, loyalty, and love. And for Spock, Nyota knew that was something quite hard and unnerving for him to do.

It was each others driving intellect that first drew them together. The riveting conversations and debates they would have with one another, and the searing questions they would have on topics of science, language, and life.

Nyota's eyebrows rose in a mischievous manner, she had always wanted to have more senseless humorous conversations with Spock. Deep down she believed he had the ability to have these conversations without over analyzing them. Not many people realized it, but Spock had a great dry underlining humor, which he used often when he spoke even in his analytical and perceptive way. A humor that most of the crew on the bridge was starting to get to know, especially their captain.

Nyota shifted suddenly trying to look at Spock in the face. "May I ask you something, that you might consider silly?" She asked.

Spock's eyebrow rose. "I do not believe I've ever considered anything 'silly' before. Perhaps I've thought certain contemplations as ridiculous, but if it's a question from you I highly doubt it will be considered as 'silly.'"

"We'll see if you think so in a few moments. First I wanted to ask if it were possible if I could occasionally ask you random hypothetical questions that don't have any real merit?" Nyota cautiously asked.

His brow rose even higher. "Please explain further."

"Well sometimes girls like to ask random hypothetical questions that don't have any real purpose but too… serve our curiosity in a comical manner," Nyota explained. "Think of it as a kind of game we like to play."

Nyota looked into Spock's eyes sheepishly waiting for a response. His face was as collected as always but his eyes showed slight confusion and… curiosity.

"Curious… to ask questions for the sole purpose of entertainment rather than to resolve an issue or personal validation. I'm still not quite sure of what you mean, perhaps you should ask me one of these 'random hypothetical' questions," Spock stated.

Nyota beamed with a little mischievous smile on her face. Spock didn't know whether to admire her smile or be apprehensive of it. Nyota tapped her index finger against her temple in a slight exaggerated way, thinking of what her question should be.

The first question shouldn't be too absurd, She thought to herself. In time her questions would become more absurd, random, and nonsensical. But for now I'll keep them pretty random, but not too crazy. This is Spock after all. It'll take him time to get use to this game.

"What would you do if…" Nyota began. "Everyone on the bridge somehow found their way to burst into your room unexpectedly, with no regard for you while seemingly playing music and consuming alcohol, choosing your room for an apparent party spot?" Nyota finished with a smirk. She had asked the question in a very quick almost childlike way.

Spock shook his head slightly and blinked at the complete randomness of her question. She was serious when she meant that the questions would be random with no real merit.

"What?" Spock asked. Not because he didn't catch the question, but because he was still a little thrown off by its randomness.

"What would you do?" Nyota pressed, with a devilish smile. Knowing that Spock was thrown off but still wanting her answer.

"I would take control of the situation and immediately settle them down and inquire as to how and why they have chosen my quarters for a recreational party – " Spock began but was then cut off by Nyota.

"But let's say that you don't have that type of control over the situation to dismiss them?" She mischievously asked quickly.

"Why would I not have control to dismiss them out of my own quarters?" Spock asked confused and still slightly thrown off.

"The point of these questions Spock is to not over analyze them. You must answer not by exactly the most logical course, but of how you would just naturally react out of reflex or surprise. Or even the first random thing to enter your mind," Nyota answered. Shaking her head in humor of his confusion. Maybe logic is his natural millisecond response… No, he is half human after all. Deep down there has just got to be some random illogicalness in him. She thought. He did eventually succumb to his illogical feelings for her.

"I …think I'm beginning to slightly understand your point. But I'm afraid I cannot re-answer the question you just asked, seeing as how I already gave you an answer. What ever my 'random thing' to enter my mind was, is now gone," Spoke said. "You should ask me a new question, now that I understand a bit better."

"You're actually willing to continue my game?" Nyota asked surprised. She half thought that he would get discouraged and tell her that he didn't want to continue with such questions.

"Certainly," Spock began. "I do wish to please you, and from what I gather this is something common females like to do in their intimate relationships. Further more I do find this 'game' rather… fascinating." He finished with a slight smirk at the edge of his lips.

Nyota chucked and smiled brightly. "Good. I'll end this game for tonight, but just understand I can ask these questions at any random time. And the more we advance in the game the more seemingly absurd the questions will become," Nyota stated, making it clear in case he really wanted to stop.

"Understood," Spock answered confidently.

Nyota smiled even brighter and set her body fully on top of Spock's, stretching out her neck to reach Spock's lips and suck on his bottom one gently. A small almost purr like sound escapes Spock, as he wraps his arms around her tightly grabbing her bottom. Nyota groans in pleasure and permission.

"If continuation of this game will almost always lead to these results, then I surely will never have objections," Spock whispered against Nyota's lips, who giggled and started yanking at his clothes eagerly.

Chapter 2 coming soon...